Capital District Kiwanis History

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2019 - 2020
October to September

Past Governor
David Lurie
Dennis Baugh
Tom Varner
John Morris
Mike Dasovich

District Chairs | CKI Governor | KeyClub Governor

Kiwanis International President-Elect Arthur N Riley

District Board of Trustees

Chesapeake Bay Region Divisions 4 5
Trustee John M Hassman Jr Bridgeville DE
Term expires: 2020
National Capital Region Divisions 1 2 3
Trustee Elana T Gardner Eastern Branch DC
Term expires: 2020
Heart of Virginia Region Divisions 9 10 11
Trustee Bill Watson Richmond VA
Term Expires: 2022
Southeast Virginia Region Divisions 12 13 14
Trustee Dr Ronald A McCallum Middlesex
Term expires: 2021

Mason Dixon Region Divisions 6 7 8
Trustee Renee Mackey Hagerstown MD
Term Expires: 2022

Southwest Virginia Region Divisions 15 16 17
Trustee John Montgomery Roanoke VA
Term expires: 2021

District Lt Governors

Div 01 Shelia A Traynham Far East Washington

Div 10 Jamie L Moore Chester
Div 02 Catie Dugan-Vargas Tysons

Div 11 Avanti Yamamoto Richmond

Div 03 Richard N Ruprecht Bethesda

Div 12 James C Shackelford Middlesex

Div 04 Joshua Hiscock Ellicott City

Div 13 William Charles Black Mercury 64

Div 05 Robin P Marks Dover

Div 14 Joe Flanagan Virginia Beach

Div 06 Don L Dudey Reisterstown

Div 15 Hiawatha Nicely Botetourt County

Div 07 Arnold W Butts Jr Mount Airy Div 16 Robert A Lewit Christiansburg
Div 08 Allen Sibert Winchester Div 17 Catherine W Cummins Clintwood
Div 09 Eric Lamb Charlottesville  


New Clubs Sponsor
Revoked Key
Charter Revoked
Oct 1 2019 - 147 Clubs - 4204 Members
Annapolis MD
Sept 30 2020 - 142 Clubs - 3926 Members
Charles County MD
North Richmond VA  

Distinguished Recognition

Clubs: 15+ members (Complete 6 of 8):
1) Net gain or sponsor new club,
2) Signature project,
3) Sponsor at least one SLP,
4) Attend officer CLE,
5) Attend Mid-year and DCON or ICON,
6) $10/member to Children's Fund and $5/member CDKF,
7) Submit Monthly Reports and Election results,
8) Provide Youth Protection Guidlines education and report on Secretary Dashboard

Division Must of 5 clubs (15+ members):
1) Open New Club OR clubs submit Monthly Reports,
2) Clubs provide Youth Protection Guidelines,
3) Clubs with SLP all club advisors have updated Criminal Background Check