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1930 (Volume 4)
January to December

Governor Jesse H. Binford Richmond VA
Governor-elect F. Berry Plummer Hagerstown MD
Past Governor Harry G. Kimball Washington DC
Secretary-Treasurer Robert E. Turner Norfolk VA

Lt. Governors

Div 1 Edwin H. Hill Washington Div 4 David N. Sutton West Point
Div 2 Sam S. Stephens Martinsville Div 5 E. Reinhold Rogers Covington
Div 3 Rev. Francis H. Scott Roanoke Div 6 Arthur G. Wilkinson Wilmington

Clubs Move
D1 to D6 - Baltimore, Cumberland, Rehobeth Beach, Seaford, Towson, Wilmington.
Surrender Charters:
Crewe VA D 02 in Aug
Pulaski VA D 03 in Dec
Waynesboro VA D0 2 K01407

48 Clubs Gain 0, Loose 3
Membership 2800