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Organized April 5 1940 Chartered May 22 1940
Key #02362 68th District Club
Sponsor Radford
Division 03
Charter Revoked 1986

Division 03
(Volume 5)
President James H. Gollihon, Secretary J. B. Muncy
Membership May 1 - 25 Attendance 57%

The club had its Charter presented by the LTG on May 22.

Had programs on underprivileged child and Boy Scout work. Had a meeting at the Scout camp and later entertained the troop at a regular meeting.

Attended an inter-club meeting at Narrows. Was host to Clintwood when it brought the Plaque, and had a report on International Convention by the LTG.

Entertained the District Governor, LTG, and was represented at the District Convention.

President E. T. Mallory, Secretary Frank L. Dunn
Membership Jan 1 - 25 Attendance 60%

Had a Program on Scouting, entertained the troop at luncheon. Bought baseball uniforms and presented Merit Badges to the Scouts.

Raised $129.50 from a Minstrel Show for the Community House and kept at work until the house was finished in time to hold a dance in it before the end of the year. Made plans to get a physician to settle in the county. Had programs on the TVA Weakness in Our Democracy, The German Attempt to Invade England, Shall America Feed the Small Democracies in Europe, The European Situation Home Gardens, Our Forests, the Red Cross, Our Part in Defense, and Development of Ores in the County.

Sent delegations to Bluefield, and was host to Bluefield at a picnic.

Entertained the LTG and was represented at the training school for club officers.

President B. M. Wright, Secretary Frank L. Dunn
Membership Jan 1 - 22 Attendance 61%

Sponsored a Scout troop, aided the troop in the collection of waste paper, and entertained the Scouts at one luncheon, and had programs by high school students.

The club entertained the Principals of all the high schools in the county in an effort to obtain better co-operation in the count\It made plans for increasing the output of manganese in the county, dedicated the Community House, celebrated Washington's birthday, and entertained 27 young men leaving for the Army. It had programs on The CC Camps, Victory Gardens, Germans As I Knew Them, Poultry, Socrates, Game in Virginia, Forty Years in the Army and Latin America.

Attended meetings at Narrows and at Bluefield, and entertained both of these clubs,

Had a joint picnic with the Wytheville Rotary club and joint meetings with the American Legion, the Chamber of Commerce of Bluefield, and with the PTA.

Was represented at the International Convention.

President George A. Allen, Secretary Frank L. Dunn
Membership Jan 1 - 21 Attendance 59%

Reports of the activities of this club are very meager.

Worked with the March of Dimes. Aided the USO drive and entertained the workers in the Red Cross campaign. Programs were: Victory Gardens, War and the Labor Situation, Cancer Control, The Value of Good Seed, The Constituents of a Durable Peace, The New Tax Law, Dehydration of Food, Food for Freedom, and The Needs of Virginia School. A number of meetings were round-table discussions on various phases of the War Effort.

Visited by the LTG and once by International Trustee Huffard.

Four members were in the military at the end of the year.

(Volume 6)
President Robert J. Reynolds, Secretary E.E. Shannon
Membership Jan 1 - 30 Attendance 63%

The club sponsored the Boy Scout Troop (one member met with the Troop regularly), and furnished transportation to the Courts of Honor held at Bluefield; entertained the Scout Troop and the 4-H club twice each, and had one program put on by each; had tonsils removed from three children; aided in the erection of an Honor Roll containing the names of local men and women in the armed forces; devoted several meetings to the discussion of the problems of war and peace; and several others to local farm problems; put on a pageant raising $266 which was sufficient to complete and pay all indebtedness on the Community House.

President Gilbert L. Repass, Secretary Bert M. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 34 Attendance 69%

The club sponsored Boy Scout work in the county; sent a boy to an oculist i'n Bluefiield; organized outings and enter¬tainment for the young people; entertained farmers and procured agricultural experts to hold meeting in the county; aided in hy¬brid seed corn demonstrations; worked with the 4-H clubs; took leadership in getting a physician to locate in the com¬munity; made plans for and got the prelim¬inary work done towards erecting a War Memorial Hospital in the county; sponsored the building of homes; entertained service men and returning veterans; sponsored drives for the Red Cross, National Relief, T. B., and all War Loans; and assisted all worthy community projects.

President J. R. Stafford, Secretary T. D. Hubble
Membership Jan 1 - 40

The club supported the polio drive; en¬tertained the public school teachers; had a Boy Scout Troop as guests of the club at one luncheon; aided plans for the hos¬pital; worked for the attainment of a fire engine for the county; cooperated with the Wytheville Chamber of Commerce; had a committee meet with the commission of public relations in Wytheville; and had a discussion on the road meeting in the county.

President Frank L. Dunn, Secretary Gilbert L. Repass
Membership Jan 1 - 39 Attendance 55%

The club was very inactive during this year although it had programs on such important matters as State Police Work, The Farm Outlook, The International Situation, Control of Fire on the Farm, Displaced Persons in Europe, Artificial Breeding, and Citizenship.

President Carl W. Scott, Secretary Gilbert L. Repass
Membership Jan 1 - 29 Attendance 87%

The club sponsored and paid the expenses of boys to Boy State at Blacksburg; reorganized Boy Scout Work; sponsored the Red Cross, Polio, and Cancer drives in the community; put on three meetings for the general public on Soil Conservation and Better Farming Methods and two meetings on Rural Electrification; raised money and procured contracts for street lights in the town of Bland; entertained a Boy Scout Troop at dinner and awarded merit badges.

President D. Woodrow Byrd, Secretary Thomas E. Mallory
Membership Jan 1 - 34 Attendance 75%

The club sponsored a Boys Event Night with 32 Boy Scouts from the Bland and Ceres Troops; gave the Scouts from these troops $4 for assisting in selling tickets to the Magician Program sponsored by the Finance Committee; gave to the Bland, Ceres, and Rocky Gap Boy Scouts Troops $10 each; held a 4-H Club night with 13 4-H Club members guests of the club (these 13 took part in putting on the program dealing with 4-H Club history and county 4-H Club activity; put on a peculiar activity in which one member of the club loaned $3 to each of the other members of the club to invest for the benefit of the club, some invested in livestock, some in merchandise and others pooled theirs and put on entertainment, seven months later the results of this investment amounted to $200 for the club's treasury making it possible for the club to make several worthy donations; sponsored a committee of 15 citizens of various parts of the county to study school conditions in the county. This committee has accomplished much in informing the community of schools needs in the county, and was entertained by the Kiwanis Club during three meetings in December.

President James B. Muncy, Secretary Thomas E. Mallory
Membership Jan 1 - 38 Attendance 71%

The club sponsored the March of Dimes, a basketball game and dance, raising a little over $1,100; sponsored a county com¬munity improvement contest giving prizes amounting to $50 to the winners; donated $200 for the upkeep of the community building, a meeting place for the Kiwanis club, for young people and public meetings; set up a committee to start a drive for county health unit and sent a large delegation to Bland County board of supervisors and succeeded in having the necessary money appropriated to start the unit; sent a boy to Boy State.

(Volume 7)
President Allen T. Newberry Jr, Secretary Robert P. Reynolds
Membership Jan 1 Attendance 75%

The club entertained the winners in the 100 bushel corn contest at a regular luncheon; sent a boy to Boys State; gave a card party netting $42.25, and a Donkey Baseball Game netting $174 for underprivileged child work; and a play netting $178 for the same fund; donated $20 to the Polio fund, $5 to the Childrens Home Society, and $25 to the Cancer Drive; gave prizes in the Community Improvement Contest; made plans for and raised enough money to have street lights installed in the town; joined the Bluefield club in sponsoring the Southern Appalachian Horse Show; entertained 12 4-H Club members at luncheon; held a farmers night with farmers as guests of the club; worked for bringing a conservation program into the community; and attended church in a body on one occasion.

President Brown Hubble, Secretary Robert J. Reynolds
Membership Jan 1 - 33 Attendance 68%

President C. B. Atwell, SecretaryR. D. Davis
Membership Jan 1 - 32 Attendance 67%

PresidentClaude S. Stowers, Secretary R. Dow Davis
Membership Jan 1 - 32 Attendance 68%

PresidentR. Dow Davis, Secretary Raymond M. Muney
Membership Jan 1 - 32 Attendance 66%

President ?, Secretary ?

President Ralph R. Reynolds, Secretary R. D. Davis

President Charles M. Dunn, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President John P. Newberry, Secretary R. Dow Davis

Division 03
President James T. Dunn Jr, Secretary R. Dow Davis
LG Charles M. Dunn

President Fred B. Tate Sr, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Walter B. Gordon, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President George R. Brown, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Percy S. Curry, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Robert G. Newberry, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Edd Bailey, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Robert S. Hylton, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Harry D. Shupe, Secretary R. Dow Davis

President Jack S. Dunn, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1969 - 1970
President Thomas E. Mallory, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1970 - 1971
President Allen T. Newberry Jr, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1971 - 1972
President Claude S. Stowers, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1972 - 1973
President Walter B. Gordon, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1973 - 1974
President Melvin Cox, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1974 - 1975
President Monti Jennings, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1975 - 1976
President Douglas Cassell, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1976 - 1977
President R. Dow Davis, SecretaryJoseph Chase

1977 - 1978
President Dale Johnson, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1978 - 1979
President Robert S. Hylton, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1979 - 1980
President Carl R. Wright Bland, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1980 - 1981
President Charles H. Kopeland, Secretary Hugh F. Stephens

1981 - 1982
President Gilmer Updyke, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1982 - 1983
President Robert S. Hilton, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1983 - 1984
President A.G. Updyke, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1984 - 1985
President A. G. Updyke, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1985 - 1986
President Carl R. Wright, Secretary R. Dow Davis

1986 - 1987
President A. G. Updyke, Secretary R. Dow Davis
Charter Revoked