Capital District Kiwanis History

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Organized March 17 1921 Chartered March 31 1921
Key #00448 14th District Club
Sponsor Washington Kiwanis
Divisions 01 09 19 07
Region Mason Dixon
Population (1921) 30,861

Division 01
(Volume 1 C Walter Baker)
President C Walter Baker, Secretary Treasurer Fred C Wright
Trustee Dr W D Miller

The first committee meeting of Kiwanis in Hagerstown was held in January 1921, members met Mr Selig, organizer: C Walter Baker, Harry A Fleigh, W Conley, Dr W Miller, Roy, M Bierly, Charles M Cassel, Frank E Danzer, 0 Hunter, Charles H Roessner, William B King, and Fred C Wright

The Washington Club sponsored and attended a banquet at the Colonial, 75 Hagerstown men were invited and given the opportunity to join the club, which required 75 members to get a charter About 50 joined that evening, February 1, 1921 The membership was completed to 75 members on March 17, 1921

The charter was presented by Governor J D Hank on Match 31, 1921 The first officers were elected by acclamation: President, C Walter Baker; Vice-President, W B King; Trustee, Dr W D Miller, Secretary and Treasurer, Fred C Wright Directors W C Conley, H W Hunter, Frank E Danzer, George Reed, Charles Suter, Harry A Fleigh, Charles H Roessner, Charles M Cassel, and Roy Bierly

Visited Martinsburg, WV to plant the Kiwanis idea A resolution was passed whereby our club assumed the responsibility of acting as Pleasure Daddies to the Orphans Home Later we installed sand boxes, sliding boards, baseball outfit, and other minor improvements for the children in their playgroundsHeld our first Ladies' Night, which was well attended and a big success An essay contest on the American Constitution was inaugurated among the school children of Washington County Had lunch for the orphan children

Pledged assistance to the Chamber of Commerce and other civic organizations in having the Maryland School of Hygiene and Public Health established in Hagerstown Participated in Boys' Week program Joined with the Rotary Club in boosting the opening of the baseball season

Visited Washington Chartered a car for a picnic at Pen Mar and had a large attendance Famous barbecue, entertaining over 250 Washington Kiwanians and their wives, as well as members from Baltimore and numerous local visitors 600 were in attendance Previous to this we had secured publication of a special edition of one of our local papers, using the advertisements of all of the members of the local club not in the profession

Sent a delegation to the Norfolk convention 90 members and their wives attended the Martinsburg charter banquet

President C Walter Baker, Vice-President Dr W D Campbell
Trustee Dr Warren D Miller, Secretary Treasurer Fred C Wright
Directors: William Hassett, Roy Leiter, Charles H Roessner
Dr R G Norment, Roy Phillippy, Floyd Smoot, W A Hopkins
Frank E Danzer, and Harry A Fleigh
Sponsor Frederick Club

Ladies' Night was held on January 19, 1922 Each lady was given a boost prize On April 27 we entertained the Martinsburg Club at an elaborate banquet and had visitors from Washington, Baltimore, and Frederick On April 30 a committee of 30 attended Canadian Day ceremonies in Washington

May, attended a banquet in Washington Took an active part in helping solve the railroad strike problem in May 1922 June 8 was Boys' Day Each member brought a boy to lunch A delegation attended the Toronto Convention Started a club in Winchester, Virginia Visited Frederick, Maryland, to organize a club

On July 7 weekly luncheons were started August, entertained the Frederick Club at a joint picnic at Tammany Woods with an attendance of 350 Kiwanians from Carlisle, Pennsylvania were entertained at a banquet after the ball game, and we returned the visit September, joined Rotary and held a big inter-city meet of all Kiwanis and Rotary clubs in the Blue Ridge League circuit

October, a resolution was passed by unanimous vote, pledging the club to purchase scales for weighing children in all the schools of Hagerstown and to cooperate with the child hygiene work of the U S Health Unit November, contributed $100 to the community chest December we gave $100 to the Public Affairs Committee to spend for Christmas dinner, novelties, etc

Division 01
President W D Campbell, Vice-President Floyd C Smoot
Trustee Dr W D Miller, Secretary and Treasurer Fred C Wright
Directors Frank Bullard, William Hassett, W A Hopkins
Dr C N Branin, Charles H Roessner, C D Miller, Roy Leiter
Stanley Wilmoth Bruce C Lightner
C Walter Baker retiring President
LG Walter Baker

February, 50 Kiwanians helped to put across the second community chest drive In March a delegation attended the Richmond, Virginia, meeting

April, held our annual Ladies' Night Put across International Courtesy Week in great style Called attention to Courtesy Week by advertising to all the schools, churches, and outdoor advertising May, attended a dance at Caskey Bakery On May 16 held a joint meeting with Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis On May 24 entertained 42 Winchester Kiwanians, at which time the District Loving Cup was presented

June, entertained all of the Washington County high school boy and girl graduates and teachers at a banquet Celebrated American Flag Day with a fitting program June 15 was Kiwanis Day of Boys' Week Gave a free show to 500 boys and drew by lot 51 names for whom bank accounts of one dollar each were started A Kiwanis committee helped to gather old clothing for the Near East Relief Fund, at which time ten tons of clothing were gathered

July, presented the loving cup to the Frederick Club at a big picnic at Braddock Heights August, ball game with York, Pennsylvania, after which there was a banquet Entertained them for a return engagement on September 13 Took children of the Orphans' Home to Willow Grove Park for picnic and banquet

(Volume 2)
President J Stanley Wilmoth, Secretary Robert L Campbell
Trustee C D Miller
Sponsor Cumberland club

The Inter-Club Council, composed of the Presidents, Secretaries and Immediate Past Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, the Rotary Club, and the Kiwanis Club This organization, meeting at call, effected a clearinghouse for mutually valuable and advantageous information and formed a basis for the finest co-operative community effort which has ever been known here It prevented duplication of effort and overlapping of activities; it brought about a better understanding between the various civic groups and enabled these groups better to advance their ideals in the community

Through the courtesy and civic spirit of our newspaper members, we were able to accomplish a far-reaching good for the benefit of the underprivileged child by bringing about the suppression of unnecessary publicity concerning delinquent children who were brought before our Juvenile Court No unnecessary permanent records are now made against minors who are first offenders but later reform and lead upright lives This gives them the opportunity of remaining in the community without unjust criticism

In order to give wider publicity to the club's underprivileged child work, there was institute a monthly publication which we called Kideas It carried a series of informative and instructive articles by a writer thoroughly versed in this work in many parts of the country Much favorable comment resulted from this publication and we believe that the effort necessary for the edition and compilation was well repaid

The location of Hagerstown makes it more or less the hub of Cumberland Valley In recent years the problem of tourist traffic in addition to local traffic, has presented a problem of some magnitude Through the efforts of our club and the Inter-Club Executives, co-operating with the local officials, this problem was brought to a head and put well on its way toward proper solution during the year

Sponsored and successful organization of the Kiwanis Club of Cumberland Maryland Through the careful planning of the men first interested in Cumberland, one of the strongest, most aggressive clubs in the entire district has been built Hagerstown is proud of its achievement

(Fred C Wright)
President Bruce C Lightner Vice President Frank L Bennett
Secretary Fred C Wright Trustee C D Miller

Attended the District Conference in Charlottesville A delegation attended the Zone 1 conference in Baltimore Held a program during Fire Prevention Week Members of Rotary, Lions and Chamber of Commerce were invited Boys' Week was celebrated, at which time we entertained 30 boys for whom we started bank accounts 2 years ago Prizes were given to those who had accumulated the most

Entertained the graduating class of the Washington County High School of 140 students Cooperated with the New York Tribune Fresh Air Fund Committee by placing 102 children in homes in and around Hagerstown Contributed $60 toward sending some of them to our YMCA Camps Succeeded in having the Mayor and City Council pass a milk ordinance for which our club had been working for about 3 years

Attended the District Inter-Club Day meeting at Winchester Represented at the District Convention at Staunton Assisted in the opening of the Red Cross Drive in November by devoting a luncheon program to it

The usual Christmas Cheer program and treat was given to all inmates of the Orphan Home, Alms House, ward patients in hospitals and unfortunates in jail Our Christmas caravan is always accompanied by the Municipal Band and a Santa Claus, as well as a truck load of Christmas presents, fruit, etc

We also held during December a Golden Rule Luncheon, at which the members were served in the simplest fashion possible rice soup, prunes and water, and had a capable speaker give a full report with moving pictures, of the work of the Near East Relief Committee The difference between the usual cost of the luncheon and the amount paid for this one was contributed to Near East Relief

(Fred C Wright)
President Frank L Bennett, Vice President F Berry Plummer
Secretary Treasurer Fred C Wright Trustee C Walter Baker

1926 proved to be the most active and progressive year of our club Our attendance record was the highest, our weekly programs were the best, and our Kiwanis spirit among the members seemed to be growing year by year

Finances were in good shape A well planned budget to which we strictly adhered with a surplus at the end of the year

Proper recognition was had of the various special programs as suggested by International At the beginning of the year the program committee allotted a series of luncheon programs to the different committees thus helping materially to stimulate the interest of the members and furnish well-arranged programs It also served to start the committees working at their appointed tasks.

More attention was paid to attendance, and we unhesitatingly dropped members who did not attend at least sixty per cent of the luncheons in any given period of six months This had two good effects: It aroused many of our delinquent members, and in some instances opened classifications to men who made good material for the club.

Our annual Christmas Cheer visitations, orphans' picnics, All-Kiwanis Night, InterClub Visitations, and joint luncheons with all the other civic clubs of Hagerstown were given on a more elaborate scale than ever before.

We were represented by two delegates at the International Convention and had a good delegation at the District Convention and the two conferences of club officials held during the year.

We held a successful Kiwanis business Show, which was attended by over five thousand patrons and cleared a little over five thousand dollars for our underprivileged child work This show was entirely financed by Kiwanians and was so very popular and successful that we felt certain it would become an annual event.

We invited all of the city officials to a special Fire Prevention program, which resulted in securing for Hagerstown a satisfactory building code

Our Farmers Committee arranged a largely attended Farmers' Picnic and also held a luncheon in the dairy barn of one of our farmer members to which farmers from all over the county were invited We also contributed to help buy prizes for the purpose of attracting crowds to a special farmers train which was sponsored by the Agricultural Association of Maryland

We believe that our efforts in helping to Get out the Vote by distributing stickers and sponsoring newspaper articles were of benefit Helped materially to sponsor the largest Armistice Parade ever held in Hagerstown, which brought floats, displays and organized bodies from all over the county It was estimated that over ten thousand people were in line

The money expended during the year for underprivileged child work exceeded fifteen hundred dollars This work included the purchasing of glasses for poor children who were recommended by the nurses of the local health unit Special treatment was given several individual cases and we completely equipped a hospital room in the new Washington County Orphans' Home

(Volume 3)
President F Berry Plummer Secretary Floyd C Smoot
Trustee C Walter Baker

On March 3 an inter-club meeting was held of Kiwanians, Rotary, Lions, and the American Legion in the interest of the organization of a Boy Scout Council fori Hagerstown Kiwanis pledged $200 to Boy Scouts and helped materially in their organization In the same month we received a visit from our LTG and a delegation visited York, Pa, at the time of the Kiwanis Business Show there In April, we celebrated U S Canada Day, presented buttons to our 100% members, held a meeting in the Herald-Mail Press Building, the chairman of the meeting paying for the lunch and donating the receipts, $7000, to the Underprivileged Child Fund A voluntary offering of $6785 was made to the Red Cross for the Mississippi flood sufferers An offering of $1500 was given to the American Legion poppy fund

At various meetings in May and June, we were entertaining: were host to Cumberland and Frederick, entertained the Cape May Boosters who were touring through here, entertained the Hagerstown Blue Ridge Ball Club Entertained the Boys' Beef Calf Club, Dairy Calf Club, Pig Club and Poultry Club and staged a picnic under the direction of the Underprivileged Children's Committee, playing host to the local and country orphans Representatives of the press of Hagerstown were guests at a luncheon

On July 21, we had a ladies' luncheon, when the ladies put on the program The ladies were guests at two luncheons during the year in addition to Ladies' Night We participated in the picnic given by the Frederick Club at Braddock Heights and visited their Fashion Show At a September meeting, we entertained all of the city officials We were also host to the caravan of Southwest Pennsylvania en route from the Pennsylvania District Convention

Under the direction of the Underprivileged Child Committee we held a luncheon on October 19, at San Mar Orphans Home which marked the dedication of their new building A delegation attended an inter-club meeting at Washington on November 11

On December 26, the club accompanied by the municipal band visited the County Orphans Home, County Alms House, Day Nursery, and Washington County Hospital, distributing Christmas dinners and presents This is an annual charity of the club from which we derive much satisfaction Early in the year the club inspected the new high school building and held its luncheon in this building The 12th anniversary of Kiwanis International was observed with a special program in January

Bundle Day in Hagerstown for the Near East Relief was taken care of by the club and a large quantity of clothing collected The matter of a full time health officer for Washington County was given the approval of the club and recommendations to this effect were made to the county commissioners

A committee from the club inspected Broadway School building and recommended to the School Board that fire hazards in this building be eliminated and other repairs made

Contributed $400 to the County Orphans Home to move and purchase new playground equipment to a new location Contributed $200 towards the Kiwanis pavilion at the Miracle House, Claibourne, Md Purchased $91 of glasses for 49 poor children Contributed $116 for orthopedic work for 4 children Lunch attendance was the best in the history of the club

President Philo A Statton, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Trustee J S Wilmoth

The Kiwanis Education committee was in charge of the anniversary meeting in January They presented questions and answers on Kiwanis history, growth, objects

The annual Ladies' Night was held on February 21 We observed Holy Week with an address by Rev W B McKinley, chaplain of St James School Our farmer friends were entertained on April 19 The speaker was Curley Byrd, assistant to the president and head coach of the University of Maryland

On May 17, the Kiwanis Education Committee again had charge of the meeting and used the occasion for the instruction of new members Boy Scout Day was observed on May 24 One week later there was an interesting club meeting with the Frederick Club as our guests

In June, we had a joint meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, erected a shack at the Boy Scout camp at a cost of $150, took the children of the orphans' home to the circus, and had some very interesting speakers Among them were J Adams Puffer, of Massachusetts, who spoke on Vocational Guidance; Floyd Allen, assistant to the President of General Motors; Walter B Clarkson, of the C & P Telephone Company, and Mr Willis, Eastern Division Manager of the Western Union We entertained the orphans at the annual Kiwanis picnic at Conomac Park We also held our annual joint picnic with Frederick at Braddock Heights On September 20, our wives were present at our luncheon meeting and provided the program The club contributed $60 to the local chapter of the Red Cross for Florida relief

President Rev William S Hess, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Trustee Dr W D Campbel

The big event of the year in Hagerstown was the District Convention.

We subscribed $200 to the Boy Scouts Donated $50 to purchase seed for the farmers in Washington County whose crops were destroyed by hail last summer Financed the repairs and improvements to the infirmary at the Washington County Orphans' Home since we supplied the original equipment.

Memorial Day was celebrated with veterans of the Civil War, World War and guests were addressed by Judge Lindley Sloan, of the Maryland Court of Appeals We entertained the orphans by a day at Conococheague Park Through the co-operation of the management of the park, all of the amusements were thrown open to the children.

We had two visits from the Governor and one from Lieutenant- Governor Hendrickson Stanley Wilmoth, a charter member and Past President of the club, removed from Hagerstown Before his departure, he was given a present of flat silver.

A full account of the convention is included in the District history of this year and need not he repeated here We will say, however, that we were very much pleased at the many compliments which were passed on our handling of this event and we felt well repaid for the months of work which we gave to it The club recognized the work of F Berry Plummer, General Chairman, by several gifts.

President Park W T Loy Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Trustee F Berry Plummer

Provided financial support for a young lady during an extensive course in training in Baltimore City as a seamstress Having financed the original provision of braces and all corrective orthopedic work since its acceptance of the care of the case The club continued financing eyeglasses for all the children of Washington County, under the direction of the Washington County Health Association Entertained the inmates of the Washington County Home for Orphan Children Provided games scheduled and the evening terminated in an elaborate display of fireworks.

Inter-club relations brought guest speakers the Presidents of the Frederick, Cumberland and Winchester Clubs The outstanding event of our inter-club relations activities was held at Braddock Heights at which time the Frederick and Hagerstown clubs were hosts to the Baltimore, Winchester, and Cumberland clubs of the Capital District and the Martinsburg and Charles Town clubs of the West Virginia District The Governors of these Districts were present as special guests.

The year's activities were terminated according to our annual custom of spreading Christmas cheer The members of the club in divisions visited the Washington County Home for Orphan Children, the Washington County Hospital, The Washington County Alms House and the Day Nursery, at which places gifts were distributed to all of the inmates and a turkey dinner provided for inmates of the Alms House The Municipal and Hagerstown High School Bands played Christmas carols.

The President at the beginning of his administration advocated the adoption of a slogan "Know Your Fellow Kiwanian" and under this slogan every member pledged himself to visit during the year every other Kiwanian at the said Kiwanian's place of business This policy was adhered to by a large number of the members of the club and many new personal friendships were established and old ones materially strengthened, which had a very beneficial influence on the work of the club.

Division 01
President Fred C Wright, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Trustee William S Hess
Governor F Berry Plummer

Under-privileged Children work was done in connection with the Public Health Association and assistance rendered by our medical and dental members, as well as by our local health officer, who is a Kiwanian So that the monetary expenditure may appear small in comparison with the results accomplished This expenditure exceeded $500 but did not include a considerable amount of money expended by our members who were sponsoring a "Big Brother" movement Approximately 125 children received benefits through our committee.

Our annual outing for the boys and girls of the Orphans' Home was a decided success from every angle At 2:00 p m they were entertained at the Maryland Theatre, following which they were transported to Rows Park, where swimming, wading and a fried chicken dinner was thoroughly enjoyed by all Fireworks set off at a late hour brought the day to a perfect close Approximately 30 "Sons" supplied by the Kings Daughters were entertained, which resulted in the "Big Brother" movement.

Entertained about 25 members of the Washington club at a Golf Match Sponsored by the Hagerstown and Frederick, the second annual Kiwanis Outing with Capital and neighboring District clubs was held at Braddock Heights Over 350 Kiwanians and guests attended the event.

Gifts of toys and wearing apparel were given to the Day Nursery and Washington County Orphans' Home at Christmas time, and we furnished a Thanksgiving dinner to the inmates of the Alms House and presented gifts and fruit to them In our visits to these institutions we were in each case accompanied by a band A set of silver was presented to retiring President Wright.

President L H Sager, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 74 Attendance 77%

Furnished the Crippled Children's School with a davenport, a victrola and chair The children got free milk at recess and gave aid to the Health Clinic Took 60 orphans on to see a movie, had the privileges of all the park concessions including bathing, were given a dinner in the park, and fireworks at night Gave a turkey dinner to the County Home inmates Gave Christmas treats to the inmates of the Charity Wards of the Washington County Hospital, the Day Nursery and the Orphans' Home Gave 5 cash prizes in the Kiwanis Farm Bureau Potato Project, and held a farmers meeting.

Delegation from the Washington Club put on one program Host to Frederick, Towson, and Westminster Attended meeting at Westminster and played golf with Rotary and with the Kiwanis club of Hanover, Penn Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays were celebrated with suitable programs and the usual Ladies Night was held The club celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary and US Canada Week and was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference.

Division 01
President A H Warne, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 61 Attendance 74%
LG Park W T Loy

The club entertained the children from the Crippled Children's School at luncheon, had a Magician to do tricks for them Furnished music for this school and gave the children transportation to and from the school Took 68 children from the Orphans Home to a movie and a picnic More than $68 was spent for glasses for indigent children Gave a Christmas Dinner at the County Home Treated inmates of the Day Nursery, the Charity Ward of the Hospital and the Orphans Home.

Entertained 25 former members Celebrated its own 12th anniversary, had a joint meeting with Rotary and held a delightful Ladies Night followed by dancing, The club celebrated All-Kiwanis Night as a Ladies Night at the Country Club, entertained the District Governor and observed Constitution Week.

President Edgar C Jones, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 75 Attendance 74%

The club put on its annual picnic for the children of the Orphans Home with a free movie and amusements park Took Crippled Children to the circus Furnished hot lunches through the year for these children and one member gave them milk Club members took Christmas gifts to the children at the Orphans Home, the School for Crippled Children and the charity ward of the Hospital Bought clothing and found a home for an indigent girl and furnished numerous pairs of glasses, and braces and shoes for crippled children.

The club had one program on Vocational Guidance and put on one program for 20 high school boys at which members of the club gave short talks on their occupations.

The club made two visits to Berkeley Springs, the Morgan County, WV, club, and one to Frederick, Md.

Club had its annual Golf, Bridge, and Tennis Meeting followed by dancing A Corn Roast Picnic with ladies and children with inter-clubs from Morgan Co, Charleston, and Martinsburg, WV, Winchester, Va, and Frederick, Md Held an education meeting for new members Represented at both the International and District Conventions and entertained both the District Governor and LTG.

President Donovan R Beachly, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 78 Attendance 73%

The club put on a Business Bazaar and Hobby Show, clearing $900 for its Community Work This money was spent in part on activities described as follows: The sum of $19 was spent on glasses and braces for crippled children The School for Crippled Children received $50 for aid in transportation and the teachers and children were given a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving and were entertained at a luncheon at Christmas with Santa Claus gifts and everything The 69 children from the Orphans Home were taken to a movie and an amusement park for a picnic and the use of all the concessions 15 boys were sent to the Salvation Army Camp $65 was spent for Ready to Read Tests $5 a week was contributed towards the expenses of a worthy girl at a Business School in Baltimore A private room at the Hospital was furnished at a cost of $250 and the club put on Christmas programs at the Day Nursery, the public wards of the Hospital and at the Orphans Home The club had a Ladies Night Dinner at the Orphans Home, the proceeds being for the benefit of the Home.

On the Fourth of July the club engineered a parade of 2,500 children, taking them to a special movie and thereby lessening the number of accidents incident to Fourth of July celebrations Entertained at luncheon the High School Football Squad.

Had two programs on Kiwanis Education Celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary, All-Kiwanis Night, and Constitution Week, entertained the LTG and had presentatives at the International and District Conventions.

Division 01
President Leo H Miller, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 78 Attendance 76%
LG Edgar C Jones

The club held a Bazaar and Hobby Show, netting $850 For the pupils of the School for Crippled Children the club spent for lunches $1617 Upon hearing a child failed to attend school because the family lacked clothing, bedding, food and heat The club responded and met their needs The annual Theatre Party and Picnic at a recreation park for the children of the Orphans Home was held Spent $13887 for toys as club members delivered on Christmas Day to the Orphans Home, the Day Nursery, the Crippled Children's School and the Washington County Home.

Had a program on Boys Work and 2 on juvenile Delinquency Sent 15 boys to the Salvation Army Scout Camp, and it entertained the First Farmers of America.

Received the Golden Rule from Cumberland and carried it to Frederick Had a joint meeting with all the service clubs at the YMCA A joint meeting with Rotary, Monarch and Lions, two joint meetings with Rotary, played golf with Rotary, a family picnic at the Country Club and a Ladies Luncheon followed by a Bridge Tournament.

Celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary, had a program on Kiwanis Education, entertained the District Governor, paid the expenses of the Hagerstown Band to the International Convention and sent delegates to the International and District Conventions.

President George H Bohman, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 79 Attendance 75%

Spent $90 at the Crippled Children's School lunches, $47 for braces and glasses, $75 sending children to camp, $100 on the Day Nursery, $100 for the Play Ground Fund, and $45 as its share of a Theatre Party for all needy children The Crippled Children's School and the Orphans Home with Christmas gifts Held an Orphans Picnic with Theatre Party and other entertainment The club put on a program on Boys and Girls Work and gave $25 to the Boy Scout organization Two programs on Agriculture and one on Vocational Guidance were held.

Contributed $25 for Flood Relief, spent $82 for Road Signs, and entertained the City Officials at a luncheon It put on such varied programs as Stamp Collecting, The Social Security Act, Supervised Play, Communism, The Trends in Transportation, Economy and Efficiency in the Public Schools, The Diversion of the Gas Tax, and The Treatment of Tuberculosis It also celebrated Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Attended meetings at Winchester and Baltimore and carried the Log to Frederick Had two Ladies Nights and special Ladies Night Dinner followed by Theatre Party and ending with a Dance at the Country Club Had a picnic and 3 joint meetings with Rotary with a Golf Match Represented at International and District Conventions.

(Volume 5)
President Allen R Myers, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 82 Attendance 78%

The club gave the children of the Orphans Home a treat, taking them to a movie, an amusement park and a picnic supper It spent $150 sending 40 boys for two weeks to the Salvation Army Camp, $25 for lunches at the Crippled Children's School, $25 for playground work, $80 for the expenses of two children at the Convalescent Home, and $100 for Christmas presents delivered on Christmas Day, to the children at the Day Nursery and the Orphan's Home.

The club had programs on Kiwanis Education, entertained the Lieutenant-Governor, and was represented at the International and the District Convention.

President Rev A Leiter, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 88 Attendance 77%

The club spent $56000 for the maintenance of two children at the Convalescent Home for the vear It spent $3145 for glasses, gave $1001000 to the Salvation Army Camp, gave the children from the Orphans Home a theatre party, followed liv a picnic supper, and a Christmas party with Santa Claus, who also distributed presents at the Nursery School Some of the funds required for this work were raised by a card party netted $350.

The club also gave $2500 to the Scouts The club was host to a visiting delegation from Cumberland.

President E Aldine Larkin, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 96 Attendance 80%

The club had a program on the education of the underprivileged, particularly the blind Entertained at luncheon 38 boys and girls, whose expenses at the Salvation Army Camp last year had been paid by the club, entertained at a theatre party, the children from the Orphans Home, had the usual Christmas entertainments for the children in the Nursery School and those in the Orphans Home, and spent $720 for the expenses of three children in the Convalescent Home $500 of the money spent for these things was raised by means of a football game.

An outstanding program was entitled the Top of the News, the speaker was a news commentator with 350 people present Other programs were Recent Developments and Inventions of General Motors, the War in China, Rus5ia, the Finnish War, Our Government, Advertising in Business, Business Methods in a Democracy, German War Methods, Americanism, Compulsory Auto Inspection, the FBI, After the War, Britain in the War, Public Health, France in Peace, the Evolution of an American, Business Ethics and two on Religion The club also celebrated Holy Week and Music Week.

The Winchester, Va club brought the fellowship plaque, and there were two joint luncheons with Rotary.

President Robert C Carder, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 97 Attendance 97%

The club increased its luncheon fee from seventy-five cents to one dollar, the difference to be put into the underprivileged child fund A football game netted $350 for this fund Three children Nvere kept at the Nursing Home of the Infant and Child Health Centre during the year The children of the Orphan Home were given a theatre party and a picnic The usual Christmas entertainment was arranged for them and for the children of the Dav Nursery 29 boys and girls were sent to the Salvation Army Camp during the summer The total expenditure for all this work was $992 The club held a Ladies Night, a Ladies Picnic a joint luncheon and golf meet with Rotary, and a joint picnic with the other civic clubs.

Programs were given on Kiwanis Education and the club entertained the District Governor and the Lieutenant-Governor.

President D L F Russell, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 93 Attendance 77%

For several years the club has been fostering the formation of a county-owned Child and Health Center This project has now been realized The club has contributed $43300 towards furnishing it and has spent during the year $59500 for the care of needy children there The club also gave and delivered Christmas gifts to the children at the Orphans Home and the Day Nursery.

In the bond drive the club purchased $37,450 maturity value in Defense Bonds It gave $15 towards furnishing a room at Fort Meade and $20 to the USO dance fund It also aided in gathering scrap.

The club visited the Berkeley Springs, WV club, furnishing the speaker for the day, and that club returned the compliment by putting on a program for this club There was also a bowling contest with the Cumberland club There was a Ladies Night, a Ladies luncheon, a stag party and three joint meetings with Rotary, one of which was a match followed by supper Within the club, four bowling teanis held weekly con-tests from January through March and from September through December.

The club had three Kiwanis Education meetings, entertained the Lieutenant-Governor, sent in an Achievement Report, and represented at the Training School for Club Officers, the Mid-Winter Conference, and the International and the District Conventions.

President Jacob A Hoffman, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 92 Attendance 79%

As in previous years; the first work of the club has been for the underprivileged children, and as formerly, contributed $520 for the care of children in the home of The Infant and Child Health Center This home, which was started largely because of the interest in Child Welfare displayed by the club, is one of the leading welfare homes in the community Thirty-one children sent by the club to the Salvation Army Camp were entertained at luncheon.

Christmas gifts were delivered to and given by our club to the children of the Washington County Orphans' Home on Christmas morning The Day Nursery was also remembered.

The Boys and Girls Committee was active with the Salvation Army 28 boys and girls were aided in attending camp, at a cost of $196 and a Boy Scout troop was organized among the boys connected the Salvation Army.

The membership at home was active in the sale and purchase of Government bonds, and, through the club, it is estimated that about $200,000 in bonds were sold to its mem-bers as well as a large amount to other Many members have been active in aiding Civilian Defense, planting Victory Gardens, other activities helpful to the war effort.

Several outstanding Ministers of the Gospel, both from the membership and outside of it, as well as a Jewish Rabbi, have made most impressive and forceful talks to the club, and have done much to keep before it the value of the spiritual and God-fearing life The club held its annual picnic with ladies present, and luncheon and golf match with Rotary.

The club was represented at the Mid Winter Conference, the District Convention, and the Training School for Club Officers It held Kiwanis Education meetings There were 7 members in Military Service on December 31.

(Volume 6)
President James C O'Connell, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 98 Attendance 74%

President Jonn M Miller, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 107 Attendance 79%

President Arley O Sica, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 106 Attendance 87%

President Walter W Pollard, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 108 Attendance 89%

Division 09
President Paul M Robinson, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 112 Attendance 93%

President Paul S Shields, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 110 Attendance 94%

President Carroll R Poffenberger Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 112 Attendance 92%

Division 09
(Volume 7)
President Walter M Daniels Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 115 Attendance 89%
District Chair Public Relations Carroll R Poffenberger
LG Charles O Hartsock

President Albert M Long, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 120 Attendance 84%

President Charles O Hartsock, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 117 Attendance 91%

Division 09
President Herman B Hoopes, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 120 Attendance 91%
LG Walter M Daniels

President John G Rupprecht, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Membership Jan 1 - 128 Attendance 89%

President ?, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

President Albert T Powell, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
District Chair Public Relations Walter M Daniels

President Dr W Ross Cameron, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

Division 09
President Guy S Kidwell, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
Sponsor Suburban Hagerstown club
LG Leo H Miller

President Warren H Bitner, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
District Chair Public and Business Affairs Leo H Miller
Governor Walter M Daniels

President Thomas W Dwyer, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

President Franklin R Miller, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

President James A Boyer, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

President Claude M Potterfield, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

President Atlee C Kepler, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

President Rev DeWitt L Miller, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

Division 09
President P James Fahey, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
LG Franklin R Miller

President Dr Harold F Carbaugh Secretary Bruce C Lightner

Division 09
President Paul C Massey, Secretary Bruce C Lightner
LG Dr Harold F Carbaugh

1969 - 1970
President Richard J Hajek, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

1970 - 1971
President Kenneth Merrifield, Secretary Bruce C Lightner

1971 - 1972
President R Allard Stallknecht Secretary Bruce C Lightner

1972 - 1973
President Woodford T Norment, Secretary John C Kelly

1973 - 1974
Division 09
President Frank F Lusby Jr, Secretary John C Kelly
Co Sponsor Halfway-Williamsport Club
LG R Allard Stallknecht

1974 - 1975
President Phillip L Rohrer, Secretary John C Kelly

1975 - 1976
President Paul E Hartman, Secretary John C Kelly

1976 - 1977
Division 09 West
President Dr David A Harris, Secretary John C Kelly

1977 - 1978
President William M Clark, Secretary John C Kelly

1978 - 1979
Division 19
President John T Staub, Secretary John C Kelly

1979 - 1980
President D Blaine Weaver, Secretary John C Kelly

1980 - 1981
President Robert L Bowers Secretary John C Kelly

1981 - 1982
President Frank U Linn, Secretary John C Kelly

1982 - 1983
President James H Snead, Secretary John C Kelly

1983 - 1984
Division 19
President Willard F Slifer Jr Secretary Frank U Linn
LG Robert L Bowers

1984 - 1985
President Richard L Souders, Secretary John L Schnebly

1985 - 1986
President Robert B Stone, Secretary John L Schnebly

District Chairs District Convention Robert L Bowers

1986 - 1987
President Robert Jeffers, Secretary James S Deaner

District Chairs Public Relations Robert L Bowers

1987 - 1988
President Denneth Grove Jr, Secretary James S Deaner

1988 - 1989
President Eugene J Manning, Secretary James S Deaner

1989 - 1990
President Charles F Fickes, Secretary James S Deaner

1990 - 1991
Division 09
President Steven B Young, Secretary James S Deaner

1991 - 1992
President Michael P Manspeaker, Secretary James S Deaner

1992 - 1993
President Larry BLack, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 81

1993 - 1994
President Patricia C Muldoon, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 93

1994 - 1995
President Frederick A Nugent Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 94

1995 - 1996
President Tom E Piston Jr, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 80

1996 - 1997
Division 09
President Maureen Thelault, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 77
LG Willard F Slifer Jr

1997 - 1998
Division 09
President William L McGovern, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 70
LG Frederick A Nugent

1998 - 1999
President William L McGovern, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 66

1999 - 2000
President Kathy M Thomas, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 70

2000 - 2001
President C Ronald Bolden, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 63

2001 - 2002
President Robert L Hamlin, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 81 Attendance 79%

Year End: 54 Projects Completed, 425 Service Hours, $14,370 Money Spent, 0 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President Harry T Barger Jr, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 75 Attendance 84%

Year End: 55 Projects Completed, 419 Service Hours, $15,750 Spent, 1 Interclub

2003 - 2004
President Shelby Penn, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 69 Attendance 79%
Meet TH 12 Noon Venice Inn

Year End: 88 Projects Completed, 661 Service Hours, $19,457 Spent, 1 Interclub

2004 - 2005
President William Bretcher, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 71 Attendance 82%
Meet TH 12 Noon Venice Inn

Tsunami Relief Contribution $175

Year End: 73 Projects Completed, 726 Service Hours, $12,691 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2005 - 2006
Mason Dixon Region
President William Bretcher, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 75 Attendance 89%
Meet TH 12 Noon Venice Inn
Attendance Award - Silver Group Honorable Mention

Year End: 67 Projects Completed, 497 Service Hours, $18,350 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2006 - 2007
President Eric B Reed, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 83 Attendance 85%
Meet TH 12 Noon Richardsons Restaurant

Year End: 76 Projects Completed, 523 Service Hours, $22,744 Spent, 1 Interclubs

2007 - 2008
Division 09
President Larry Kershner, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 81 Attendance 83%
Meet TH 12 Noon Richardsons Restaurant
LG Bill Briechner

Year End: 59 Projects Completed, 722 Service Hours, $19,150 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2008 - 2009
President Michale Gardner, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 77 Attendance 87%
Meet TH 12 Noon Richardsons Restaurant

Year End: 67 Projects Completed, 758 Service Hours, $12,569 Spent, 2 Interclubs

2009 - 2010
President William Breichner, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 69 Attendance 64%
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

Year End: 7 Projects Completed, 100 Service Hours, $2 Spent, 1 Interclubs, $207 CD Foundation

2010 - 2011
Division 09
President Jon H Roney, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 61
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater
LG Renee Mackey

Year End: 9 Projects Completed, 108 Service Hours, $480 Spent, 1Interclubs, $183 CD Foundation

2011 - 2012
President Donald E Day, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 63
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2012 - 2013
President James Miller, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 52
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2013 - 2014
Division 07

President James Miller, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 51
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2014 - 2015
President James Miller, Secretary James S Deaner
Membership Oct 1 - 42
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2015 - 2016
President Steve W Hose, Secretary Frederick A Nugent
Membership Oct 1 - 52
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2016 - 2017
President Frederick A Nugent Secretary Steve W Hose
Membership Oct 1 - 53
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2017 - 2018
President Frederick A Nugent Secretary Steve W Hose
Membership Oct 1 - 53
Meet TH 12 Noon The Academy Dinner Theater

2018 - 2019
President Amy Hiet, Secretary Steve W Hose
Membership Oct 1 - 48
Meet TH 12:00 PM at The Academy Dinner Theater

2019 - 2020
President Paula Shatzer, Secretary Steve W Hose
Membership Oct 1 - 45
Meet TH 12:00 PM at The Academy Dinner Theater

2020 - 2021
President Merrill E Fuller Jr, Secretary Steve W Hose
Membership Oct 1 - 37

Trustee Mason Dixon Renee Mackey

Capital Kiwanian Feb/March 2021: Hagerstown Kiwanis helped with the food distribution for the Washington Countywide Michah's Backpack program on January 20 and 21 at the Food Resources Warehouse in Hagerstown. They organized food items on pallets for each group to pick up on the 21st. On the day of, they helped load vehicles from the pallets into cars and trucks to be taken to the churches and other organizations where families who need food will pick them up. Members wore their Kiwanis t-shirts!

2021 - 2022
President ? Secretary ?
Membership Oct 1 -

Trustee Mason Dixon Renee Mackey