Capital District Kiwanis History

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New Name Wheaton-Silver Spring
Organized February 5, 1951. Chartered March 27, 1951.
Sponsor Bethesda, MD
was Division 1 now Division 17
Potomac Region
Key #03596
114th District Club
Name Change Wheaton-Silver Spring 2005 - 2006

President William H. Romack Jr, Secretary Philip Nachman
Membership Feb 5 - 25, Attendance 77%

Kiwanis Administration had two 100% meetings. 3 inter-club visits to other clubs and 10 inter-club visits from Kiwanis clubs. Charter night and ladies night were among the important social events of the year. I member attended the District Convention.

Boys and Girls Work installed penny, nickel and dime scales with the Kiwanis emblem displayed. $36 was collected from this source. $325 was cleared by the sale of Christmas trees.

Public and Business Affairs provided 5 donors for the Blood Mobile visit. We assisted other civic groups in sponsoring Halloween parties.

Underprivileged Child sponsored a Christmas party for 1100 children at Viers Mill Theatre, providing each child with a bag of candy and toys. 400 bags of candy and toys were donated to children at the Baptist Home in Bethesda, Maryland. Christmas carols were provided for Wheaton shopping centers.

President Stephen L. Cassola, Secretary John P. Hewitt
Membership Jan 1 - 30, Attendance 78%

President Carl R. Eby, Secretary Robert L. Millard
Membership Jan 1 - 31, Attendance 89%

President Jack Amatucci, Secretary Llyod H. Sims
Membership Jan 1 - 34, Attendance 91%

President Phillip Nachman, Secretary Lloud H. Sims
Membership Jan 1 - 36, Attendance 95%

LG Carl R. Eby

President ?, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Rev. Harold R. Lanman, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Lloyd H. Sims, Secretary Robert R. Rose

President Robert H. Risk, Secretary Samuel G. Smith

President Joselph D. Dondero, Secretary Lloyed H. Sims

President Jesse J. Boyd, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Charles E. Bowen, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Wilson T. Snyder, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Emil Rasa, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Joseph Amburgey, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

President Bernard Bord, Secretary Lloyd H. Sims

Sponsor Leisure World Club

President Charles E. Phifer, Secretary J. Edward White
LG Emil Rasa

President John C. Ralph, Secretary Carl R. Eby

1969 - 1970
President Charles M. Boynton, Secretary Gerald G. Davis

1970 - 1971
President Fred S. Genau, Secretary Marshall Harris

1971 - 1972
President Harvey R. Wertlieb, Secretary Paul J. Williamson

1972 - 1973
President Marshall I. Harris, Secretary Richard P. Howe

1973 - 1974
President C. Windsor Miller, Secretary Claude E. Towery
Sponsor Olney Club

1974 - 1975
President Warren G. Huff, Secretary Claude E. Towery

1975 - 1976
President William J. Link, Secretary Claude E. Towery

1976 - 1977
Division 1 West
President George H. Dillon, Secretary Claude E. Towery
Governor Emil Rasa

1977 - 1978
Division 17
President CharlesT. Collier, Secretary Claude E. Towery

1978 - 1979
President John Dondero, Secretary Carl R. Eby
LG William J. Link

1979 - 1980
President Bruce A. Peeling, Secretary Carl R. Eby II

1980 - 1981
President George P. McCrory, Secretary Paul G. Edwards

1981 - 1982
President Carl R. Eby II, Secretary F. Dabbondanza
Co-Sponsor Olney Club

1982 - 1983
President Roy L. Wilson, Secretary Carl R. Eby II

1983 - 1984
President Bernard L. Gardiner, Secretary Roy L. Wilson

1984 - 1985
President Matthew T. McDonough, Secretary Roy L. Wilson

1985 - 1986
President Sewell Horad, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
LG Carl R. Eby II

1986 - 1987
President Richard F. Bullis, Secretary Roy L. Wilson

1987 - 1988
President John R. Watson, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
LG Bernard L. Gardiner

1988 - 1989
President George F. Lobien, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
LG Matthew T. McDonough

1989 - 1990
President Rev Ross Morrison, Secretary Roy L. Wilson

1990 - 1991
President Douglas W. Hines, Secretary Roy L. Wilson

1991 - 1992
President Edward H. Koebke, Secretary Roy L. Wilson

1992 - 1993
President Neil E. Johnson, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
Membership Oct 1 - 49

1993 - 1994
President Susan M. Mannina, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
Membership Oct 1 - 50

1994 - 1995
President Walter J. Petzold, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
Membership Oct 1 - 54

1995 - 1996
President Pamellia G. Wilson, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
Membership Oct 1 - 41

1996 - 1997
President Robert A. Weinberg, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
Membership Oct 1 - 41

1997 - 1998
President Drucilla Tyler, Secretary Roy L. Wilson
Membership Oct 1 - 43

1998 - 1999
President Roderick L. Thompson, Secretary Kevin S. Burkholder
Membership Oct 1 - 40
LG Edward H. Koebke

1999 - 2000
President Kevin Scott Burkholder, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 43

2000 - 2001
President ?, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 39

2001 - 2002
President Tony Marinucci, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 39, Attendance 60%

Year End: 60 Projects Completed, 820 Service Hours, $1180 Spent, 17 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President Carol Minich, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 39, Attendance 60%

Year End: 64 Projects Completed, 857 Service Hours, $2014 Spent, 22 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
President Betty Gardiner, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 42, Attendance 53%
Meet Wednesday 12 Noon Anchor Inn

Year End: 38 Projects Completed, 1748 Service Hours, $12,175 Spent, 24 Interclubs

2004 - 2005
President Connie Maguire, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 46, Attendance 56%
Meet Wednesday 12 Noon Anchor Inn
Distinguished Club

(From E-Builder, Nov 2004): The headline in the Wheaton Gazette, announcing the upcoming pancake breakfast, read as follows, “Pancakes Make Scholarships For Wheaton High Students”. And, indeed, our Breakfast raised many dollars benefiting our Wheaton High School Scholarship Program. We served approximately 225 patrons including visitors from Division 17 clubs, including interclubs from Rockville, Olney, Leisure World, Bethesda, Gaithersburg/Germantown, and North Bethesda. We were very pleased to have hosted the Capital District Governor Elect, Division 17 LG, LG Elect, and IPLG and his wife.

Our Wheaton High School Key Club members, most there at 7:15AM, functioned as our wait staff and hosts. As in the past two Breakfasts, we received rave reviews about our Key Club members from our many patrons.

Our current President Connie Maguire played host to our many guests among many other tasks. Co Chairing the Breakfast and flipping pancakes was Pam Wilson. Our kitchen manager (and another pancake flipper) was Eddie Koebke. Murmi Morrill was in charge of tickets and placemats, the placemats being a major source of fundraising for the event. Our event advisor and printer was Betty Gardiner, our past President. Additional pancake flippers and workers included members Tony Mainucci, Kathleen Thompson, Carol McKenzie, Bernie Gardiner, Mike Kelley, Ray Mitchell, Deborah Macon, John Watson, Bud Thompson, Jim Mathias, Gary Burkhammer and Steve Earll. Ellen Riger was in charge of Publicity.

(From E-Builder, Jan 2005) Once again, on the 5th of December 2004, the Kiwanis Club of Wheaton delivered a festive holiday dinner for families staying at NIH’s Children’s Inn. This event is becoming one of the great traditions of the Wheaton Club.

The event, so beautifully organized by YCPO Chair, Tony Marinucci, was the embodiment of the holidays. There were guests from many different countries, amazed by the generosity of the Wheaton Kiwanis Club. Our member, Blanca Kling related to Tony Marinucci that one family was astonished when asked if they wanted a second helping.

There were 16 members, 6 spouses present for the event, and more than enough food to feed the 70 to 80 guests present at the dinner. Our members set up for dinner, serve and socialize with the guests present, and then our Club does the clean-up. Gary Edenfield performed Holiday Music during the dinner festivities.

(From E-Builder, April 2005) Wheaton Kiwanis 54th Annual Charter Night Celebration Dinner with 117 members and guests, including Capital District Governor Warren Kane, and his wife Dale, and Lt Governor Greg Miele, and his wife, Karyn, celebrated the 54th anniversary of the chartering of the Kiwanis Club of Wheaton at a marvelous St. Patrick’s Day themed party at the Argyle Country Club on March 12th, 2005.

We were so pleased to welcome newly-elected Capital Trustee for Region F, Jonnie Mann and her husband, PLG Gordon Mann to our Charter Night festivities.

This wonderful event was hosted by our Wheaton Kiwanis President, Connie Maguire, as well as our Charter Night Chairman, Doug Hines, and our “forever” Master of Ceremonies, John Dondaro.

The Club members and guests were treated to not only the ever delicious dinner prepared by the Argyle Country Club staff, but also to fantastic Irish Step Dancing by dancers from the Culkin School of Traditional Irish Dance. There was also the always-entertaining “door prize draw” (and there were many recipients), “Irish” Fortune Cookies for everyone (provided by President Connie Maguire), and the incredibly funny, and always-insightful repartee by MC John Dondero. The attractive green on green and gold St. Patrick’s Day décor was compliments of Public Relations Chair Ellen Riger.

Governor Kane made the special presentation of The Kiwanis Leadership Society Award to immediate Past President Betty Gardiner.

Gov. Kane presided over a special ceremony for two new members, Diane Van Cleve and Al Kouneski, were proudly inducted into the Wheaton Kiwanis Club. Interclubs included Leisure World, 12 members; Montgomery Village, 6 members; Gaithersburg/Germantown, 4 members; and Bethesda, 5 members. Additionally, we had guests from Rossmoor and Silver Spring.

(From E-Builder, June 2005) On May 15th, our Club delivered another dinner for the families staying at the Children’s Inn at NIH. We provided both food and volunteers for the dinner. The truly terrific spread included beef tenderloin, honey-baked ham, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, sausage with peppers and onions, herb-roasted potatoes, bean salad, garden salad, cake, brownies, Jello mold, strawberries and plenty to drink and served 40 to 50 guests.

One family, the Poquettes from Minnesota, were very appreciative because close friends of theirs, back home, are Kiwanians. It made them feel comfortable and welcome to see us there.

Members donating food or money for the event included: Walt Petzold, John Watson, Evelyn & Sewell Horad, Tony Marinucci, Murmi Morrill, Betty & Bernie Gardiner, Stephen Earll, Kathleen Thompson, Bud Thompson, Jim Mathias, Connie Maguire, Pam Wilson and Susan Mannina.

Those members who served as volunteers at the event were Connie Maguire, Tony Marinucci, Evelyn Horad, Bernie & Betty Gardiner, and Bud & Peg Thompson. The event Chair is Tony Marinucci. Tony reports that the next Children’s Inn dinner will be our wonderful BBQ on Sunday, the 31st of July 2005.

Our other very proud moment this month was the presentation, at Wheaton High School, on the 18th of May, Scholarships to 3 deserving Wheaton High School students. John Watson, Scholarship Committee Chair, and Committee member, Ellen Riger, presented Scholarships to David Alvarado, Jin Xue and Diana Hincapie during the annual Wheaton High School Awards Program

The Scholarship Committee considered well over 25 students. The Committee was faced with applications from the “best of the best” of seniors from Wheaton High School. Wheaton Kiwanis has awarded scholarships to the students of Wheaton High School for many many years. Our Committee members agreed that all of the candidates for this years Scholarships were very deserving, making the selection process that much more difficult. We were, however, extremely pleased with the final selections.

The Scholarship Committee include the above mentioned members and Tony Marinucci and Eric Kovacic.

Year End Statistics: 38 Projects Completed, 3698 Service Hours, $25,094 Spent, 45 Interclubs

2005 - 2006
Potomac Region
President Walter J. Petzold, Secretary Kathleen Thompson
Membership Oct 1 - 63, Attendance 62%
Meet Wednesday 12:30P, Argyle Country Club
New Name Wheaton-Silver Spring

Year End: 18 Projects Completed, 3616 Service Hours, $18,268 Spent, 33 Interclubs