Capital District Kiwanis History

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Volume 5
January 1, 1938 to December 31, 1943
Henry A. Converse, Historian

In order to logically connect the record of previous issues of the Capital District History, we quote the Preface from Volume 3 published in 1930, and Volume 4 published in 1938.


At the Annual Capital Kiwanis District Convention in Washington, DC on October 13 and 14, 1922, the position of District Historian was created. Harry G. Kimball, who had been District Secretary and had just refused re-election to that office, was elected Historian, a position he has held ever since.

Published in 1924, Volume I of the History of the Capital Kiwanis District and its constituent clubs covered 1917 through 1923. Major events during this time when the Washington club was organized (Feb. 1917), when the District was organized by Washington and Baltimore (August 29, 1928), to the end of 1923.

This was the first Kiwanis history of any kind to be published, but was followed by histories of New Jersey and California, while later a committee was appointed to prepare a history of International. That committee, however, has not as yet presented such a work.

Volume II of the Capital District History covers the years 1924-1926.

Volume III of the Capital District History covers the years 1927-1929.

While the history of some of the clubs is not as complete as the activities of those clubs might warrant. The clubs have not supplied the data.

The work of the historian for the past eight years has been a labor of love for Kiwanis and our District, but it has compensated him by a knowledge of Kiwanis activities and Kiwanians which could have been obtained in no other way.

HARRY G. KIMBALL, Historian.


After the publication of Volume 3 that contained the history of the clubs 1927 - 1929, Harry G. Kimball continued to collect history data for 1930 and 1931, and in January 1932, he gave the copy for these years to the District Secretary in hopes that another volume could be then published. The condition of the Capital District treasury precluded such a possibility at that time and nothing was done in regard to continuing the history of the District until January, 1934. Henry A. Converse was elected District Historian in the hope that at some future time sufficient funds would be available for publication. By laying aside a certain sum each year for that purpose the District is now able to publish this history from 1930 to 1937, inclusive, but in order to do this it has been necessary to condense somewhat the reports of the activities of the clubs, and your historian has attempted to do this partly by leaving out headings and partly by arranging the activities of the clubs in the following order, and separating them as nearly as possible merely by paragraphing in this order:

1. Under-privileged Child
2. Boys and Girls Work
3. Citizenship
4. Rural and Urban Relations
5. Vocational Guidance
6. Public Affairs
7. Inter-Club Relations
8. Social Activities
9. Relation to the District and International

Your historian has felt that a history of Kiwanis should be the history of the club activities rather than the achievement of individuals. Therefore, in most instances the officers are referred to not by name but as the Governor, the LTG, the President, etc. The preparation of this history has given the writer a wide and comprehensive view of the activities of the clubs in the Capital District, and he presents this history to the District in the hope that it will encourage the clubs to widen the scope of their activities and aid them in carrying out the objects and objectives of Kiwanis International.



In presenting Volume V of the History of the Capital District your Historian has followed much the same plan as outlined in the preface to Volume IV. Since the Capital District has now completed a quarter of a century of service to the communities comprised within its limits as well as furnishing a part of the personnel in the further development of the International organization, thereby serving the world as well as its own locality, it seems pertinent to attempt to give a picture of the activities of the District over a quarter of a century.

These facts are presented in the hope that the accomplishments of our predecessors may spur us on to greater effort in the future.



Since the activities of the Capital District are the activities of the individual clubs, the history of the District itself has been written rather in statistical form.

It is understood in connection with each year's District Convention that besides the reports of the club activities, the business meetings of the Trustees and the inspirational addresses on Kiwanis objectives, there is always furnished ample entertainment for the ladies and in most instances one afternoon is given over to a golf tournament for those who desire to play golf, and a sight-seeing tour for those who wish it. The last night of the Convention is always given over to the Governor's banquet and ball, which in every instance has been a delightful entertainment.

Clubs 56; Members 3,252
International President F. Trafford Taylor
District Governor Irving Diener, Alexandria, VA
Secretary-Treasurer: Asa W. Howard (died July 7)
replaced by Frank B. Walters Roanoke, VA

Div 1, Andrew Bell, Winchester
Div 2, W. Carey Wheatley, Lynchburg
Div 3, Ralph R. Repass, Marion

Div 4, John H. Frischkorn, Jr., Richmond
Div 5, Albie Barksdale, Charlottesville
Div 6, Miles S. Reifsnyder, Westminster

Mid-Winter Conference - January 10, Hagerstown, MD with 136 present.
International Convention - San Francisco, CA, June 26-30, Capital District 84 present.
District Convention - Roanoke, Va., October 20-22, with 863 present.
International was represented by International Trustee Frank Finley.

Attendance Contest winners
Gold Division, Roanoke.
Silver Division, Petersburg.
Blue Division, Towson.
White Division, Lexington.

Achievement Contest winners
Gold Division, Wilmington.
Silver Division, Salem.
Blue Division, Towson.
White Division, Radford.

New clubs at Narrows, Virginia, and Milford, Delaware was organized.

District Governor-elect training for Lieutenant-Governor at Winchester, VA.

LTGs Training for Club Officers:
Div 1, Alexandria, VA
Div 2, Danville,VA

Div 3, Marion, VA
Div 4, Newport News, VA
Div 5, Staunton, VA
Div 6, Elkton, MD

Clubs 59; Members 3,403
International President, H. G. Hatfield
District Governor Miles S. Reifsnyder, Westminster, MD
Immediate Past Governor, Irving Diener, Alexandria, VA
District Secretary-Treasurer, Frank B. Walters, Roanoke, VA

Div 1 Lyman M. Kelley Arlington
Div 2 Lynwood H. Wilson Crewe
Div 3 W. Southall Jordan Radford
Div 4 George E. Parker Portsmouth
Div 5 Humes J. Franklin Waynesboro
Div 6 Harry B. King Dover

Mid-Winter Conference - Baltimore, MD January 19 with 104 present.
International Convention - Boston, MA June 18-22, present 240 from Capital District.
District Convention - Baltimore, MD October 12-14, with 750 present.

International was represented by the newly-elected International President, Bennett 0. Knudsen and International Trustee Fred Barnes. Past International Presidents Joshua Johns and Harry Karr present.

The attendance winners
Gold Division, Roanoke 77.35%
Silver Division, Towson 95.98%
Blue Division, Seaford 95.56%
White Division, Annapolis 88.11%

Achievement Report Contest
Gold Division-Baltimore.
Silver Division-Towson.
Blue Division, Westminster.
White Division-Radford.

At the Baltimore convention the District bylaws were amended, Division 6 split putting all Delaware clubs together with Elkton and Salisbury in the new Division 7.

District Governor-elect held training for District Officers in Fredericksburg, VA.

LTGs Training for club officers:
Div 1, Alexandria, Va., December 21
Div 2, Danville, Va., December 13
Div 3, Marion, Va., December 5

Div 4, Petersburg, Va., December 4
Div 5, Staunton, Va., December 5
Div 6, Westminster, Md., December 5
Div 7, Dover, Del., December 5

New clubs Bridgeville, Taneytown and Salisbury.

Clubs 62; Members 3,586
International President, Bennett Knudsen
District Governor, David Nelson Sutton West Point, VA
Immediate Past Governor, Miles S. Reifsnyder Westminster, MD
District Secretary-Treasurer, Frank B. Walters Roanoke, VA

Div 1
Arthur C. Stickley Arlington
Div 2 E. A. (Mike) Sale Martinsville
Div 3 Charles R. Adair Narrows
Div 4 Ward W. Anderson Newport News VA
Div 5 C. Franklin Williamson Staunton VA
Div 6 Waitman F. Zinn Baltimore City, MD
Div 7 C. Russell Snyder Seaford, DE

Mid-Winter Conference - Charlottesville, VA January 16, with 126 present.
International Convention - Minneapolis, MI June 16-20, with 92 present Capital District.
District convention - Richmond October 10-12, with 929 present.
International was represented by International Trustee Ben Dean.

Attendance Contest winners
Gold Division, Roanoke 77.14%
Silver Division, Petersburg 95.05%
Blue Division, Towson 95.67%
White Division, Annapolis 92.72%

Achievement Contest winners
Gold Division Baltimore, MD
Silver Division Harrisonburg, VA
Blue Division Dover, DE
White Division Annapolis, MD

New clubs during the year
Ellicott City, MD, Bland County, VA, and Halethorpe, MD

The District Governor-elect held training for District Officers at Arlington, VA

LTGs Training for Club Officers:
Div 1 Washington, December 5
Div 2 Lynchburg, December 3
Div 3 Bluefield, W. Va., December 2
Div 4 Portsmouth, Va., December 4
Div 5 Lexington, Va., December 5
Div 6 Pikesville, Md., December 5
Div 7 (No information available)

International Secretary Fred C. W. Parker retired and George W. Kimball, a cousin of Past Governor Kimball was made acting Secretary.

Clubs 62; Members 3,634
International President Mark A. Smith
District Governor Harry B. King, Dover, DE
Immediate Past Governor David Nelson Sutton, West Point, VA
District Secretary-Treasurer Frank B. Walter, Roanoke, VA

Div 1 Harold W. Smith Cumberland
Div 2 George R. Norris Danville
Div 3 D. Price Hylton Roanoke
Div 4 W. Melville Brown Richmond
Div 5 James E. Steger Covington
Div 6 Osborne P. Beall Stephenson
Div 7 J. Francis Blaine Wilmington

District convention - Washington, October 9-11 with 825 present
with International Trustee James P. Gallagher.

Attendance C-test winners
Gold Division Roanoke 77.01%
Silver Division Charlottesville 94.67%
Blue Division, Hampton 96.72%
White Division Ellicott City. 93-96%

Achievement Contest winners
Gold Division Baltimore, MD.
Silver Division Charlottesville, VA
Blue Division Towson, MD
White Division Annapolis, MD

District Governor-elect held training for District Officer Frederick, MD, November 18.

LTG Training for Club Officers:
Div 1 Winchester, December 12.
Div 2 Danville, December 4.
Div 3 Marion, December 2.
Div 4 Newport News, December 1
Div 5 Lexington, December 4.
Div 6 North Baltimore, December 4.
Div 7 Milford, December 9.

The District was sadden of the death of Past District Governor Joseph M. Fentress.

0. F. (Pete) Peterson was elected International Secretary to succeed Acting-Secretary George W. Kimball, deceased.

Clubs 64; Members 3,677
International President Charles S. Donley
District Governor Dr. Waitinau F. Zinn, Baltimore, MD
Immediate Past Governor, Harry B. King, Dover, DE
District Secretary-Treasurcr Frank B. Walters, Roanoke, VA

Div 1 Leslie N. Coblentz Fredrick
Div 2 Dr. R. Titus Bassett
Div 3 D. Price Hylton Roanoke
Div 4 Henning A. Rountree Hampton
Div 5 H. Crim Peck Lexington
Div 6 Dr. William Y. Kitchin Annapolis
Div 7 John J. Parsons Seaford

Mid-Winter Conference - Charlottesville, VA Jan. 18, with 129 present.
PG George G. Peery was endorsed unanimous as a candidate for International Trustee.
International Convention - Cleveland, OH June 14-18, with 136 from the Capital District
George Peery was elected International Trustee.
District Convention - Wilmington, DE Oct 8-10, with 41 in attendance.
International Trustee George Peery and International Vice-President Fred Barnes

"We Build," The Story of Kiwanis, by Past International President, John H. Moss and Merton S. Heiss was put on sale. Past President Moss spent many years collecting data for the history of the first 25 Years of Kiwanis. He lived to see 25 Years completed but died in 1941, before the book was published. A copy should be in the library of each club.

Attendance Contest winners
Gold Division, Roanoke 77.97%
Silver Division, Covington 97.38%
Blue Division, Towson 96.24%
\\'hite Division, Ellicott City 89.70%

Achievement Contest winners
Gold Division Baltimore, MD
Silver Division Charlottesville, VA
Blue Division Pikesville, MD
White Division Annapolis, MD

The Governor-elect's training for District Officers was held in Richmond on November 17.

LTGs Training Club Officers:
Div 1 Frederick, MD Dec 1
Div 2 Danville, VA Dec 4
Div 3 Marion, VA Dec 10
Div 4 Petersburg, Va., December 1
Div 5 Waynesboro, VA, Nov 24
Div 6 Baltimore, MD, Dec 4
Div 7 Milford, DE Dec 1

Number of Kiwanians of the Capital District to enter the Armed Forces of the United States during 1942, and therefore eligible for Military Service Membership is 230 or more than six per cent of the entire membership.

New clubs this year are Abingdon and Saltville.

Clubs 64; Members 3,913
International President Fred G. McAllister
District Governor W. Carey Wheatley, Lynchburg, VA
Immediate Past Governor Dr. Waitman F. Zinn, Baltimore, MD
District Secretary-Treasurer Frank B. Walters,Roanoke, VA

Div 1, John S. White
Div 2, D. Hurde Goode Martinsville
Div 3, Robert L. Lambert Richlands
(resigned), replaced by Charles R. Adair Narrows

Div 4, James W. Smith Ashland
Div 5, C. Herbert Huffman Harrisonburg
Div 6, J. Albert Taylor Baltimore
Div 7, David B. Greene, Milford

Mid-Winter Conference - Baltimore, MD Jan. 14, with 150 delegates.
Past International President Harry Karr and International Trustee George Peery.

This Conference was really a "war council participated in by civilians." The keynote of the Governor's "inaugural address" was that Kiwanians and every other group of Americans must lay aside other consideration "until the crooked cross and the yellow stain" are removed forever from world influence.

At the noon day luncheon, Senator Tydings, speaking on "Victory by United Effort", quoted a letter which Marine Private William Smith wrote from Guadalcanal to certain friends of his in a war production plant. This letter made such an impression on the delegates that the Conference voted to have sufficient copies of the letter made to supply all the workers in war plants in the District. This was done, and the distribution was made through Kiwanis clubs from the northern-most part of Delaware to the furthest reaches of southwestern Virginia, so that more than 50,000 workers on the home front were able to read of the necessity of continuous united effort to support the men in the field.

It was announced at this conference that the District had invested, from surplus funds, in war bonds to the amount of $1,500.

International Convention - Chicago, IL Jun 22 - 24, had been arranged as a streamlined convention, with only delegates present and no entertainment. In April it appeared that the Capital District would be represented by 100 delegates. However, early in May at the request of the Office of Defense Transportation the convention was cancelled and a meeting of the International council was called for the same place and date. At this, the District was represented officially by Past International President Harry Karr, International Trustee George Peery, Chairman of the International committee on Public Affairs for the United States, Waitman Zinn, and the Governor. At this meeting the District was honored by the election of Roe Fulkerson, first president of the Washington club, as Honorary International vice President for life.

District Convention - Roanoke, VA Oct. 14-15 with 367 attendance. The District Secretary-Treasurer's report showed that the Victory Membership Goal set up at the Mid-Winter Conference had resulted in a net membership increase of 289.

At this Convention two important resolutions were passed.
First, the Capital District Kiwanis clubs endorse an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, limiting the power of the Congress to impose income taxes, inheritance and gift taxes, upon the people to 25 percentum, except in time of war; and that the States of Maryland and Virginia be requested to join with 15 other states in requesting that such an amendment be proposed and submitted to the states for ratification.

Second, it was recommended that the educational and recreational facilities established by the Federal Government in connection with the war effort be not dismantled or abandoned until they have first been offered to the states and localities in which they are situated, to be transferred to them for proper consideration, to be used by the states and localities, free from Federal control, for educational and recreational purposes.

Copies of these resolutions were sent to the State and Federal officials concerned, to the Officers of Kiwanis International and to the officers of all Districts and Kiwanis clubs in the United States.

The cost of this coupled with the cost of sending out the Guadalcanal letter, represented something over $400 spent by the District in worthwhile Public Affairs activities.

Attendance Contest winners
Gold Division Portsmouth 90.33%
Silver Division Towson 97.91 %
Blue Division Wavnesboro 98.74%
White Division Annapolis 94.79%

Achievement Contest winners
Gold Division Baltimore.
Silver Division Hampton.
Blue Division Towson.
White Division Annapolis.

District Governor-Elect's training for District Officers held Richmond, VA Nov 16.

LTGs Training Club Officers:
Div 1 Washington, DC, December 2
Div 2 Lynchburg, VA, December 3
Div 3 Marion, VA, December 6

Div 4 Richmond, VA, December 7
Div 5 Staunton, VA, December 6
Div 6 Baltimore, MD, November 29
Div 7 Milford, DE, December 6

The number of Kiwanians in the Armned Forces at the end of 1943 was 363.

All clubs in the District from 1923 to the present time is as follows

1923 68.60%
1923 70.40%
1925 74.30%
1926 74.04%
1927 74.06%
1928 76.06%
1929 76.70%
1930 72.89%

1931 71.98%
1932 73.15%
1933 72.87%
1934 73.94%
1935 74.76%

1936 75.86%
1937 76.15%
1938 81.72%
1939 79.32%

1940 80.05%
1941 80.97%
1942 1.66%
1943 82.7.4%

Officers of the Capital District

Governor Alfred G. Goodrich, Baltimore



Governor Alfred G. Goodrich Baltimore
Secretary Maxime Ducharne Richmond
Treasurer John J. Boobar Washington

1st Edwin W. Lintner Wilmington
2nd J. D. Hank, Jr. Richmond

District Governor J. D. Hank Jr. Richmond
Secretary Harry G. Kimball Washington
Treasurer John N. Dimling Baltimore

1st John J. Boobar Washington
2nd William C. Corey Wilmington

Governor John J. Boobar Washington
(resigned) Julian Y. Williams Alexandria
Sec-Treas Harry G. Kimball Washington

1st David Pender Norfolk
2nd C. Walter Baker Hagerstown

Governor Edwin W. Lintner Wilmington
Sec-TreasRobert E. Turne Norfolk

Zone 1 C. Walter Baker Hagerstown
Zone 2 Frank Talbott Danville
Zone 3 Charles M. Armes Roanoke
Zone 4 Allen D. Jones Newport News

Governor Claude H. Woodward Washington
(resigned); Joseph M. Fentress Norfolk
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner Norfolk

Zone 1 Merle E. Towner Baltimore
Zone 2 Charles G. Maphis Charlottesville
Zone 3 Thomas G. Burch Martinsville
Zone 4 Joseph M. Fentress Norfolk

Governor J. Randall Caton Alexandria
(later International Trustee)

Div 1 Merle E. Towner Baltimore
Div 2 Floyd W. King Clifton Forge
Div 3 W. R. D. Moncure Marion
Div 4 Thomas B. Howell Richmond

Governor Merle E. Towner Baltimore
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner Norfolk

Div 1 Dr. Charles E. Conley Frederick
Div 2 Carter Glass, Jr Lynchburg
Div 3 William E. Gilbert Radford
Div 4 Frank D. Laurence Portsmouth
Div 5 Russell S. Perkinson Petersburg

Governor Russell S. Perkinson Petersburg
(later International Trustee)
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner Norfolk

Div 1 Harry G. Kimball, Washington
Div 2 John W. Hardy South Boston
Div 3 Robert W. Kime Salem
Div 4 Melville T. Blassingham Norfolk
Div 5 Maj. Charles S. Roller Jr Staunton

Governor Robert W. Kime Salem
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner Norfolk

Div 1 William A. Staving Wilmington
Div 2 John R. Adams Victoria
Div 3 P. Hill Tucke Roanoke
Div 4 Thomas Newman Newport News
Div 5 Will C. Hardy Winchester

Governor Harry G. Kimball Wilmington
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner Norfolk

Div 1 Findlay C. Hendrickson Cumberland
Div 2 Charles G. Evans Danville
Div 3 James M. Quillen Coeburn
Div 4 H. Laurie Smith Ashland
Div 5 Henry A. Converse Harrisonburg

District Governor Jesse H. Binford Richmond
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner Norfolk

Div 1 Edwin F. Hill, Washington
Div 2 Sam S. Stephens Martinsville
Div 3 Rev. Francis H. Scot Roanoke
Div 4 David Nelson Sutton West Point
Div 5 E. Reinhold Rogers Covington
Div 6 Arthur G. Wilkinson Wilmington

Governor F. Berry Plummer Hagerstown
Sec-Treas Robert E. Turner, (died)
John C. Aspinwall Norfolk

Div 1 Robert A. Hutcherson Manassas
Div 2 Carlton Barnwell Lynchburg
Div 3 C. Frank Wiley Salem
Div 4 George T. Elliott Hampton
Div 5 James L. Howe, Lexington
Div 6 Charlie Linhardt, Baltimore

Governor Henrv A. Converse Harrisonburg
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke

Div 1 Jesse C. Oakes Winchester
Div 2 R. S. Weaver, Jr Victoria
Div 3 F. B. Fitzpatrick Radford
Div 4 Don N. Frazier Richmond
Div 5 George H. Vermilya Clifton Forge
Div 6 Joseph F. MacSweeney Rehoboth Beach

Governor Edwin F. Hill, Washington
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke

Div 1 Park W. T. Loy Hagerstown
Div 2 James T. Catlin, Jr Danville
Div 3 Broaddus E. Chewning Roanoke
Div 4 Lonsdale J. Roper Portsmouth
Div 5 E. 1. Carruthers Charlottesville
Div 6 C. Walter Cole Towson

Governor E. I. Carruthers, Charlottesville
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke

Div 1 Irving Diener, Alexandria
Div 2 W. Richard Broaddus Martinsville
Div 3 Rev. Harry H. Hemming Big Stone Gap
Div 4 Richard W. Copeland Hopewell
Div 5 Dr. Guy R. Fisher Staunton
Div 6 M. Charming Wagner Wilmington

Governor C. Walter Cole, Towson
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke

Div 1 Charles W. Pimper, Washington
Div 2 Carl 0. Keirn Lynchburg
Div 3 George G. Peery Salem
Div 4 Herbert G. Smith Newport News
Div 5 Garnett C. Sites Covington
Div 6 Dr. J. Ben Robinson, Baltimore

Governor Lonsdale J. Roper, Portmouth
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke

Div 1 Edgar C. Jones Hagerstown
Div 2 James M. Lea Danville
Div 3 H. Eugene Hyatt Norton
Div 4 J. Walton Hall Ashland
Div 5 John Morgan Biedler Harrisonburg
Div 6 H. Milton James Seaford

Governor George G. Peery, Salem
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke

Div 1 Arthur C. Keefer, Washington
Div 2 Claude S. Turner Martinsville
Div 3 H. Powell Chapman Roanoke
Div 4 Floyd W. Moore Hampton
Div 5 R. Swinton Roadcap Clifton Forge
Div 6 Dr. J. LeRoy Trone Elkton

Governor Irving Diener, Alexandria
Sec-Treas Asa W. Howard Roanoke (died);
Frank B. Walters Roanoke

Div 1 Andrew Bell Winchester
Div 2 W. Carey Wheatley Lynchburg
Div 3 Ralph R. Repass Marion
Div 4 John H. Frischkorn, Jr Richmond
Div 5 W. Albie Barksdale Charlottesville
Div 6 Miles S. Reifsnyder Westminster

Governor Miles S. Reifsnyder Westminster

Div 1 Lyman M. Kelley Arlington
Div 2 Lunwood H. Wilson Crewe
Div 3 W. Southall Jordan Radford
Div 4 George E. Parker Portsmouth
Div 5 Humes J. Franklin Waynesboro
Div 6 Harry B. King Dover

Governor David Nelson Sutton, West Point
Sec-Treas Frank B. Walters Roanoke

Div 1 Arthur C. Stickley Arlington
Div 2 E. A. Sale Martinsville
Div 3 Charles R; Adair Narrows
Div 4 George E. Kidd (resigned),
replaced by Ward Anderson Newport News
Div 5 C. Franklin Williamson Staunton
Div 6 Waitman F. Zinn Baltimore City
Div 7 C. Russell Snyder Seaford

Governor Harry B. King, Dover. MD
Sec-Treas Frank B. Walters Roanoke

Div 1 Harold W. Smith Cumberland
Div 2 George R. Norris Danville
Div 3 D. Price Hylton Roanoke
Div 4 W. Melville Brown Richmond
Div 5 James E. Steger Covington
Div 6 Osborne P. Beall Pikesville
Div 7 J. Francis Blaine Wilmington

Governor Waitman F. Zinn, Baltimore, MD
Sec-Treas Frank B. Walters Roanoke

Div 1 Lesslie N. Coblentz Frederick
Div 2 Clifton R. Titus Bassett (resigned)
replaced by D. Price Hylton Roanoke
Div 3 Hugh J. Rhyne Marion
Div 4 Henning A. Rountree Hampton
Div 5 H. Crim Peck Lexington
Div 6 William Y. Kitchin Annapolis
Div 7 John J. Parsons Seaford

Governor W. Carey Wheatley, Lynchburg
Sec-Treas Frank B. Walter Roanoke

Div 1 John S. White Prince Georges County
Div 2 D. Hurd Goode Martinsville
Div 3 Robert Lambert Richlands (resigned),
replaced by Charles R. Adair Narrows
Div 4 James W. Smith Ashland
Div 5 C. Herbert Huffman Harrisonburg
Div 6 J. Albert Taylor North Baltimore
Div 7 David B. Greene Milford

Governor W. Melville Brown, Richmond
Sec-Treas Frank B. Walters Roanoke

Div 1 Martin T. Wiegand Washington
Div 2 W. Marshall Geoghegan Victoria-Kenbridge
Div 3 Frank T. Lemmon Marion
Div 4 Ernest P. Mangum Norfolk
Div 5 Frank B. Havnes Charlottesville
Div 6 Claude B. Hellmann Baltimore City
Div 7 Clisby M. Jennelle, Jr Salisbury

Geographic Distribution of District Governors
by Divisions and Clubs

Div 1

John J. Boobar, 1922, resigned March 1, 1922
Claude H. Woodward, 1924, resigned August 26, 1924
Harry Kimball 1929,
Edwin F. Hill, 1933.
Julian Y. Williams, 1922, from March 1,
J. Randall Caton, 1925,
Irving Diener, 1938.
F. Berry-Plummer, 1931
Div 2 W. Carey Wheatley, 1943
Div 3

Salem, VA

Robert W. Kime, 1928
George G. Peery, 1937
Div 4 Russell S. Perkinson, 1927
Lonsdale J. Roper, 1936

J. D. Hanks, 1921,
Jesse H. Binford, 1930
W. Milville Brown, 1944
David Nelson Sutton, 1940
Div 5 E. I. Carruthers, 1934
Henry A. Converse, 1932
Div 6

Alfred G. Goodrich, 1919-1920
Merle E. Towner, 1926
Waitman F. Zinn, 1942.
Towson, MD
C. Walter Cole, 1935
Miles S. Reifsnyder, 1939
Div 7 Edwin W. Lintner, 1923
Dover, DE
Harry B. King, 1941

Capital District's Contribution to Kiwanis International
in a Quarter of a Century

While it is not the policy to laud men, but rather to praise their deeds there are certain men of the Capital District whose influences in determining the policies of the International organization and in planning its objectives have been so important, that their names and their services become naturally apart of the history of the Capital District.

Past International President Harry E. Karr, a charter member and twice President of the Baltimore club, served 2 years as International Trustee, 1 year as International Vice-President, was largely responsible for the adoption of the Underprivileged Child Objective.

Roe Fulkerson, Charter President of the Washington club, served 4 years as International Trustee, became International Vice-President and through his editorials and his Personal Page in the Kiwanis Magazine has done more, perhaps than any other one man, to disseminate the principles of Kiwanis among the individual members. At the meeting of the International Council in Chicago, June 22-24, 1943, he was elected Honorary International Vice-President for life.

J. Randall Caton, Jr, President of the Alexandria club, District Governor 1925, and served 4 years as International Trustee. There was no more enthusiastic Kiwanian in the District than Randall Caton until the time when he found it necessary to give up his membership in the organization.

Russell S. Perkinson, President of the Petersburg club, District Governor 1927, and served two years as International Trustee, Chairman of the International Convention Program Committee.

Edwin F. Hill, President of the Washington club, LTG, District Governor 1933, and served 2 years as International Trustee. Everyone loved Ed Hill and had he lived he would have gone on and on in extending the influence of Kiwanis.

George G. Peery, president of the Salem club, became LTG Division 3, District Governor 1937, and International Trustee, 1942-43.

Other Kiwanians in the District have served effectively on International Committees taking a full share of the work of International, but a complete record of this is not available, suffice it to say that no member of the District has refused to do to the best of his ability any task assigned to him by International.

Some Capital District Activities Instituted
and in Many Cases Carried on
Over a Period of Years by the Clubs

It is to be remembered that Kiwanis is not primarily an eleemosynary institution, but rather a promoter of enterprises of public value by means of Community education. In other words Kiwanis attempt, to give publicity to a community need and show how that need is filled if the people of the community will work together.

Among such needs recognized by clubs in their respective communities and finally carried to fulfillment through Kiwanis leadership are the following: Community houses, new hotels, good restaurants and tea rooms, bond issues for school building, armories, city auditoriums, public libraries; building and loan associations, radio systems for hospitals, schools for crippled children, boy's homes, additions to hospital facilities and wards in sanitariums and the like.

Other needs not requiring constructions of buildings: playgrounds and equipment, summer camps, municipal swimming pools, fresh air farms, boy and girl bands, glee clubs, community nurses, cars for nurses, hospital beds for underprivileged children, crippled children's clinics, school lunches for undernourished children, milk and ice funds for babies, drives for funds for Community Chests, for the Salvation Army, for the Red Cross, and for the YMCA, the immunization of children to diphtheria, the organization and fostering of Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, the bringing of fresh air children to the country in the summer.

Kiwanis clubs have given prizes in athletic meets and scholastic contests.

They have sent boys and girls to summer camps, they have sent boys to Boy State, they have aided the 4-H clubs and the First Farmers of America, they have furnished outings for the inmates of orphans homes, and crippled children's wards and homes for the aged. They have given Christmas parties to underprivileged children, they have furnished band concerts during summer months to inmates of hospitals. They have had kite days and marble tournaments and athletic meets and baseball leagues for small boys,

In one instance a club built a tabernacle and brought an evangelist to the community for a six weeks revival and in another instance a club dedicated a church, and almost all clubs have either sent Christmas baskets to the needy or contributed to recognized agencies for this purpose.

They have set up community Christmas trees, and have sponsored community carol singing. They have been responsible for the President's Birthday balls and the March of Dimes and they have put on informational campaigns which have resulted in cities adopting the City Manager form of government. They have given banquets to local football and baseball teams, and entertained the graduating classes of local high schools. They have had as their guests at luncheon the local police force, the ministers of the town (Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish), the telephone operators, and the teachers in the schools, to show these groups that their services in the community are appreciated.

These and many other things the Kiwanis clubs of the District have done in the past 25 years, things which cost their members time and thought, which they gave willingly.

Some of the money used of course came from the allocation of a part of the dues to such purposes, but to have obtained sufficient money to carry on these activities in this way would have made the membership dues prohibitive to many worth while men, hence, since the work to be done is for the community the larger part of the necessary funds should rightfully be raised by the community.

This has been made possible by the clubs giving dinners, oyster suppers, card parties, benefit movies, bazaars, minstrel shows, plays, donkey baseball games and other activities, in which the public gets something for its money while the profits of the project goes to funds for community betterment.

So Kiwanis has been of value to the district and Kiwanians have had a good time in making it possible.

Clubs of the Capital District

Abingdon, VA
Organized Sept 15, 1942
Organized May 9, 1921
Annapolis, MD
Organized Feb. 28, 1933
Arlington, VA
Organized June 5, 1931
Ashland, VA
Organized Feb 2, 1923
Baltimore, MD
Organized Nov. 22, 1917
Bassett, VA
Organized Aug 17, 1926
Bland County, VA
Organized April 5, 1940
Bridgeville, DE
Organized Jan 26, 1939
Charlottesville, VA
Organized April 3, 1922
Clifton Forge, VA
Organized April 4, 1921
Clintwood, VA
Organized Dec 17, 1937
Coeburn, VA
Organized Mar. 8, 1923
Covington, VA
Organized Sept. 4, 1923
Crewe, VA
Organized Oct 27, 1924
Cumberland, MD
Organized May 8, 1924
Danville, VA
Organized May 1, 1921
Dover, DE
Organized Jan 16, 1935
Elkton, MD
Organized Apr 31, 1932
Ellicott City, MD
Organized Apr 2, 1940
Frederick, MD
Organized May 1, 1923
Fredericksburg, VA
Organized Feb. 9, 1923
Georgetown, DE
Organized Sept 30, 1935
Hagerstown, MD
Organized Mar 17, 1921
Halethorpe, MD
Organized Jun 4, 1940
Hampton, VA
Organized Oct 27, 1925
Harrisonburg, VA
Organized May 10, 1922
Hopewell, VA
Organized Nov. 11, 1924
Lexington, VA
Organized Nov. 23, 1925
Lynchburg, VA
Organized Jan. 14, 1920
Manassass, VA
Organized Oct. 17, 1924
Marion, VA
Organized Dec. 26, 1922
Martinsbille, VA
Organized Mar 14, 1921
Milford, DE
Organized Oct 24, 1038
Narrows, VA
Organized Jan 5, 1938
Newport News, VA
Organized Jan 11, 1921
Norfolk, VA
Organized May 13, 1919
North Baltimore, MD
Organized Feb 6, 1936
Norton, VA
Organized Jan. 18, 1921
Petersburg, VA
Organized Feb. 16, 1922
Pikesville, MD
Organized May 27, 1935
Portsmouth, VA
Organized in Jan. 11, 1920
Prince Georges Co, MD
Organized Mar 22, 1934
Radford, VA
Organized Jan 24, 1923
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Organized Jul 16, 1928
Reisterstown, MD
Organized Aug 23, 1935
Richlands, VA
Organized Dec 16, 1938
Richmond, VA
Organized Mar. 6, 1919
Roanoke, VA
Organized Nov. 26, 1919
Salem, VA
Organized Mar 15, 1921
Salisbury , MD
Organized May 10, 1939
Saltville, VA
Organized Oct 29, 1942
Seaford, DE
Organized April 1923
Southside Norfolk, VA
Organized Oct 14, 1927
Staunton, VA
Organized June 15, 1922
Taneytown, MD
Organized Apr 19, 1939
Towson, MD
Organized Dec 12, 1928
Victoria-Kenbridge, VA
Organized July 24, 1925
Washington, DC
Organized Feb. 19, 1917
Waynesboro, VA
Chartered Sept. 22, 1925
Wwest Point, VA
Organized Sept 26, 1922
Westminster, MD
Organized Dec 9, 1931
Wilmington, DE
Organized Nov 19, 1918
Winchester, VA
Organized June 25, 1922
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