Capital District Kiwanis History

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Organized July 16, 1928 Chartered August 17, 1928
Key #01780 48th District Club
Sponsor Seaford
Divisions 01, 11
Region DelMarVa
Population (1928) 795
Changed 2010 to Coastal Delaware

(Volume 3)
Division 01
President Owen K. Moore, Secretary Joseph F. McSweenee
Trustee Daniel G. Anderson
Membership July 16 - 35

The charter presentation was held on the evening of Friday, August 17, 1928, at the Henlopen Hotel. Besides a large delegation from the sponsoring club, there were delegations from Wilmington including LTG William A Staving, from the Central Detroit Club, which included its President, Frank Turner, and from Washington DC.

The Seaford delegation presented the new club with an American flag, the Detroit boys with a beautiful Kiwanis banner, and the Washington delegation brought with them the District Loving Cup. Later the Washington Club presented a standard for the American flag.

District Governor Robert W. Kime presented the charter. Among the other speakers were Hon. J. Hall Anderson, LG of Delaware; E. J. Winder of Seaford, Frank Turner of Detroit, LTG Staving, Harry G. Kimball of Washington, and Owen K. Moore, Joseph F. McSweeney and Daniel G. Anderson of Rehoboth Beach.

The club began its existence with 35 charter members.

On August 29, a large delegation went to Washington to return the loving cup and attend the Tenth Anniversary of the organization of the Capital District.

For the convenience of aerial travel a sign with 15 foot letters were painted a factory warehouse roof stating this was Rehoboth Beach Delaware. We co-operated with the Chamber of Commerce to place road signs from Claiborne Ferry to Rehoboth.

Our Kiwanis education started by holding a Ladies Night on September 14, at which time qualified speakers outlined the policies, ideals and ambition of Kiwanis. Among these speakers were Past Governor Merle E. Towner of Baltimore and Claude W. Owen of Washington. The attendance at this dinner meeting was nearly ninety.

We also started work for underprivileged children, undertaking one case soon after our organization and planning for funds for this work and a survey of the community.

Among our plans for public affairs was the sponsoring of the re-organization of the town band and co-operation with the school board in the erection of a fire escape on the school building. Fire Prevention Week was observed by an address by prominent fire insurance officials and the distribution of literature on fire prevention. Seaford Fire Company members were our guests.

We worked to get citizens to exercise the franchise. Posters and window cards were distributed, resulting in the highest registration our county has ever had.

In support of the commissioners who were on town sewerage disposal, we brought to our town a qualified engineer who delivered a public address on this subject.

We started a movement to obtain a community building. Committees from Kiwanis and other local organizations met with the city council. We feel assured of success. We helped the high school athletic fund by holding our dinner meetings at the school. Through our efforts a community Christmas tree was given the children.

The members of the Dairymen's Association of Sussex County were our guests at a meeting at which Dr. Walter Reeder was the speaker.

A lectures series was given on the farmer and the consumer. Two ball games were played with Seaford. A delegation attended the Richmond convention.

President Daniel G. Anderson, Secretary Joseph F. MacSweeney
Trustee Owen K. Moore

Our club was very active along a number of lines including public affairs, underprivileged child work, inter-club work and entertainment.

With the co-operation of the Lewes Chamber of Commerce, we busied ourselves to establish a ferry line between Lewes and Cape May, NJ. This called for the passage of legislation with appropriations for ferry slips, etc.

Both legislatures passed the bill but the Governor of New Jersey vetoed it. We still hope to secure this needed public improvement. Started a movement to secure the proper kind of resort publicity for Rehoboth Beach and Kiwanians subscribed their quota toward the fund for such advertising.

The public school building was in need of a fire escape. We took the matter up with the proper authorities and it was constructed during the year. We supported a movement for the construction of an addition to the high school to provide an assembly hall.

Through the efforts of Kiwanis, a delegation was sent to Washington to co-operate with delegates from Lewes and Milton to petition the U. S. Board of Engineers for funds for the proper maintenance of the Broadkiln Inlet to the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal and Broadkiln River.

We supported a movement to regulate fishing in Silver Lake. Through our efforts free delivery of mail was secured preliminary to which the streets were named and houses numbered. Continued work for the securing of an airport, action for which was started the previous year. Contributions for a Fourth of July celebration and three weeks of band concerts. Sponsored a high school football team with $400 to purchase equipment.

We petitioned the U. S. Government to continue the buoy light marking the jetty and canal entrance at the head of Rehoboth Bay. Contributed towards the mosquito fund and devoted a meeting to this subject. Supported the US Radio Compass Station at Rehoboth Beach.

With other organizations we arranged for a community Christmas tree. Assisted the PTA by attending a dinner. Promoted a publicity campaign for better business including a dinner for Rehoboth Beach and vicinity businessmen. Donated prizes for the winners of school orations.

Safety Week, proclaimed by Governor Buck, of Delaware, was observed by having State Senator L. S. Drexter, President of the Delaware Safety Council, deliver a lecture. We also co-operated with the council in distributing literature on the matter of "Saving a Life."

Distributed color literature depicting the advantages of Rehoboth Beach as a summer resort. Continued to support the Delaware Colony for Feble Minded, where 200 children are receiving care and treatment. Heard an address by superintendent Howard Ennis.

At Christmas time, we delivered to the Colony toys, candy, clothing, and sufficient money so that a small sum for each child could be placed in purses donated by Kiwanian "Uncle" Charlie Horn. Donated $30 for the purpose of providing Christmas for other children. Participated in community singing on Christmas eve.

Conducted the Underprivileged Child community survey and several children received treatment as a result. We secured a free clinic from the County Health Board.

We held a dairy industry night with many milk producers as our guests. A representative of Celitex Mfg. Co. gave a moving picture lecture. An address on Federal Farm loans was made by Howard Cook, prosecuting attorney.

A Ladies' Night on May 30 brought together for an enjoyable dinner and program 150 Kiwanians and their ladies from the peninsula and adjoining State.

An Inter-Club Meeting on August 15th was in celebration of our first anniversary. Delegations were present from Wilmington, Seaford and Washington, including Governor Kimball. A large delegation attended a Ladies' Night at Seaford.

(Volume 4)
President Joseph J. MacSweeney, Secretary Walter C. Strickland
Trustee Charles S. Horn, Sr.

Accomplished a ferry line from Lewes to Cape May, which would materially shorten the road for north and south traffic and bring tourists to our section.

To accomplish this, it was necessary to have legislation by the two states of Delaware and New Jersey, and an appropriation of $60,000 from each state for landing piers, etc. The bill had passed both legislatures but, although the Delaware Governor signed, the New Jersey Governor vetoed it. This year the New Jersey legislature again passed the bill and signed by the Governor. One of the means used to accomplish this was a dinner meeting held in Wilmington to which prominent businessmen of both states were invited and where additional impetus was given the proposition. The final success was due entirely to the persistent efforts of the Rehoboth Beach Kiwanis club. The club will continue its efforts until the ferry is in actual operation.

Purchased and installed road signs. Town shared expenses with the club.

The matter of sewage disposal received our attention and we arranged for Mr. R. C. Beckett, state sanitary engineer, to address a meeting and outline the assistance the state would give such a project.

Worked with the Town Board and arranged for a "Publicity Dinner and Business Men's Meeting”. There we discussed the publicity program and the means to finance it. A total of 31 businesses were represented and raised $825.

Distributed 1,000 tire covers, colored stickers, gave 10 weeks' radio broadcasting program, secured newspaper publicity, and had a demonstration by the Delaware Safety Department. Secured the services of Dr. Smith, of the State Board of Health, who outlined plans for the better prevention of disease.

Continued its cooperation with the Delaware Safety Council by having an open meeting on Safety, at which there were addresses and a demonstration. The Coast Guard gave a breeches buoy and overturned boat drill and other interesting features.

Sponsored a "Get Together Dinner" in honor of the retiring and incoming mayors and town officials. Members of opposing factions were thus brought together, resulting in better feeling and in the greater good of the community.

Realizing the need for improvement of the local fishing pier, took the matter up with the town authorities who compelled the owners to make the necessary repairs.

In the matter of the rehabilitation of the lakes and forests in Sussex County, we secured Mr. Herbert Wheeler, of the United States Forest Service, who gave an illustrated lecture on Forestry, showing many slides of our own state.

A committee was appointed to act in the matter of homeless cats left here by summer visitors. These cats had become a menace through their destruction of birds, rabbits.

A committee cooperated with the American Legion in organizing a troop of Boy Scouts. The club started a "Milk Fund" to supply under-privileged and under-nourished school children. Three large boxes of toys, candy, etc., were sent to the Stockley Colony for Feeble Minded Children for their Christmas celebration.

A delegation from Seaford visited us on several occasions.

On Railroad Night, we had two officials of the Pennsylvania Railroad as speakers.

We collaborated with the American Legion in planning for Memorial Day ceremonies.

A cash prize was given to the winner of the high school declamation contest and sent the winner to Seaford to participate in a county contest.

Held a meeting at Frankford in the interest to form a new Kiwanis club in four neighboring communities. A preliminary organization was formed, but owing to the business depression we have not been able to complete the club.

Entertained the senior high school class of the high school. Received a letter of congratulation from International for its fine work the past year.

Celebrated our second anniversary on August 16, with a Ladies Night. Visiting delegations were present from Washington, Wilmington, Baltimore, and Seaford. There was an interesting program which included songs by Helen W. Knowles, of Seaford, "a wandering minstrel" by William Roach, specialty dances and songs, and talks by Mayor Forest, of Wilmington; Mayor Poynter of Rehoboth; Past Governor Harry G. Kimball, and Eugene Woodson, of Washington. President MacSweeney read an interesting and comprehensive history of the accomplishments of the club.

Met with the Seaford club and Georgetown Rotary club.

The annual Inter-Club Field Day with service clubs presented from Lewes, Georgetown, Seaford, and Selbyville.

Mr. Edwin C. Totten secretary of the DEL-MA-VA Eastern Shore Association gave a talk on the progress on the peninsula during the last 5 years.

Officers-elect attended the club officer training of the Division held in Baltimore.

An invitation to install new officers of he Seaford club was accepted and a large delegation attended the exercises.

President Albert P. Croll, Secretary Dr. John S. Littell
Trustee Charles S. Horn, Sr.

Supplied milk for under-nourished school children throughout the year.

Initiated and carried to completion several improvement projects relating to safety of buildings, recreation grounds, cleaning up and publicity, and worked on the matter of an airplane landing field and better railroad and bus service.

We sponsored forest replanting and protection.

Educational lectures were given on such subjects as Insanity, Life Saving, and Treatment for Snake Bites.

Several dances were given to raise funds for our work. Road signs were placed in Delaware and Maryland. We aided in drafting and presenting to the Legislature bills for a new town charter, for health protection and for keeping open the Lewes and Rehoboth Beach Canal.

Inter-club meetings were held with Wilmington and Seaford. Our Fourth Anniversary was observed with delegations present from 7 other clubs. An agricultural field (lay was held for sports and to check up the results of experiments made with a new variety of specially treated corn seed which we had widely distributed in the neighborhood.

Officers attended an educational school in Wilmington.

President C. S. Horn, Secretary E. G. Emmert
Membership Jan 1 - 18, Attendance 56%
LG Joseph F. MacSweeney

In under-privileged child work the club joined the community welfare group in giving a merry Christmas to the poor boys and girls. It prepared and delivered a Christmas box to the Stockley Colony for the Feeble Minded and it presented especially designed shoes to a cripple boy.

Held a Boy Scout Night, took the Boy Scout basket ball team to play the Scouts at Seaford, and donated prizes for the Water Carnival.

Prepared a revision of the Fish and Game Bill to be presented to the Legislature. Sponsored the first link of the Ocean Boulevard, the Indian River Outlet and the state highways in general, held an Aviation Night, sponsoring a landing field; tried for a new school building, and put on a public health program and a fire fighting program.

Attended inter-club meetings with Havre de Grace and Seaford.

Celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary with LTG, All-Kiwanis Night and our 5th Anniversary.

President Philip 0. Downes, Secretary E. G. Emmert
Membership Jan 1 - 19, Attendance 60%

The club held one under-privileged child meeting, and sent Christmas gifts to the inmates of the Stockley Home for the Feeble Minded.

It entertained at a regular meeting the Rehoboth High School football team. Held a joint dinner with the Henlopen Grange at which fish and game laws were discussed.

The club continued working for a new school building and for an athletic field. It advocated the Sussex County Forest and Game Reserve, supported three Child Welfare Bills in the Legislature and assisted the Red Cross Life Saving Course. It succeeded in getting action on mosquito control and supported a bill for financial aid to hospitals.

Put on an Easter program and furnished a well lighted Christmas tree for the town.

Attended inter-club meetings at Seaford and Towson. An anniversary dinner was host to Washington, Baltimore and Seaford with the District Governor as guest speaker.

Held a Ladies Night in January and put on a series of five dances in June.

President James G. Moore, Secretary E. G. Emmert
Membership Jan 1 - 15, Attendance 60%

Club followed its annual custom of placing a Christmas tree on the Green. Entertained the Boy Scout troop at a regular luncheon.

Boosted the project of a pedestrian walk on the Highway Bridge and the Canal and worked for a new school building and a new sewage system for the town. It had one program devoted entirely to the School Situation, while other programs of especial interest were on Crime and Its Prevention and on the Breeding and Raising of Wild Birds.

Went to Seaford for its installation meeting. Host to Seaford and Wilmington.

Put on a series of dances during June for the benefit of our community work.

Held two 100% meetings. Sent delegates to the International and District Conventions. It celebrated its own anniversary twice, once in May as a Ladies Night, with the LTG as main speaker, and again in August as an inter-club meeting with Seaford, Baltimore, and Wilmington, with the District Governor as speaker.

President Fred A. Ross, Secretary Paul A. Croll. W. H. Burkhardt
Membership Jan 1 - 20, Attendance 64%

The club had a card party for the benefit of the Boys Band. Program on Scouting and gave a benefit dance to send the local Scout troop to camp. Put on a Street Carnival netting $500 for boys' work. Purchased a wagon and presents for welfare in the community. Purchased gifts and prepared boxes for the Shockley Colony for the Feeble Minded and the whole club visited the Colony and delivered the presents.

Held a joint meeting with the local Grange, and put on a suitable agriculture program.

Through efforts begun in 1929 a sewerage system was installed in the town. The efforts of the club to secure better postal service were successful. The club entertained the local police force at luncheon. Programs were given on Youth in America Today, The Crisis in Education, Tile National Legislative Program, Coast Artillery, Safety, Civic Cooperation, Agricultural Work in the Schools, Delaware Highway Activities and The Care of Abnormal Children.

Host to Seaford, visited Annapolis, Seaford and Elkton, and it attended the Charter Nights of Dover and Georgetown.

Held an anniversary Ladies Night and an inter-club with 7 clubs represented.

Represented at the Division Meeting and at the District Convention.

President E. G. Emmert. Secretary Jacob Bucliler
Membership Jan 1 - 18, Attendance 68%

The club furnished glasses for one boy and paid the music tuition for another for the whole year. It cooperated with other civic organizations for the more even distribution of Christmas baskets to needy families. It started a movement for collection of funds for Christmas decorations and a large community tree and it carried out its own usual Christmas entertainment at the Shockley Colony for the Feeble Minded.

The club arranged for a weekly social and recreation hour for high school students. Sponsored a play put on by the students for their own school needs. Took a group of high school boys to visit the Naval Academy and St. John's College and other points of interest at Annapolis. Approved the swimming campaign for boys and girls.

The members of the club gave individual conferences to boys and girls in regard to various vocations.

The club cooperated with the Delaware Safe Driving Campaign. It tried to have the PRR tracks removed from the main street of the town, tried to get bus service from Watapeke, attempted and succeeded in getting a foot walk on the bridge over the canal. It celebrated Art Week and it gave $25 to flood relief. It had programs on Civic and Municipal Affairs, City Manager Government, The Betterment of Rehoboth, The Advantages of a Landing Field, How Congress Functions, Brotherhood, Leadership, and Dope and Its Uses.

The club held four Ladies Nights, three of which were inter-club meetings at which a number of neighboring clubs were represented, and two of these were dinner (lances and the third included swimming, golf, and bridge in the afternoon. At one of these meetings the boys and girls from the high school were invited for the dancing. The club had two joint meetings with Rotary and it celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

The club entertained the District Governor and the LG, held four Kiwanis Education Meetings, and was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference and the International and District Conventions.

President David G. Melvin, Secretary Jacob Buehler
Membership Jan 1 - 20, Attendance 71%

The club undertook the case of a boy who needed dental work, a tonsil operation and glasses and got everything done for him. The members made special contributions for this work. The club took a number of youngsters to a circus. It put on its usual Christmas Party for over 400 children at the Stockley Colony.

Contributed $100 to the Delaware Scout Council. It secured from the town a lot on which the local troop will build a log cabin. The club had a program on Boys and Girls Work. It entertained at luncheon the Boy Scouts, the boys' basketball team, the girls' basketball team, and the graduating class of the high school, and presented an award for scholastic honor to the ranking pupil in the graduating class.

Asked the council to reopen the rest room and secured from it a contribution towards taking a census of the town. Due to work previously started and long continued the town government was changed to a town manager plan.

Had programs on The Work of the Board of Health, the Scout jamboree, Rehoboth School Situation, Preparedness and Military Training and Efficiency.

Sent delegations to Georgetown with the Log, to Baltimore, Seaford, and Elkton.

The club had two inter-club Ladies Nights with dancing, at one of which the International President was the guest of honor; a Ladies Night dance to which the high school students were invited, and a joint Ladies Night with the Art Club. The club also had a St. Patrick's Day party and a stag party.

The club had three Kiwanis Education Meetings, and the president trained his committee chairmen.

(Volume 5)
President H. 0. Noble, Secretary Jacob Buchler
Membership Jan 1 - 23, Attendance 76%

The club raised money for Under Previliged Child work and furnished quick aid in a number of cases, and gave Christmas parties to 450 children of the Stockley Colony, with candy and packages of clothing, and to the children of Rehoboth distributing candy and fruit.

The club had a Boy Scout program, and one on furnishing needful facilities for young people. It had a meeting with the PTA, entertained the Boys' and the Girls' basketball teams and presented favors in the shape of small basketballs.

It had two meetings with the Henlopin Grange.

Sponosered a movement to place a Coast Guard station on Indian River, made plans for an ocean highway from Ocean City to Rehoboth, carried to completion the establishment of a bus line from Matapeake Ferry to Rehoboth, and worked for suitable murals for the new post office building.

The club had several inter club Ladies' Nights and inter city Ladies' Night meetings with the American Legion, entertained Georgetown, Seaford, and Dover, and sent a bushel of Delaware apples to the Delaware Day meeting of the Hollywood, Florida club.

It had four Ladies' Night parties of its own, and had a joint meeting with Rotary.

Celebrated Kiwanis Anniversary and its own Charter Night, which was an inter club meeting with 13 other clubs represented, held three Kiwanis Education meetings, entertained the District Governor, LTG, and was represented at the Mid Winter Conference, the International Convention, and the District Convention,

President Clayton Nelson, Secretary Jacob Buehler
Membership Jan 1 - 22, Attendance 76%

The club undertook to furnish milk, food, fuel, and clothing to a widow and two children for at least a month until some arrangement for her care could be made. A Christmas Party was given for 450 underprivileged children at the Stokley Colony. The club sponsored a play to raise money for this activity.

The club celebrated Boy Scout Week with an appropriate program, and encouraged Scouting in this area. Entertained the boys' and girls' basketball teams at a luncheon.

The club met on two occasions with the Henlopen Grange. Both of these meetings were Ladies' Nights.

Donated $10 to the PTA, boosted the construction of a coastal highway from Rehoboth to Lewes, and it had the Sunday Blue Laws carefully explained.

Baltimore brought the plaque which was later carried to Reisterstown. Visited Seaford, Milford, Georgetown, Bridgeville, Dover, and Wilmington. Representatives went to Salisbury Charter Night.

The telephone girls and the ladies were guests at one of the regular meeting"

The LTG visited the Club, and the District Governor. Kiwanis Education meetings were held and Kiwanis Anniversary was celebrated. Represented at the Mid Winter Conference and the District Convention.

President Ralph D. Morgan, Secretary R. Carlton Moore
Membership Jan 1 - 18, Attendance 75%

A benefit dance was given to furnish funds for community work. Furnished shingles for one house, gave cod liver oil to a few school children, donated factory size first aid kit to the school, gave a Christmas Party for 450 children at the Delaware Colony with candy and oranges to each inmate, distributed baskets of grocies, nuts, and toys to a few needy families at Christmas, and spent $50 for candy and oranges for the Stokley Colony.

Entertained the basketball team at a dinner and gave a trophy to the Outstanding high school graduate.

Visited Salisbury, Bridgeville, Dover, Georgetown, Milford. Seaford, Wilmington, Baltimore, Ocean City, Richmond, Charlottesville, Savannah, and Harrisburg. During the year the club had visitors from every club in the Seventh Division as well as from many clubs in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Inter club meetings held by this club included installation of officers and Ladies' Night, Kiwanis Anniversary, Inter Club Ladies' Night held at Corners, and the Charter Night Ladies' Night field at the Indian Beach club.

This club had a total of eight 100% meetings during the year. It celebrated Kiwanis Aiinik7ersar.V I field several Kiwanis Education meetings, entertained the LTG and the District Governor and represented at the Mid Winter Conference and the District Convention.

President Morgan T. Ginn, Secretary Myron Xlezick, William F. Henning.
Membership Jan 1 - 21, Attendance 88%

The club gave a Benefit Dance to raise money for its community work. It gave cod liver oil to undernourished school children, Christmas baskets to Party for 500 children in Stokley Colony. It had a program on Scouting, sponsored the Boy Scouts, and gave $100 towards the support of the Scout area. It entertained at luncheon the Boy and Girl Scouts and also at another time the Boys and Girls High School basketball teams.

Members of the club visited at various times the following clubs: Lynchburg, Milford, Wilmington, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Georgetown, and Seaford. Two hundred Kiwanians and wives from 14 clubs in four states were gathered at the Charter Night Anniversary meeting.

A successful Ladies Night was held, and the club was visited by the District Governor, and was represented at the MidWinter Conference, the District Convention, and the Training School for Club Officers, and on December 31, there was one member in the military service.

President R. Carlton Moore, Secretary, G. Willard Neighbors
Membership Jan 1 - 28, Attendance 83%

The club took care of cases of malnutrition, dental, and diet troubles for such underprivileged children as were called to its attention by the school authorities. The club joined with other organizations in general Christmas giving to underprivileged families, but the big activity of the club is its Christmas Party to the 452 children in the Delaware Colony.

The club sponsored Scouting, financially and otherwise, and entertained the troop at a luncheon. Following its annual custom, the club had the Boys and Girls basketball teams as guests at one luncheon.

A successful Farmers' Day was held at which the subject of the program was The Farmer's Place in Defense Work.

Delegations visited Milford, Seaford, Wilimington, Charlottesville, and Baltimore, and the club was host to Milford.

At the time of installation of officers, the meeting was a Ladies' Night Banquet followed by a dance.

The club had programs on Kiwanis Education, was represented at the Mid Winter Conference, the International and the District Conventions, and the Training School for Club Officers. At the close of the year there were two members in military service.

President WilliamS. McQuay, Secretary John A. McManus
Membership: Jan 1 - 26, Attendance 76%

The club agreed to furnish lunches for undernourished children when requested by the school authorities. It gave its usual Christmas Party to the 500 children of the Delaware Colony.

A program was givcii on Boy Scout work; a new Scoutmaster was appointed and the funds of the troop turned over to him.

The club celebrated Thanksgiving, and sponsored a show put on by the soldiers from Fort Miles. The proceeds from this show were added to the underprivileged child fund. A Service Flag was presented to tile City of Rehoboth Beach, and the club sponsored the Bond drives in this vicinity.

The club visited Milford twice, and was host to that club once.

A Christmas Party and an Installation Party were combined with Ladies' Nights with great success, and a joint meeting with Rotary was held.

Entertained the LTG, and the club was represented at the International and the District Conventions and the Training School for Club Officers. At the close of the year there were 4 members of the club in military service.

(Volume 6)
President William F. Henning, Secretary Scott Gebhartsbower
Membership Jan 1 - 27, Attendance 83%

President Eugene T. Haden, Secretary R. Carlton Moore
MEmbership Jan 1 - 31, Attendance 89%

President Edgar S. Stayer, Secretary David W. BAker
MEmbership Jan 1 - 34, Attendance 93%
LG R. Calton Moore

President James Travis, Secretary Branch C. Morris
Membership Jan 1 - 41, Attendance 87%

President Charlie M. Rogers, Secretary Ralph R. Messick
Membership Jan 1 - 54, Attendance 85%

President John A. McManus, Secretary N. Ashley Jenkins
Membership Jan 1 - 50, Attendance 88%

President James T. Lynch, Secretary N. Ashley Jenkins
Membership Jan 1 - 46, Attendance 95%

President Joseph A. Vansant, Secretary Eugene P. Russell
Membership Jan 1 - 38, Attendance 90%

Division 11
President N. A. Jenkins, Secretary Eugene P. Russell
Membership Jan 1 - 33, Attendance 91%

Division 11
President Branche C. Morris, Secretary J. Joward Link
Membership Jan 1 - 40, Attendance 91%
LG James T. Lynch

President Dr. Harry G. Ricker Jr, Secreaty James T. Lynch
Membership Jan 1 - 47, Attendance 87%

President Eugene P. Russell, Secretary Daniel G. Anderson Jr
Membership Jan 1 - 47, Attendance 88%

President ?

President Daniel G. Anderson Jr, Secretary James T. Lynch

President John LeCato, Secretary Norman Weimann

President Norman H. Weimann, Secretary Emil Pavlik

President Ralph B. Pierson, Secretary John M. LeCato

President Gen. William A. McWilliams, Secretary James T. Lynch

President A. Eugene Beailey, Secretary John M. LeAato

(From Capital Bulletin, Jan 1962) Rehoboth Beach held its annual Christmas party at teh Hospital for Mentally Retared, with over 600 boxes of candy, oranges and apples being distributed.

President Nathan M. Ragan, Secretary John M. LcCato

President William F. Ward, Secretary James S. Dobb

President John N. Link, Secretary John M. LeCato

Division 11
President William Roy Simpler, Secretary William J. Ireland Jr
LG John N. Lick

President Richard W. Hackett, Secreatary William Ireland Jr

President Jackson r. Dunlap, Secretary Dr. John N. Link

President Raymond E. Wilson, Secretary Patrick L. Caranfa

1969 - 1970
Division 11
President Lester F. Johnson, Secretary Patrick L. Caranfa
LG Richard V. Hackett

1970 - 1971
President Page Melson, Secretary John N. Link

1971 - 1972
President Paul H. Willborn, Secretary Bayard V. Coulter

1972 - 1973
President Patrick H. Yeoman, Secretary Paul H. Welborn

1973 - 1974
Division 11
President John L. Brown, Secretary Paul H. Wellborn
LG Raymond E. Wilson Jr

1974 - 1975
President Col. Reed A. Booth, Secretary Paul H. Wellborn

1975 - 1976
President Philip Mancini Secretary James P. West

1976 - 1977
President Walter S. Kay, Secretary Paul H. Wellborn

1977 - 1978
Division 11
President William E. Greiner, Secretary Robert E. Grigsby
LG Paul H. Willborn

1978 - 1979
President William H. Cunningham, Secretary Robert E. Grigsby

1979 - 1980
Division 11
President Benjamin F. Shaw, Secretary Robert E. Grigsby
LG Reed A. Booth

1980 - 1981
President William D. Gurthrie, Secretary Robert E. Grigsby

1981 - 1982
President Henry J. Winkler, Secretary Granville Custer Jr

1982 - 1983
Division 11
President Raymond N. Renaud, Secretary Granville Custer Jr
LG William D. Guthrie

1983 - 1984
President Gerald E. Jessup, Secretary Gregory McDermott

1984 - 1985
President Kenneth P. Dutton, Secretary Joseph B. Murdock

1985 - 1986
Division 11
President Charles E. Crompton, Secretary Joseph B. Murdock
LG Raymond N. Renaud

1986 - 1987
President Joseph H. Scott, Secretary Charles W. Briner

1987 - 1988
President Alexander Svirchev, Secretary Warren H. Mac Donald

1988 - 1989
President James G. Horn, Secretary Charles W. Briner

1989 - 1990
President Joseph G. Zieber, Secretary Charles W. Briner

1990 - 1991
President John F. Eliason, Secretary Lawrence B. Pelesh

1991 - 1992
President Glenn H. Chase Jr, Secretary Lawrence B. Pelesh

1992 - 1993
President Arthur E. Pressl, Secretary Lawrence B. Pelesh
Membership Oct 1 - 88

1993 - 1994
President Lawrence B. Pelesh, Secretary Geroge W. Vest
Membership Oct 1 - 76

1994 - 1995
President Louis J. Mazzine, Secretary Herbert R. Hands
Membership Oct 1 - 78

1995 - 1996
President James E. Rasa, Secretary Gerarld J. Spellman
Membership Oct 1 - 80

1996 - 1997
President James R. Kinsella, Secretary Gerarld J. Spellman
Membership Oct 1 - 81

1997 - 1998
Division 11
President William R. Gibson, Secretary Gerard J. Spellman
Membership Oct 1 - 77
LG James E. Rasa

1998 - 1999
President Cheryl L. Baldwin, Secretary Gerard J. Spellman
Membership Oct 1 - 67

1999 - 2000
President F. Rogers Jones, Secretary Gerard J. Spellman
Membership Oct 1 - 43

2000 - 2001
President Bruce A. Richards, Secretary James E. Rasa
Membership Oct 1 - 42

2001 - 2002
President Bruce A. Richards, Secretary James E. Rasa
Memberhip Oct 1 - 39, Attendance 55%

Year End: 55 Projects Completed, 335 Service Hours, $4,430 Spent, 3 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President William O'connor, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 35, Attendance 39%

Year End: 60 Projects Completed, 432 Service Hours, $7,364 Spent, 2 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
President William O' Connor, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 30, Attendance 50%
Meet (1st, 3rd) Thursday 12 Noon Lampost Inn Restaurant

Year End: 68 Projects Completed, 628 Service Hours, $14,036 Spent, 1 Interclubs

2004 - 2005
President Warren MacDonald, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 21, Attendance 61%
Meet (1st, 3rd) Tuesday 6:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Contributed $500 to Tsunami Relief Effort.

Year End: 72 Projects Completed, 690 Service Hours, $28,605 Spent, 6 Interclubs

2005 - 2006
Division 11
DelMarVa Region
President George Blacklock, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 21, Attendance 72%
Meet (1st, 3rd) Tuesday 6:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Year End: 115 Projects Completed, 866 Service Hours, $18.229 Spent, 7 Interclubs

2006 - 2007
President George Blacklock, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 23, Attendance 67%
Meet (1st, 3rd) Wednesday 6:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Year End: 84 Projects Completed, 749 Service Hours, $24,741 Spent, 8 Interclubs

2007 - 2008
President Rosemary L. Cummings, Secretary Linda Buckley
Membership Oct 1 - 24, Attendance 88%
Meet (1st, 2nd Wed, 3rd Thur 12:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club
District Web Master Rosemary Cummings

Year End: 227 Projects Completed, 1360 Service Hours, $28,015 Spent, 15 Interclubs

2008 - 2009
President Rosemary L. Cummings, Secretary Linda Buckley
Membership Oct 1 - 29, Attendance 82%
Meet (1st, 2nd Wed, 3rd Thur 12:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club

Year End: 212 Projects Completed, 1062 Service Hours, $12,973 Spent,19 Interclubs

2009 - 2010
Division 11
President Kenneth Drerup, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 30, Attendance 25%
Meet (1st, 2nd Wed, 3rd Thur 12:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club
LG Rossmary Cummings

Year End: 21 Projects Completed, 182 Service Hours, $2,931 Spent, 24 Interclubs, $1150 CD Foundation

2010 - 2011
President James Kunkle, Secretary Rosemary L. Cummings
Membership Oct 1 - 25
Meet (1st, 2nd Wed, 3rd Thur 12:00 PM Rehoboth Beach Country Club
Changed name to Coastal Delaware

Year End: 18 Projects Completed, 278 Service Hours, $133 Spent, 25 Interclubs, $250 CD Foundation