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Trivia - Answers to Club Trivia
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Name the Capital District club that was recognized as the first Breakfast Club?
Mercury 64 organized 1962.

Name the District club that sponsored a club in the Middle-east?
Harbor Front Norfolk sponsored Tel Aviv, Israel July 7, 1977, K08798.
Source Capital District in Review 1976-77.

Name the third organized club in the Capital District?
Wilmington organized Nov 19, 1918.

Name the southern District club that sponsored three Capital District clubs?
Bristol, TN in the KY-TN District sponsored
Abingdon in Sept. 17, 1942; Marion in Dec 26, 1922, and Norton in Jan. 18, 1921.

Name the international club that the Capital District sponsored?
New Delhi, India
in April 25, 1978, K09139.