Capital District Kiwanis History

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Organized February 19, 1917 Chartered May 19, 1917
Key #00127 1st District Club
Sponsor KI Field Representative Arthur Malkin
Divisions 01, 01
Regions Potomac, National Capital
Population (1917) 486,869

Division 01
(Volume 1)
President Roe Fulkerson, Secretary John L. Roffman

About December of 1916, a brother of our William H. Towles attended a meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Buffalo, NY. He was so favorably impressed by this visit that he aroused the enthusiasm of "Bill", who determined that Washington should have a Kiwanis club also. He thereupon inquired as to the modus operandi for the organization of such a club in this city and arranged for one of the organizers to come here for that purpose.

A nucleus for the new club was gathered together and the first meeting was held early in February, 1917 at the Burlington Hotel. There are no existing minutes of this meeting nor of any other meetings until May 2, 1917. At this first meeting there were present about 10 men, five of whom are still members of the club, namely William H. Howles, Roe Fulkerson, Eugene G. Adams, William C. Worthington, and Frank L. Wagner. The organizer was also present. A temporary organization was effected. Mr. Towles was offered the position as President but declined. Mr. Fred Cochran was then elected President and Mr. John I. Hoffman, Secretary.

The second meeting was a dinner at The Ebbitt, where committees were appointed and future plans discussed. Subsequent meetings were held at the Cochran Hotel. Under the Original contract made with the organizer, it was agreed to secure 150 members. This was afterwards reduced to 100. For the first few meetings the attendance was between 15 and 20. Civic work this year consisted in canvassing for the sale of Liberty Bonds, a generous subscription towards the war Daddy movement, and the holding of several dances for the soldier boys.

On January 16, 1918, International President George M. Hixson was present and delivered the charter, which bears date May 19, 1917. There does not seem to have been any special celebration in connection with this presentation. George said, Here's your charter and Roe said, Darn if it ain't.

In January the club dropped 30 members for non-attendance. Ever since that time the Washington Club has believed in dropping those who do not attend.

President Eugene G. Adams, Secretary Treasurer Elmer E. Simpson

The annual election of the club was held on April 10, 1918, 1st VP John J. Boobar, 2nd VP Charles W. Easterday, and Directors George C. Shaffer and Franc. E. Sheiry. With the exception of Elmer E. Simpson, deceased, all are active members of the club.

By-laws were changed, the annual election thereafter being held in December, so that these new officers held their positions for only eight and a half months.

The principal public service of the club during this year was in connection with the sale of Liberty Bonds. In November the committee in charge reported sales to the members and by them to others amounting to $1,320,560. A contribution was made for the relief of the Minnesota fire sufferers. The club had eight members in service in the army this year.

President Jolui J. Boobar. Secretary Treasurer Elmer E. Simpson

During 1919, the club established the custom of attending church at least one a year at Sky Pilot William W. Shearer's church, and later, when Rev. John C. Palmer became a member of the club, of attending at each church.

They had a Baltimore to Washington excursion by boat. Had a ladies' luncheon, appropriated $100 for the relief of the flood sufferers at Corpus Christi, Texas. Raised $1100 to help Trinity Community Service Drive. Presented a curtain at a cost of $450 to the auditorium of the Central High School. Subscribed $73 subscriptions for the relief of the widow of a murdered policeman.

On April 30, the club moved to Hotel Washington. At the close of the year, all of the officers were re-elected.

District Secretary Harry G. Kimball

Two outstanding events, the District Convention October 9, and the Christmas charity.

The expenses of the convention were met by an assessment of $15 per member and the various committees were from the Washington Kiwanians. The convention was most successful and the visiting Kiwanians and their ladies were very generous in their praises for the entertainment.

The club carried Christmas cheer to all of the orphan asylums and children's hospitals in the city, of which there were 22. At each place there was a Santa Claus, Christmas tree and presents. The ladies were of great assistance not only in making and executing the Clans but also in securing gifts for the children.

The first death in the Washington Club occurred on August 9, when Sheriff Edward F. Cook died. This was followed on September 20 by the death of our beloved Secretary, Elmer E. Simpson. The present Secretary, George H. Winslow, was elected to fill the latter vacancy, Franc. E. Sheiry filling the position by appointment for about one month in the interim.

Howard W. Phillips and F. Archie Meatyard entertained the club at an oyster roast at Archie's Kensington home.

President Claude H. Woodward, Secretary Treasurer George H. Winslow
Trustee Eugene G. Adams
1st LG John J. Boobar
District Secretary Harry G. Kimball

Sponsors Hagerstown, MD and Alexandria, VA. We attended both organization meetings and charter presentations of these new clubs. Entertained Alexandria in April and Hagerstown in June. In August we were entertained at a barbecue and picnic by the Hagerstown Club.

Two companies of the Motor Corps were organized from the Kiwanis Club as an auxiliary to the police force. We entertained 94 soldier patients from Walter Reed Hospital at one of our meetings. Took about one hundred shut ins for an auto ride. Raised among our members $8206 for the work of the Roy Scouts.

Contributed $525 to our Christmas charities. Entertained the Baltimore Club, 64 were in attendance. Contributed $100 for the Colorado Flood sufferers. Co-operated with the Citizens Committee in the entertainment of delegates to the Conference on the Limitation of Armaments.

Entertained Sergeant Samuel Woodfill, cited by General Pershing as the greatest individual hero of the World War.

Division 01
President Charles F. Roberts, Secretary Treasurer George H. Winslow
Trustee Eugene G. Adams
Governor John J. Boobar (resigned)
District Secretary Harry G. Kimball

In January the club celebrated the seventh anniversary of the of the first club, Roe Fulkerson as speaker gave an historical sketch of the organization and growth of Kiwanis.

In May we entertained the Hagerstown and Alexandria Clubs at a Ladies' Night.

We had a float in the parade and had painted on all the crossings in the business part or town huge footprints with the legend. A budget system for the club was put into operation this year.

Besides the Christmas charity, the following was given during the year. $100 to the Central Union Mission, $100 for Music Week. $38 for the Belleau Wood Memorial, $80 besides gifts of merchandise for Camp Good Will. Which is maintained for summer outings for poor mothers and their small children. $154 for tickets for a ball game for the benefit of Trinity Community House. $100 for the relief of the Kiwanis Club of Astoria, Oregon, where so many members lost their business and their homes by fire.

In December one of the members gave special boosts to those who had had new babies during 1922, and a roll call developed the fact that ten members were qualified to receive these boosts.

Division 01
President Claude W. Owes, Secretary Treasurer George H. Winslow
Trustee Claude Woodward

The Budget Committee recommended the following items which were approved by the club: Christmas activities $1000; some special project $5000; children's work $500.

It was decided that the item of $500 be devoted to orthopedic work for crippled children.

Entertained the Winchester, Frederick, Alexandria Clubs. Presented a silver cup as one of the prizes at the field and track meet of the American Legion. Supplied automobiles for the International Civitan Convention and for the International Photographers Association Convention. Held a memorial service for President Harding, at which the male quartette of Calvary Baptist Church, the President's church, furnished the music. The club was also represented in the funeral procession.

The Inter-Club Relations Committee recommended that the club secure a loving cup which should be moved around clubs, the Washington boys carried it to Alexandria. The Alexandria Club took it to Winchester, to Hagerstown, and from there to Frederick. Frederick carried it to Baltimore on September 6. Baltimore passed on the cup to Wilmington, and they went with it to Seaford. This completed the clubs in the first zone and Seaford therefore returned it to Washington. It was present at the District Convention in Baltimore.

Washington started the cup on its visits in Zone 2 by taking it to Covington on November 30, its charter presentation date. Covington carried it to Clifton Forge on December 31, where it was presented at a Watch Night meeting.

Franc. E. Sheiry sent out a newsletter called Kiwanisgrams. This met with such signal favor from the members of the club that Franc was appointed the official editor. The name was shortened to Kigrams. This weekly paper consists of pates and cover and is extensively used as an advertising medium by club members.

Division 01
(Volume 2)
President Harry G. Kimball, Secretary Treasurer George H. Winslow
Trustee Frank E. Sheiry
Governor Claude H. Woodward

A Program Committee was inaugurated by the President. Under the new plan, a committee was appointed for each quarter of the year and a committeeman was responsible for only one meeting. The new scheme worked well. A delegation visited the club at Chester, PA.

Speaking of changes leads to comment on the turnover of club personnel. During 1924, 14 new members were elected, 12 resigned, 6 were permanently dropped for non-attendance, 2 died, a net loss of 7.

International President Edmund F. Arras and his wife were the guests of the club on March 27, 1924. Present were Presidents of several nearby Kiwanis Clubs. At another meeting we entertained 26 members of the Fredericksburg Club. Participated in the simultaneous Inter-Club meetings, held for group at Alexandria, the District officers and committee chairmen of the Zone 1 met with LG Merle E. Towner and attended the Baltimore regular meeting.

During May the club met with a serious loss when Claude H. Woodward, Past President and District Governor was transferred to New York by the GlobeWernicke Company, necessitating his resignation from the Governorship and from the club. A farewell dinner was tendered him at the City Club prior to his departure. Later he was made an honorary member of the club.

The Capital District Loving Cup, property of the Washington Club, visited a number of the clubs during the year as is set out in detail in the District part of this history.

President Anton Stephan, Secretary Treasurer George H. Winslow
1st VP Mark Lansburgb, 2nd VP John C. Wineman
Trustee Franc E. Sheiry

The $11,460 budget provided for Club expenses $ 5,445, Orthopedic work $2,000, Visiting nurse salary $1,600, Public Affairs $1,400. The expense of the orthopedic work exceeded the budget allowance, the difference was taken care of from the Public Affairs budget. Dues were raised to $60 per year, thus doing away with the necessity for an assessment. Of the 7 directors elected for 1925, only one had ever served on the Board before and he only for part of a year to fill a vacancy. Certainly there was no "clique" running the Washington Club.

The principal work of the club was the continuing of its orthopedic and welfare work, and the beginning of our work at the Tuberculosis Hospital, both of which will be detailed later.

One notable program during the year was furnished by the Rhonda Welsh Chorus, which was introduced by Honorable James J. Davis, Secretary of Labor, and himself a native of Wales.

On May 14, the Washington Club was host to the clubs of Alexandria, Fredericksburg and Manassas, on District Inter-Club Day, with 240 Kiwanians.

President Mark Lansburgh, Secretary Treasurer George H. Winslow
Trustee Franc. E. Sheiry
Franc Sheiry died on May 26 and was succeeded by Harry G. Kimball

The budget for the year total of $10,780, of which $4,600 was for orthopedic and welfare work and public affairs. The club operated well within its budget for the year.

Substantial donations were made to Children's Hospital, Friendship House, Central Union Mission, and to the Miami Kiwanis Club at the time of the Florida disaster.

The orthopedic work of the club, which had barely been started in 1923, was car-ried on with great success thereafter. Franc. E. Sheiry was in charge of this work from 1924 until his death in 1926.

At the International Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1923, four men met one evening at dinner where they held a fanning fee. They were Jess Gowan, Secretary of Caldwell, Idaho, Lu Reynolds, Secretary of Salt Lake City, Utah; Bayard Griffith, Secretary of Boise, Idaho, and Franc. E. Sheiry of Washington.

The Washington Kiwanis Club regretfully announce the sudden passing last night of Franc E. Sheiry, now truly an Immortal. The Board of Directors of the club unanimously decided that Ki-Grams must be continued, published In the spirit of Franc. Sheiry, and appointed a committee to carry on the work.

Division 01
President William S. Quinter, Secretary George S. Winslow
Trustee Harry G. Kimball
LG Harry G. Kimball

The most important club activity is our work for crippled children. During 1927, the number of cases increased from 152 to 200. Orthopedic work was handled by Dr. Custis Lee Hall. We received the co-operation of the Instructive Visiting Nurses and paid the salary of one of them.

Some of our crippled children spent time during the summer at Camp Good Will, a fresh air camp maintained by the Associated Charities. We maintained a nurse at this camp during the time our children were there. A few years ago the Kiwanis Club had erected two buildings at this camp. One of the buildings, containing the dining room and kitchen, was in need of ventilators in the roof.

A large delegation attended the Ladies Night of the Fredericksburg club. 88 members went to Alexandria, Virginia. 62 members journeyed to Baltimore. At the time of the meeting in Washington of the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, we had present 29 visiting Kiwanians from 14 States. Our Inter-Club Relations Committee carried the Loving Cup to Cumberland and South Norfolk. Cumberland Club carried it to Havre de Grace. The committee accompanied LTG Kimball on his official visits to clubs of the First Division.

We were host to the five finalists in the National Oratorical Contest, laid a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier on May 29, in the name of Kiwanis International, and were well represented at the Memphis and Wilmington conventions. There were with us at one meeting 20 officials of the leading railroads of the country.

(Volume 3)
President Radford Moses, Secretary George H. Winslow
Trustee Claude W. Owen

The great work of the Washington Club this year was its crippled child work. The report of the committee on this work shows that ninety-one new cases were undertaken, bringing the total to 296. The number under active care and treatment at the end of the year was 175.

We expended on surgical appliances and hospitalization the sum of $2,796 and the nurse's salary of $1,600 making a total of $4,396 against the budget allowance of $4,400. The services of the doctors and surgeons were all donated. The club presented a new automobile to the Instructive Visiting Nurse Society. They were instrumental in having two nurses sent to Boston for training in orthopedic work. So that they could co-operate with us to better advantage in handling our cases, giving massage treatments in the home in same cases and instructing parents in the proper care and treatment of the crippled child.

The club was instrumental in having installed at the Children's Hospital a warm water tank for more efficient treatment of paralysis cases. We succeeded also in securing the permanent addition to the clinic staff of an additional physiotherapist.

Through Inter Club Relations Committee the club was active in maintaining friendly relations with other clubs by visiting with Alexandria, Manassas, Frederick, Fredericksburg, Rehoboth Beach and Victoria. Washington was host to Alexandria, Fredericksburg and Manassas during Inter Club Week.

Two Ladies' Nights and a Ladies' Luncheon were held. At the second Ladies' Night the program consisted of a minstrel show with Kiwanis talent. We had a joint meeting with Rotary during Thanksgiving week. Father and Child Day was celebrated.

Division 01
President Edgar Morris, Secretary George H. Winslow
Trustee Claude W. Owen
Membership Jan 1 - 179
Governor Harry G. Kimball

The great work of the Washington Club, as has been the case for many years last past, was our crippled children. The Kiwanis Clinic in charge of Dr. Hall recorded 842 visits of crippled children. 20 new crippled children cases were treated during the year, bringing the total to 315 children. 160 cases are still active and require continued service in transportation, supply of special shoes, braces and casts, and 20 cases spent time in the hospital. The expenditure of the club's funds for the tangible part of this work, amounted to $4,024.75. This did not include any toys, gifts, nor any expense outside of the service connected with the medical attention. Individual Kiwanians, aided by the automobile committee, transported underprivileged children and their mothers to Camp Good Will. Four trips were made transporting 160 children on each trip.

Two schools were opened in the fall of 1929. Now, the crippled child can get both an education and his treatments and the question of transportation to the clinic has been eliminated at least in respect to the children of school age.

A special medical electric lamp was presented to the school together with rolling chairs and an arrangement for providing hot lunches was worked out by the members of the club.

Golf tournaments were held with Baltimore, Alexandria, Manassas, while our players took part in triangular play with Towson and Baltimore. Inter-club visits were made by the club or by members of the committee to 13 other clubs with a total of 18 visits. We entertained 1095 Kiwanians and other guests during the year.

The small cash balance in the general fund is largely accounted for by the following: The Board of Directors authorized the expenditure of seven hundred dollars for the purpose of publicity at the Milwaukee Convention of the desire of the Washington Club to secure the International Convention for 1932.

Division 01
(Volume 4)
President James B. Edmunds. Secretary George H. Winslow
Trustee Radford Moses
LG Edwin H. Hill

The Washington Kiwanis club had four major activities during 1930, as follows:
crippled children's work, vocational guidance, institutional entertainment, and to secure the International Convention for 1932.

We continued our crippled children's work under the direction of Dr. Custis Lee Hall, orthopedic surgeon. The clinic was held at the Children's Hospital each Friday morning, and we continued to pay the salary of an instructive visiting nurse and thereby secured the services of all of the nurses.

Delegations accompanied LG Edwin F. Hill on his official visits to the clubs of the First Division. Sent representatives during Inter-Club Week to Alexandria. Host to all inter-club meeting of the First Division arranged for and president over by LTG Edwin F. Hill. The Committee on Kiwanis Education held meetings at which talks on Kiwanis matters were made to new members. Washington won first prize at the District Convention for attendance in the Gold Division.

A memorial service was held in memory of deceased Kiwanians of the Washington club. After the meeting we went to Arlington National Cemetery where Governor Binford placed a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the name of Kiwanis International. 22 members of the club maintained all attendance record of 100% during the year.

The November 13 meeting was held in honor of the 10th anniversary of the installation of George Winslow as secre-tary-treasurer of the Washington club. All past presidents of the club, except two who have resigned praised the work of the secretary.

President Merritt O. Chance
Secretary George H. Winslow and Charles R. Ruff
Trustee Edgar Morris

The club continued its work, which it has been doing since 1923 for crippled children, the number of cases being handled by the club at the close of the year being 91. The amount spent for orthopedic work, which included equipment, medical care, hospitalization, and the salary of an instructive visiting nurse was $3,500. Members furnished transportation to carry children and their mothers to and from Camp Goodwill, which is a fresh air camp operated in Rock Creek Park by the Associated Charities. They were taken in groups of 160 every two weeks during the summer, Entertainments, including moving pictures and musical numbers, were given at the camp for each group of children. 25 children of the Weightman School for Crippled Children were taken on a trip to the Zoo, and 12 boys were taken to see their first baseball game. Furnished transportation to a group of children from the Central Union Mission where a Girl Scout troop was entertaining for the children. Children at the Weightman School for Crippled Children were furnished money with which to buy fresh vegetables for their lunches. The usual Christmas party for crippled children was given this year, with 96 crippled children present, 61 of whom were Kiwanis cases. Presented 138 children with gifts In addition to the children, there were present at this party about 300 adults. The club expended $300 on this Christmas party.

Activities of the Inter-Club Relations Committee resulted in a total of 215 members visiting 21 clubs during the year, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Frederick, Arlington County, Hagerstown, and Havre de Grace. Members were present at the Charter Anniversary of the Rehoboth Beach club.

An inter-club song festival featured a meeting at Manassas with delegations present from Fredericksburg, Arlington County and Winchester. We supplied the talent to meetings at Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Ashland and Richmond. The visiting Kiwanians on this occasion totaled more than 100.

The club endorsed the project of the Washington Post to the effect that the District should have its own flag as have all of the states. Resolutions were passed offering aid to the President's Committee to the circus.

President E. R. Woodson, Succeeded April 7 by Edwin F. Hill
Secretary T. H. Seay Succeeded April 7 by C. R. Huff
Membership Jan 1 - 184, Attendance 63%

The under-privileged child work of the club included caring for over 100 cases at the Children's Clinic with a number of operations. The Kiwanis Clinic at the Children's Hospital averaged 7 to 8 cases week. The visiting nurse made more than 600 visits and 40 pieces of orthopedic apparatus were donated to the children. More than 30 members of the club furnished their cars with drivers to carry children and mothers to and from the camp operated by the Associated Charities, and the transportation of over 400 children and mothers was taken care of in this way. Eighty children, inmates of a hospital, were taken

The club organized a K-Club at St. John's Episcopal Orphanage and furnished badges and insignia of office.

Sent delegations to Fredericksburg, Manassas, Harrisonburg, Winchester, Alexandria, and Arlington County; Martinsburg, WVA; Elkton, Westminster, Towson, Baltimore, and Rehoboth Beach. Attended the Charter Night at Westminster, the eleventh anniversary at Alexandria and carried the Loving Cup to Elkton. It arranged a tour of the city for the Florida delegation en route to the International Convention, entertained 29 boys and 3 directors of a Kiwanis pilgrimage from Oklahoma, and it provided speakers for meetings at 12 other clubs.

Awards were presented to 18 members who had 100% attendance for the year 1931.

Division 01
President Dewey Zirkin. Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 177, Attendance 65%
Governor Edwin F. Hill

As usual the club was very active in under-privileged child work, The Kiwanis Clinic was held at the Children's Hospital regularly every Friday at least one member of the club was in attendance. Ninety-nine cases were taken care of and 80 pieces of orthopedic apparatus furnished. Contributed $1,600 for the nurse’s salary. The Kiwanis bandstand at the Tuberculosis Hospital was rebuilt and a series of band concerts were held to entertain the patients. An under-privileged child meeting of the club was held the speaker was Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. A Christmas party was given at which 91 under-privileged children were guests, and a program of entertainment with Santa Claus distributed gifts to the children.

The weekly vocational guidance broadcasts were continued over WRC and 19 Kiwanians and 29 other businessmen took part in them. Members made talks to the high schools and at the YMCA and as a result the YMCA furnished a group of vocational councilors to put individuals in touch with business and professional men who could give the information and advice sought.

In inter-club relations the club was very active. A delegation attended the organization meeting of Annapolis, MD, Other club visits were Alexandria, Arlington County, Alexandria, Manassas, Fredericksburg and Frederick, MD.

Representatives attended the Mid Winter Conference, the International and the District Conventions. The club celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary and Constitution Week, held a luncheon in honor of International President Carl Endicott and sent a large delegation to the Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration of the Capital District at Bay Ridge. Officers attended the Division 1 Training School for Club Officers.

President L. T. Breuniger, Secretary Edward G. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 169, Attendence 68%
Co Sponsor Prince Georges County club

The club continued weekly clinic treating on the average of 80 patients. Purchased 26 pieces of orthopedic apparatus and the nurse visited an average of 70 homes a week. Carried 500 mothers and children to and from camp.

Sent delegations to the meeting of Arlington, Annapolis, Alexandria, Baltimore, Fredericksburg, Hagerstown, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Prince Georges County and Winchester, to the Charter Night of Prince Georges County, and to the organization meeting of Morgan County, West Virginia. The club was host to Arlington and Alexandria.

Placed a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Entertained the International President, the International Secretary, and the District Governor.

Winter Conference and tile International and District Conventions.

Division 01
President Harold N. Marsh, Secretary Edward Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 168, Attendance 67%
LG Charles W. Pimper

File crippled children's, clinic was continued this year, each week. Ninety children were furnished with shoes. The visiting nurse made an average of go visit-, a month. 30 crippled children were taken to a picnic, and a bus-load was entered in the Halloween parade and given refreshments afterwards. One hundred were given a Christmas party and gifts were sent to 50 colored children. The club spent $120 in transportation for bands with 18 concerts in the Kiwanis Band Stand at the Tuberculosis Hospital. It furnished two buses to carry children from the orphanage to and from the Play Day Meet. The club also had four cripples to tell the club what the clinic had done for them.

Vocational Guidance talks on the radio were made on Mail Advertising, Accounting, Medicine, Law, Teaching, Secretarial Work, Optometry, Express Transportation,

An Easter meeting was held and some of the interesting programs were on The Parole System, The Meaning of the Constitution, talking Books for the Blind, and Fire Prevention Forest Service.

Members of the club visited the following named clubs: Prince Georges County, Arlington, Alexandria, Annapolis, Philadelphia, Hagerstown, Manassas, Miami, Coral Gables, St. Petersburg, Cumberland, Westminster, Syracuse, Winchester, Shepherdstown, Richmond, Baltimore and Frederick, and attended the charter nights of Pikesville and Reisterstown. The club held one big inter-club meeting with representatives from ten other clubs present.

The club held two Kiwanis Education Meetings, unveiled a tablet in commemoration of the Rush-Bagot Treaty, entertained the International President and the District Governor, furnished the LTG, celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary and Constitution Week, was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference, the International and District Conventions, the Division Meeting and the Officers' Training School.

President Bynum Hinton, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 168, Attendance 71%

The club put on an under-privileged child program at the Prince Georges County club. The club continued the weekly clinic, the wives of members of the club carrying the children to and from the clinic. 70 children at the Wightman School for crippled children were treated and hundreds of visits made by the visiting nurse. 200 books were given to the school. Children traveled by bus to the Zoo. One child was operated on and kept in the hospital three months at a cost of over $200. 150 children were carried back and forth to camp and left for a period of two weeks, making in all 8 trips. Fifty pairs of shoes were furnished for these children. Two busses carried 75 boys from the Episcopal School to Field Day. The School Board was asked to set aside a fund for carrying crippled children back and forth to the school and to furnish other special schools for children suffering from non-communicable ailments. Kiwanians and their families put on a Christmas party for 125 children, over 700 being present, and each child was in charge of some family.

The club continued its program of broadcasting vocational guidance talks and sending out literature to interested listeners. The club sent delegations to Arlington, Alexandria, Annapolis, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Hagerstown, Winchester, and Reisterstown, in many instances putting on the program for them. A large delegation attended the Charter Night of North Baltimore.

The club entertained the International President and the International Secretary, the District Governor and the LTG. It held four Kiwanis education meetings, celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary, United States-Canada Week and Constitution Week. The club was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference, the District Convention, at which it won the District achievement contest, and it was host to the International Convention.

President G. P. Mangan, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 178, Attendance 68%

The club held its regular weekly clinic for crippled children, treating from 70 to 90 children a month, the children being carried to and from the clinic by Kiwanians or their wives. Hundreds of visits to the homes were made by the nurse and more than a hundred pieces of orthopedic apparatus and special shoes were purchased. The club furnished a series of entertainments at the Wightman School for Cripples and donated a radio to the school. Fifty-eight boys from St. Joseph's were given a Valentine party, 50 boys from St. John's Episcopal Orphanage were given a party.

The weekly broadcasts on the choice of a vocation were continued as formerly.

The club sent visiting delegations to Arlington, Alexandria, Baltimore, Prince Georges County, Westminster and Winchester and in several instances furnished the program.

The club held a number of Kiwanis education meetings, celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary, United States-Canada Week, Constitution Week, its own anniversary (at which time a wreath was placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference, the International and District Conventions and the Officers Training School, and won the District achievement trophy in the Gold Division.

(Volume 5)
President A. B. Val Voorhees, Edward S. Pardoe, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 180, Attendance 73%

Had a Crippled Childrens Day program to which the ladies were invited, orthopedic surgeon showed how the clinic was conducted, after which movies of the improvement of patients were shown. The clinic was held each Friday during the year.

Had a Bowling Team in the winter months, a Golf Teani in the spring and summer months. It had a Ladies' Dav and Night, joint a Ladies' Night, a Stag a meeting with Rotary, a big Christmas party and a Family Day.

Celebrated All Kiwanis Night, had several Kiwanis education programs, one program by Charter Members, entertained the District Governor and the Lieutenant Governor and was represented at the Mid Winter Conference and the International and the District Convention.

President Edward S. Pardoe, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 175, Attendance 71%

The club continued the Wednesday and Friday morning clinics, adding new cases from time to time, giving treatments and furnishing braces as needed, with regular visits by the nurse. It carried a number of crippled boys to swimining party at the YMCA had a program on the crippled children, cured in the clinic. Gave a Valentine party to the children of St. Joseph's Orphanage, carried 150 children to the T. B. Camp, gave a Halloween party to 2 bus loads of children and initiated a movement for a new school for crippled Children, and it strongly supported the President's Birtliday to raise fund, to combat infantile paralysis.

Members attended inter club meetings at Arlington and at Alexandria, were hosts to North Baltimore, and a meeting including Arlington, Alexandria, Manassas and Prince Georges Coumv.

The club had four Kiwanis Education meetings, entertained the Lieutenant Governor and was represented at the Mid Winter Conference, the International and District Conventions and the Training School for Officers.

President Frank L. Peckham, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 183, Attendance 71%

Continued the Crippled Children's Clinic through the year on Wednesdays and Fridays, supplemented by visits by the Kiwanis Nurse, parties were given from time to time during the year for the children attending the clinic and for the orphans at St. Joseph's and St. John's. Groups of children were taken to the movies and to see baseball games always with a treat of sonic sort, and a Christmas party for children was given. The movement initiated by the club in 1939 was continued until the new school for crippled children became an accomplished fact. Gave material aid to the Police Boys Club.

It held an inter club meeting with Arlington, Alexandria and Prince Georges County, and on the occasion of the International President's visit was host to Ridgewood, NJ, received the plaque from Prince Georges County, delivered to Alexandria, and sent delegations to meetings at Reisterstown and Baltimore.

Had active bowling and golf teams. It had a joint meeting with Rotary, a Ladies' Day, a Ladies' Night, a Stag Night, a Christmas party and a Family Day.

It celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary, held four Kiwanis Education meetings, entertained the International President, the District Governor, and the Lieutenant Governor and was represented at the Mid Winter Conference, the International and District Conventions and Training School for Officers.

President Oscar B. Hunter, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 176, Attendance 70%

The club continued its clinics on Wednesday and Friday through the year employ¬ing a full time nurse for this work and for visiting the Patients in their homes ' Through the efforts of the club a branch of the Crippled Children's Society was formed in the city. The club maintained several children at the Rehabilitation School. It gave a party for 100 children frorn St. Rose School, a garden party for the children from the Crippled Children's School, a Halloween party for the children of St. Joseph's Orphanage, and a big Christmas party for children.

The club employed a part time worker in the field of Vocational Guidance, bought a set of teeth for a girl suffering an inferiority complex because of not having them, bought a typewriter to increase the efficiency of one boy, got another a job, and a scholarship to an Art School for a crippled boy.

Attended an inter club meeting at North Baltimore, furnishing the speaker and sent a delegate to Arlington. Had a nurnber of Kiwanis Education meetings, entertained the District and Lieutenant Governors and was host club to the District Convention.

President Martin T. Wiegand, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 197, Attendance 74%

Through underprivileged child work, the Crippled Children's Clinic, the Orthopedic Clinic, and the Occupation Therapy Clinic, 159 patients were taken care of. The total number of patients attending all clinics during the year was 401. The home visits during the year numbered 1,110. Included medicine, X ray pictures, braces, crutches, ultra violet treatments, and transportation to clinics and schools, amounted to $3,224. For the Anson Mills Foundation $3,417 was spent, for the District Chapter of the National Chapter for Infantile Paralysis $4,035, making a total of $10,698.91 expended through the agency of the club for underprivileged work, besides which special building alterations, costing $500, to the clinic at the Children's Hospital was paid for by the club.

During the year 100 boys at St. Joseph's Horne. 90 children at the Episcopal Homefor Children, 50 children at the Health School were entertained with games. At Christmas stockings filled with goodies for the children at the colored Health School, and a Christmas part ' v was given for the children at St. John's Epis¬copal Orphanage. A special committee ar¬ranged the annual Christmas party 171 gifts were provided Kiwams clinic chil¬dren, with refreshments for them, their friends, and families. Tickets were provided for the Shrine Circus and Gene AturvRodeo. Periodic visits were made to the Health School and educational films and transportation for both educational and pleasure trips were provided. The money spent on these projects during the year amounted to over $750.

Sent delegations to Arlirigton, Annapolis, Charlottesville, Baltimore, and Manassas, and received visitors from Arlington, Alexandria, Baltimore, Prince Georpes County, and Manassas. Host to a large inter club meeting at which 23 different clubs were represented on the occasion of the visit of the International president. Attended Mid Winter Conference, the International and District Conventions, and at the Training School for Club Officers. At the close of the year 7 members of the club were in the armed forces.

President Raymond F. Garrity, Secretary Edward D. Shaw
Membership Jan 1 - 204, Attendance 74%

Held its usual clinics for crippled children, furnishing hospitalization, braccs, shoes, etc. Gave a Christmas party for over 200 crippled children and smaller parties were given at St. Vincent's Orphanage, St. Josepli's Horne, and also for colored children.

Raised $4,997 for the Red Cross, and in one Drive sold $1,486,931 in Bonds. The club purchsed a $1,000 Bond. Collected 500 books for the Victory Book Carmpaign. In another drive the club sold $2,500,000 worth of Bonds. Furnished a room known as the Corpsman's Quarters for Naval personnel stationed at St. Elizabeth Hospital. Furnished a pool table, radio phonograph, davenports, cliairs, lamps, and so on.

Put on a program at Alexandria and other delegations visited Annapolis, Arlington, Baltimore, and Manassas. Entertained the District Governor, was represented at Mid Winter Conference, District Convention, and Training School for Club Officers. End of the year 10 members in the armed forces.

Division 01
(Volume 6)
President W. Hebert Gill, Secretary Claude H. Woodward
Membership Jan 1 - 220, Attendance 71%
LG Martin T. Wiegand

Division 01
President John G. Scharf, Secretary Claude H. Woodward
Membership Jan 1 - 223, Attendance 72%
Sponsor Bethesda Club
Governor Martin T. Wiegand

President William F. Nelson, Secretary James D. Edwards
Membership Jan 1 - 230, Attendance 73%

President Morris R. Palmer, Secretary James B. Edwards
Membership Jan 1 - 244, Attendance 74%

President Channing S. Walker, Secretary James B. Edward
Membership Jan 1 - 241, Attendance 78%

President A. Herman Wilson, Secretary James B. Edmonds
Membership Jan 1 - 244, Attendance 75%

President Harry L. Merrick, Secretary James B. Edmonds
Membership Jan 1 - 153, Attendance 78%

Division 01
(Volume 7)
President Leon Chatelain Jr, Secretary James B. Edmonds
Membership Jan 1 - 252, Attendance 77%
Sponsor Northeast Washington Club

Kiwanis Administration 54 members had 100% attendance. 57 inter-clubs to other clubs with 464 members attending, furnished 29 speakers and programs, and a total of 2,479 miles traveled one way. 129 interclubs from Kiwanis clubs, 475 Kiwanians visiting and a total of 68,948 miles were traveled one way. Held 18 socials. Inducted 16 new members and deleted 11, leaving a net gain of 2%. Built a new club in NorthEast Washington DC August 8, 1951. Held 174 committee meetings and wrote 9,200 lines in local and suburban press and national trade journals. Presented 8 radio and television shows.

Boys and Girls Work achievements: Took 40 St. John's Orphanage children to a farm; 25 Grant School children to a farm; 20 crippled children to a circus and movies;' refreshments were provided for 80 girls at the house of Good Shepherd; gave a St. Valentines party for 40 children at St. John's Orphanage; a St. Patrick's party was held for 70 crippled children at a DC Health School; a sight seeing tour for 35 crippled children at National Museum; graduation party for 27 colored crippled children at Anthony Bowen School; sight seeing tour and lunch for 21 orphans of U. S. Korean Soldiers; outing and sight seeing tour at Mount Vernon for 90 crippled children and 15 teachers; National Kids Day for 300 boys and girls; Halloween party for 101 children at St. Vincent's Home; Halloween party for 95 children at St. Joseph's Home and Orphanage and 4 Christmas parties at various homes.

Organized a Key club at Woodrow Wilson HS; sent a delegate to Miami Convention; a sight seeing tour, entertainment, overnight lodging and meals were furnished to 4 Montreal, Canada Key club members en route to Miami convention.

Division 01
President C. DeWitt Coffman, Secretary James B. Edmunds
Membership Jan 1 - 257, Attendance 75%
LG W. Hebert Gill

President E. K. Morris, Secretary James B. Edmunds
Membership Jan 1 - 260, Attendance 81%

Division 01
President C. Vernon Hill, Secretary James R. Edmunds
Membership Jan 1 - 263, Attendance 81%
LG Leon Chatelain Jr

President John J. Cost, Secretary James B. Edmunds
Membership Jan 1 - 279, Attendance 79%

Division 01
President ?, Secretary James B. Edmunds
LG C. Vernon Hill

President John M. Howard, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President F. Reid Wallace, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Dr. Marcus H. Burton, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Carey Winston, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President James E. Allen, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Charles E. Phillips, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Oscar I. Dodek, Secretary James B. Edmunds
Co Sponsor Capitol Hill Club

President Armiger L. Jagoe, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President William H. McGee, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Charles E. Pledger Jr, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Joseph H. Riley, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Robert L. Tull, Secretary James B. Edmunds

President Cecil B. Gillions, Secretary James B. Edmunds

1969 - 1970
President Dr. Henry B. Luffberry, Secretary James B. Edmunds

1970 - 1971
President Thaddeus A. Lindner, Secretary James B. Edmunds

1971 - 1972
President Gerald K. Cassidy, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1972 - 1973
President Thomas J. Owen, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1973 - 1974
President John P. Cissel, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1974 - 1975
President Raymond N. Baker, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1975 - 1976
President Leonard P. Stwuart II, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1976 - 1977
Division 01 East
President Harry L. Merrick Jr, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1977 - 1978
Division 01
President Vernon W. Holleman Jr, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1978 - 1979
President Richard C. Vierbuchen, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1979 - 1980
President Kenneth W. Parkinson, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1980 - 1981
President Douglas Van Der Linden, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1981 - 1982
President Thomas E. Boyce, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1982 - 1983
President Joseph C. Giuliani, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1983 - 1984
President James A. Parker, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1984 - 1985
President C. Jackson Ritchie Jr, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1985 - 1986
President Wayne E. Dorman, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1986 - 1987
President Stephen A. Trimble, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1987 - 1988
President William R. Tooker, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1988 - 1989
President Samuel R. Gillman, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1989 - 1990
President Clifford M. Kendall, Secretary Jackson N. Krill

1990 - 1991
President Gene E. McCoy, Secretary Jackson N. Krill
Admin Secretary Joan Junghans

1991 - 1992
President Gail H. Lear, Secretary Ondre Taylor

1992 - 1993
President Philip S. Anderson, Secretary Jackson N. Krill
Admin Secretary Joan Junghans
Membership Oct 1 - 197

1993 - 1994
President Thomas F. Smith, Secretary Robert W. Schneider
Membership Oct 1 - 176

1994 - 1995
President Elmon A. Miller Jr, Secretary Robert W. Schneider
Admin Secretary Joan Junghans
Membership Oct 1 - 152

1995 - 1996
President Conrad S. Reid, Secretary Robert W. Schneider
Membership Oct 1 - 140

1996 - 1997
President Virginia A. Cooper, Secretary Robert W. Schneider
Admin Secretary Karen Gilroy
Membership Oct 1 - 146

1997 - 1998
President Ward W. Griffith IV, Secretary Thomas H. Fellows
Admin Secretary Jo Stelzig
Membership Oct 1 - 155

1998 - 1999
President Newton Oliver Wood III, Secretary Hans Peter Deede
Admin Secretary Jo Stelzig
Membership Oct 1 - 155

1999 - 2000
President James S. Pope, Secretary Hans Peter Deede
Admin Secretary Jo Stelzig
Membership Oct 1 - 155

2000 - 2001
President Beanie Corey, Secretary Hans Peter Deede
Membership Oct 1 - 133

2001 - 2002
President David L. Low, Secretary ?
Membership Oct 1 - 116, Attendance 20%

Year End: 65 Projects completed, 805 Service Hours, $ 25400 Money Spent, 0 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President Elaine B. Trimble, Secretary Richard W. Poe
Membership Oct 1 - 111, Attendence 17%

Year End: 48 Projects completed, 1731 Service Hours, $ 30500 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
President Charles Fegan, Secretary Richard W. Poe
Membership Oct 1 - 106, Attendence 15%
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club

Year End: 59 Projects completed, 2076 Service Hours, $65 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2004 - 2005
President Richard Juergens, Secretary David Brown
Membership Oct 1 - 102, Attendence %
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club
Website Contest Award

Year End: 134 Projects completed, 4432 Service Hours, $21,416 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2005 - 2006
Potomac Region
President Andrea Alderdice, Secretary David Brown
Membership Oct 1 - 99, Attendence 13%
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club

Year End: 140 Projects completed, 1611 Service Hours, $73,765 Spent, 5 Interclubs

2006 - 2007
President H. Peter Deede, Secretary Jane Chapman
Membership Oct 1 - 101, Attendence 14%
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club

Year End: 11 Projects completed, 224 Service Hours, $135,000 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2007 - 2008
President David Cox, Secretary Jane Chapman
Membership Oct 1 - 96, Attendence 13%
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club

Year End: 19 Projects completed, 347 Service Hours, $109,000 Spent, 0Interclubs

2008 - 2009
President Kathleen Asdorian, Secretary David Brown
Membership Oct 1 - 98, Attendence 13%
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club

Year End: :22 Projects completed, 297 Service Hours, $230,300 Spent, 0 Interclubs

2009 - 2010
President Vernon Holleman, Secretary Mark Zaidan
Membership Oct 1 - 96, Attendence 12%
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club

Year End: 2 Projects, 115 Service Hours, $16,000 Spent, 0 Interclubs, $200 CD Foundation

2010 - 2011
President Harvey Jacobs, Secretary Mark Zaidan
Membership Oct 1 - 95
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club
District Chair Builders Club Mathew Mund
District Parliamentarian Brian Egger

Year End: 7 Projects, 502 Service Hours, $57405 Spent, 1 Interclubs, $190 CD Foundation

2011 - 2012
President Joseph C. Ressa, Secretary Gretchen Schroeder
Membership Oct 1 - 70
Meet TH 12 Noon The University Club
District Chair Builders Club Mathew Mund
District Parliamentarian Brian Egger

2012 - 2013
President Lucinda Crist, Secretary Gretchen Schroeder
Membership Oct 1 - 53
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd TH 6:00 PM at The University Club

2013 - 2014
New Division 01, New National Capital Region
President Brian Egger, Secretary Darren Page
Membership Oct 1 - 53
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd TH 6:00 PM at The University Club

Distinguished Club

2014 - 2015
President Serena Bell, Secretary Darren Page
Membership Oct 1 - 69
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd Thur 6:00 PM at The University Club

Distinguished Club Award

2015 - 2016
President April Gassler, Secretary Mitchelle Rosenfeld
Membership Oct 1 - 83
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd TH 6:00 PM at The University Club

2016 - 2017
President Matt Hodson, Secretary Mitchelle Rosenfeld
Membership Oct 1 - 81
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd TH 6:00 PM at The University Club

District Staff Risk Manager April Gassler

2017 - 2018
President Jessica Petro, Secretary Christina M. Frost
Membership Oct 1 - 73
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd TH 6:00 PM at The University Club

District Chair Builders Club Alicia Gassler
District Chair District Convention April Gassler
District Staff Risk Manager April Gassler

2018 - 2019
President Mark Farmer, SecretaryAnn-Gray Harlow
Membership Oct 1 - 78
Meet 1st TH 12 Noon; 3rd TH 6:00 PM at The University Club

District Chair Builders Club Alicia Gassler
District Staff Risk Manager April Gassler