Capital District Kiwanis History

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(Formally Fairlington Arlington)
Organized August 11 1947 Chartered October 17 1947
Key #03013 93rd District Club
Sponsor Arlington Kiwanis
Division 10
Change 1968 to South Arlington

Division 10
President John R Willett, Secretary John Messina
Membership Jan 1 - 25
Governor Everett L Butler

(Volume 7, History of the Capital District)
Kiwanis Administration - Six 100% meetings were held during the year and 10 new members were inducted into the club. All Kiwanis week, club anniversary, Kiwanis anniversary week and US Canada Goodwill week were observed during the year 7. Interclub visitations were made to othe Kiwanis clubs and 4 visitations by other Kiwanis clubs were enjoyed. Roadsigns are being maintained and a weekly club bulletin was issued. The president, vice president, secretary elect and 5 other members attended the Divisional Organization Conference 2 were registered at the International Convention and 6 members attended the District Convention.

Boys and Girls Work - At a cost of $150 we sponsored a Little League Baseball team We contributed $100 to the Club Scout Pack 604 that our club sponsors An annual scholarship award was presented to Wakefield High School students We participated in Kiwanis national Kids' Day 7,000 people were entertained at the Holloween Block Party.

Public and Buisness Affairs - 2 Kiwanis roadsigns were erected A road was widened and sidewalks laid as a result of our club's effort A clean-up campaign was inaugurated.

Support of Churches - An All-Kiwanis Sunday was held at one of the local churches Members sponsored the interfaith service meetings We sponsored a program of Christmas music by local choirs All club meetings open with prayer.

Underprivileged Child - 3 children were sent to the Salvation Army Camp at a cost of $100 $125 was spent to alleviate a cleft palate condition in a needy girl A $1200 trust fund was set up Food baskets were distributed at Christmas time A washing machine was donated to a needy family.

Vocational Guidance - A Key Club was sponsored by our club Part time employment was given to 5 students A meeting was held to familiarize studenat with what they might expect from their vocation after graduation.

President Hiram Witt, Secretary Bradley Hanson
District Chair On to International | Past Governors Everett L Butler

President Edward J Bernot, Secretary James Pride
District Chair Past Governors Everett L Butler

President James M Pride, Secretary Joseph W Shannon

President Jesse T Dluguid, Secretary Joseph M Connors

President James L Hawk, Secretary Joseph M Connors

President Ernest B Studebaker, Secretary James E Morgan

President L M Connor, Secretary Raleigh E Baldwin

President James E Morgan, Secretary Raleigh E Baldwin

President Robert V Moore, Secretary Lawrence W Connor

President Joseph M Connors, Secretary Fredrick H Felton

President James H Stallings, James E Morgan

President Edward Clifford, Secretary John Messina
Change name to South Arlington VA