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2003 - 2004
October to September

Governor Linwood Watson Shepherd Park DC
Governor-elect Warren Kane Arlington VA
Past Governor Daniel C. Warren Grafton (resign 6/28/03), PG John Tyner II fills the term
Secretary-Treasurer Ellis Stroup Suburban Frederick MD
Foundation President Doc Thrush Virginia Beach VA
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Lt. Governors

Div 1 Marie Quick Mitchellville Div 13 Peter Wilson Hampton
Div 2 Ronald Reynolds Fort Hill Div 14 Donna Landis Prince Georges Co
Div 3 John W. Fox Radford Div 15 Robert Weaver Chincoteague
Div 4 Charles Carneal Northern Neck Div 16 H. L. Marks VA Beach-Combers
Div 5 Robert Pardee Waynesboro Div 17 Ray McFarlane Leisure World
  Div 18 Phil Doty West Henrico
Div 7 David Wilson Wilmington Div 19 John Thomas Winchester
Div 8 Jackson White, Jr Abingdon Div 20 Pat Jalonski Arlington
Div 9 Arthur Riley Westminster Div 21 Vince Jordan Great Bridge
Div 10 William Allen Fredericksburg Div 22 Robert Tourigny Calvert County
Div 11 David Wilson Wilmington Div 23 Terry L. Johnson Poquoson
Div 12 Paul Creamer Loch Raven Div 24 Phil Doty West Henrico

House of Delegates at the annual District Convention voted to change its Bylaws so Divisions shall be grouped into Regions. A region shall contain at least two Divisions. Each Region will have a Trustee. The Region Trustee will make up the District Board of Trustees.

Interclub Competition Winners:
Gold Section (101 and over): Ocean Pines
Silver Section (71-100): Arlington Honorable Mention Alexandria
Orange Section (46 to 70): Waldorf Honorable Mention: Seaford
Blue Section (31 to 45) Shepherd Park Honorable Mention: Hampton
White Section (30 and below) Tysons Corner Honorable Mention: Far East
New Clubs Key # Div Sponsor
Upper Chesapeake MD 17070 12 ?

Charters Revoked
Red Clay Valley DE K03925 D7
Germantown MD K16329 D17
Roanoke Valley VA K04058 D2
Coliseum Central VA K15623 D13
Hanover County VA K15899 D4
Mathews County VA D23
Monitor VA K16170 D13

Name Change:
Gaithersburg D17 to Gaithersburg-Germantown K07654
Verona D5 to Augusta County K07576

Monitor with Newport News D13 to make Monitor-Newport News.

Oct 1 Clubs 196, Membership 7,249
Completed Service Hours 216,601, $1,845,972 spent