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Organized February 20, 1980. Chartered April 12, 1980.
Sponsor Delmar
Division 15
Key #09859
277th District Club
Name Change 2004 to Greater Ocean Pines

1979 - 1980
President James R. Grimm, Secretary Glenn L. Fickel

The charter was presented and installation of officers made by Capital District Governor Malcom Livick on April 12, 1980 at teh Ocean Pines Yacht Club. The Kiwanis Club of Delmar, DE was the sponsoring Kiwanis Club. The club had its first meeting on February 20, 1980 at a local restaurant known as the Carriage House with the required 25 members. Formation of hte club was spearheaded by the efforts of James Grimm who had been a member of hte Kiwanis Club of Baltimore before moving to Ocean Pines in 1979.

1980 - 1981
President Jeron Henderson, Secretary Glenn L. Fickel

1981 - 1982
President Thomas G. Klingler, Secretary Raymond J. Gousha

1982 - 1983
President James L. Mills, Secretary Raymond J. Gousha

1983 - 1984
President Martin J. Lukoskie, Secretary W. Courtenay Brone
LG Jerome E. Henderson

1984 - 1985
President Cyril S. Turner, Secretary Walter C. Brown

1985 - 1986
President George R. Crawford, Secretary Robert Starr

1986 - 1987
President Charles F. Hite, Secretary Robert Starr

1987 - 1988
President Rodger Makowski, Secretary Adam E. Paul Sr

1988 - 1989
President William G. Dillon, Secretary Adam E. Paul Sr

1989 - 1990
President John L. Pilato, Secretary Adam E. Paul Sr

1990 - 1991
President James A. Duff, Secretary Raymond L. Goguen

1991 - 1992
President Nathan P. Pearson, Secretary Raymond L. Goguen

1992 - 1993
President Edward B. Heyden, Secretary Allan Rockwell
Membership Oct 1 - 129

1993 - 1994
President David G. Peterson, Secretary Allan H. Rockwell
Membership Oct 1 - 128
LG Nathan P. Pearson

1994 - 1995
President Raymond L. Goguen, Secretary Paul Maskill
Membership Oct 1 - 124
LG Roger Makowski

1995 - 1996
President Darwin M. Way, Secretary Paul D. Maskill Sr
Membership Oct 1 - 124

1996 - 1997
President Sarah Walker, Secretary Bernard Buchholz
Membership Oct 1 - 122

1997 - 1998
President Francis B. Johnson, Secretary Bernard Bucholz
Membership Oct 1 - 113

1998 - 1999
President Philip Honsinger, Secretary Eugene J. Schools
Membership Oct 1 - 109
LG Darwin "Dart" Way

1999 - 2000
President Donald R. Schmid, Secretary Edward H. Aurand
Membership Oct 1 - 120

2000 - 2001
President Richard J. Fowler, Secretary Edward H. Aurand
Membership Oct 1 - 128

From Club Annual Report, Pt. 2: Senior Chore

There are many members of our community who are unable to perform household repairs adn maintenance because of aging, illness, or disability. We recognize the need to offer help to these citizens in an organized program. The need sometimes is as simple as changing batteries in a smoke alarm or replacing light bulbs, but these are jobs that some homeowners can not perform.

During the eleven months this project has been in force, we have performed 45 service calls. This required a total of 42 hours. Twenty-one members or 15% of our club have participated in this project. This project is very much appreciated by our community, and recipients have shown their gratitude by donation $125 to our club.

2001 - 2002
President Ralph E. Chinn, Secretary Edward H. Aurand
Membership Oct 1 - 137, Attendence 68%

Year End: 70 Projects completed, 1351 Service Hours, $18,775 Spent, 58 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President Clifford R. Anderson, Secretary Edward H. Aurand
Membership Oct 1 - 118, Attendence 65%
LG Adam E. Paul Sr

The club year began with the loss of 27 members as a result of potential dues increases at the International, District and local Club level. The proposed increase for the District was withdrawn after expense reductions were made and the local Club increase was refunded in April 2003 when it was determined that the new policies of the Homeowners Association would not have a financial impact on the club. The excellent reputation of the club and the dedication of the remaining 118 members were able to attract 10 new members during the year.

The Club raised almost $16,000 with 15 income producing projects and an additional $9,400 was added to our Foundation. The Foundation Golf Tournament & Dinner raised $7,400 and our Duck Race & Picnic added another $2,000. These efforts allowed our Club to award $10,000 in college scholarships, contribute more than $6,000 to Youth Services and $4,000 to Community Services.

More than $1,200 was collected for Priority One projects from funds donated at weekly meetings. These funds were disbursed to neo-natal facilities at our local hospital and to the Worcester County GOLD baby pantry. The Club continued to ring the Salvation Army bell for the Christmas Kettle Drive. Through the efforts of more than 60 volunteers and the generosity of the residents of Berlin and Ocean City more than $6,000 was donated. The Club was assisted by numerous members of our sponsored Key Club at Stephen Decatur High School.

The Club enjoyed an outstanding Holiday Party at the Globe Theater with the cast from the Children’s Theater singing music selections from their production of the “Sound of Music”. This was one of the youth groups we helped support and this was their way of saying thank you for the support. The dinner after the Foundation Golf Tournament and the picnic before the Duck Race were great ways for the Club members, friends and spouses to enjoy the fellowship of a dedicated group of people.

Year End: 100 Projects completed, 10,962 Service Hours, $19,840 Spent, 54 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
President Phillip Lassiter, Secretary John O'Connor
Membership Oct 1 - 109, Attendence %
Meet Wednesday 8:00 AM Mumford's Landing
Gold Section: Interclub Competition Award

Year End: Projects completed, Service Hours, $ Spent, Interclubs

2004 - 2005
President Charles Warner, Secretary John O'Connor
Membership Oct 1 - 101, Attendence 57%
Meet Wednesday 8:00 AM Mumford's Landing
Gold Section: Interclub Competition Award
Changed name 12/04 to Greater Ocean Pines

Contributed $1,340 to Tsunami Relief Effort.

Year End: 106 Projects completed, 3644 Service Hours, $12,128 Spent, 30 Interclubs