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Organized February 06 1936 Chartered March 13 1936
Key #02087 59th District Club
Sponsor Towson
Divisions 06 12
Charter Revoked 1974

Division 06
(Volume 4)
President, Hart F. Benson, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Feb 6 - 47, Attendance 70%

The club had programs on U. P. Child Work and on Work for Crippled Children. It gave a benefit Card Party netting $200 for this work. It placed several orphan boys in dormitories and found employment for them. At Easter it distributed twelve dozen chocolate eggs and a like number of colored eggs to poor children. It entertained twenty orphan children at luncheon and twenty men undertook to be "Big Brothers" to them. It took 45 children from homes to a Shore Party, gave a Christmas Party to 55 children, took 350 children from the Children’s Horne to a Theatre Party and sent candy and fruit to those in Kernan's Children’s Hospital.

Sponsored a junior Hockey Club and entertained the members at luncheon. It organized a Boys Baseball Team and encouraged them to play Ice Hockey in the winter. It held a Boys Night for boys from the homes and a Father and Son Night. It fostered the Sea Scouts and outfitted and sent one to camp.

A successful Farmers Night was held.

Many individual members visited other clubs. Flying Squadrons visited Baltimore and Westminster. The club held two joint meetings with Pikesville, putting on the program at one of them, and was host to all the clubs in the Division with a Flying Squadron from Washington at a big interclub meeting.

Charter Night was a Ladies Night, and another was held taking the form of a Barn Dance. The club organized bowling, golf and softball teams.

The club had five meetings on Kiwanis Education, celebrated U. S.-Canada Week and Constitution Week, entertained the District Governor and was represented at the International and the District Conventions and the Division Meeting.

President Gregory Hoisington, Secretary Edwin I. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 53, Attendance 79%

Raised $300 by a Card Party for U. P. Child Work. Made 34 eye examinations, performed 25 T. and A. operations and 6 Mastoids. Provided food and clothing for needy families. Gave Easter candy to 300 children in the Orphanage and Kernans Hospital, sent 16 children for two days at the shore. Raised $55 for Christmas parties. Gave candy and toys to 150 children and clothing to 69 children and grown people. Served breakfast to 60 men and boys at the Inasmuch Gospel Mission on Easter morning.

Gave a Program on Boy Scout Work. Organized a boys baseball team, boosted a Hobby Fair, put on a Children’s Garden Contest with prizes for flowers and vegetables. Worked to increase playground facilities and held a Boys and Girls Night.

Arranged for advising and directing boys and girls in regard to their vocations.

The club worked for a sidewalk on an important street and interested itself in the traffic and parking problems on the York Road. It had programs on Safety, Curbing the Court, The Place of Criminal Courts in Baltimore, Telephone by Radio, Fair Trade, Crime in Baltimore, Tile Social Security Act, and the work of the Salvation Army.

Sent delegations to Baltimore, Rehoboth Beach, Seaford, and Pikesville, was host to Pikesville, Baltimore, Towson and Annapolis and bowled with Pikesville and Towson. Members made 288 visits to other clubs and traveled a total of 56,697 miles to do it.

The club had two Ladies Nights, a Shore Party, a Halloween Party.

It had 6 programs on Kiwanis Education, entertained the Governor and the LTG was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference, the International and District Conventions and was host to the Division Meeting.

(Volume 5)
President Edwin C. Zonitz, Secretary Edwin I. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 57, Attendance 78%

The underprivileged child work included 29 eye examinations, with glasses, 19 tonsil and adenoid operations, clothing put in repair by the ladies, contributed $75 to the Salvation Army Camp, entertained 68 orphans at a large party, 3 baby pens to the Children's Hospital, 1 boy sent to the S. A. Camp and 3 others to another camp, and a Christmas party for 70 children.

Had a stop sign placed at a bad crossing, and worked for the establishment of a children's playground.

The flying squadron made a total of 260 visits to other clubs, traveling 73,567 miles, and the club was host to Westminster, Baltimore, and Pikesville and to Prince George's County.

The club had a joint meeting with the Optimists and 3 Ladies' Night Dinner Dances.

The club was represented at the Training School for Club Officers, International and District Conventions; submitted an achievement report; and entertained the District Governor and the LTG.

President Bradley T. McCoy, Secretary Edwin L Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 57, Attendance 75%

The club's activities for the underprivileged included furnishing food and clothing for school children, buying glasses, removing tonsils, and furnishing milk for babies. Spent $172 for these things in December. Sent 12 boys to Camp Misty Mont for 10 days, and the club met at the camp and furnished entertainment for the boys,

Formed and sponsored a junior club called the Sinawik Club for boys. This club helped to entertain 60 children at a shore party. The boys were taken on a bus trip over the Skyline Drive in Virginia. Five boys were aided in securing employment.

Collected $41 for the Bethel Mission, Traffic lights were placed at dangerous corners ot Govanstown.

Inter-club visits to Westminster, Dover, Towson, Baltimore, Washington, Pikesville, Seaford and Milford, and attending the Charter Nights of Taneytown and Salisbury.

Separate visits to other clubs was 358 visits, with a total distance of 60,014 miles traveled, and the club entertained 119 visiting Kiwanians.

Organized bowling teams, held 2 Ladies' Nights with dancing, a card party netting $450 for welfare work, an oyster roast and a Christmas party for members.

The Lieutenant Governor was entertained. Celebrated its own Charter Night and was represented at the Mid Winter Conference, International and District Conventions.

President J. Albert Taylor, Secretary Edwin I. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 59, Attendance 78%

Raised $330 for underprivileged work with a card party, and $500 benefit baseball game. Funded 28 tonsil and adenoid operations, 8 other operations, and 80 eye examinations. Other activities were furnishing clothing, shoes and fuel, nursing service, picnics to orphans; children sent to camps; and aid to the Child Study Association, at a total cost of more than $700.

Continued sponsorship of the Sipawik Club, the members were entertained at two luncheons and at a shore outing. These boys assisted in taking children to camp and in delivering Christmas baskets and in other ways. Donated $100 to the Red Shield Boys' Club of Baltimore, to sponsor a photographic room.

Aided in getting an appropriation for enlarging the Govans Branch of the Pratt Library.

Arranged 8 inter-clubs with nearby clubs, and attended the Charter Nights of Halethorpe and Ellicott City. Members of the club made a total of 399, visits to other clubs, traveling 142,310 miles, 53 different clubs were visited, and the club had as its guests 174 Kiwanians from 9 clubs.

There were two Ladies' Nights and a Family Party at Christmas. Bowling teams were organized for Ladies and for Men, as well as a Golf team, and a mixed Glee Club formed from members and their wives.

Nine members had 100% attendance. Had two 100% meetings; entertained District Governor and the LTG; held several Kiwanis Education meetings; and was represented at the School for Club Officers, the Mid-Winter Conference, International and the District Conventions.

President John A. Payne, Secretary Edwin I. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 58; Attendance 79%

Gave $100 to the Red Shield Club for the Photographic Room, spent $200 for a Fracture Bed given to the Children's Hospital School, 144 children from there and from the Orphans' Home were given an outing on a shore. Took 44 children to a Christmas Play, and 20 children were sent to camp. Money was raised by a Card Party and a benefit baseball game. The expenditures for underprivileged work amounted to $700.

Continued the sponsorship of the Sinawik Club, its members were taken to visit the Red Shield Club and were entertained at several luncheons.

Visited 6 clubs, held 3 such meetings. A total of 384 visits were made to 56 other clubs, with a total member mileage of 160,454 miles.

Hosted a District Governor's Ball with the International President. Represented at the Training School for Club Officers, Mid-Winter Conference, International and District Conventions.

President Russell R. Clow, Secretary Edwin I. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 56, Attendance 80%

Instead of a benefit dance, each member contributed $10 for Welfare Work making about $600. Contributed $50 to the Red Shield Boys' Club and $27 to the Child Study Association. An electric refrigerator was given to the Florence Crittenden Home, 26 tonsil and adenoid operations, 12 for mastoid, and 6 children fitted with glasses. Entertained the Baltimore Orphanage and a Christmas party given to 150 children. Gave food and clothing to children who would otherwise not have been able to attend school.

Gave parties to the Camp Girls and other youngsters. The Siriawik Club work continued. A benefit dance netted $200 for the Red Cross. The social activities consisted of a dance, and the Family Party at Christmas.

Held 2 inter-club meetings and attended four other such meetings, 345 visits were made by members, traveling 33,915 miles and visiting 27 clubs.

Collected 17 tons of scrap; sold $106,587 worth of Bonds and Stamps; donated $125 to the Govans Post of Veterans of Foreign Wars; and was represented at the School for Club Officers, Mid-Winter Conference, International and District Conventions.

Division 06
President Edward E. Stafford, Secretary Edwin I. Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 56, Attendance 73%
LG Albert Taylor

The club took care of the medical and surgical treatment of a number of children, including T. and A. operations, eye examinations, eyeglass fittings, and dental work. Furnished clothing and shoes where needed. Gave $35 and collected clothing and games for the Waryland School for the Blind. The club took their own families and the inmates of the Woodbourne Avenue Orphanage for an outing at a nearby beach. Gave a Christmas Party to 300 school children at an expense of $35.

The members of the winning girls' basketball team of one school were given sterling silver bracelets, and the boys of the baseball team were each given a baseball cap; $100 was given to the Child Study Organization, and $25 to Maryland Amateur Baseball Association, and sold 102 tickets to the amateur games at Oriole Park; also a Son and Daughter 'Night was held, at which time the sons and daughter put on the program.

The club encouraged the planting of Victory Gardens, and secured plots of ground to be used for this purpose; waste fat salvage and collection was sponsored; service organizations and blood bank contributions were actively supported; books, magazines, and records were collected and donated to service organizations for the use of service men; 50,000 cigarettes were sent to the Pacific area.

The club attended one meeting with the Baltimore Club; held 2 inter-club meetings, at one of which all the clubs in the Division were represented, and at the other all but two. Member visits totaled 319, to 28 clubs, and 200 Kiwanians were entertained.

Organized bowling teams for men and ladies, and inter-club matches were played with Pikesville and Reisterstown.

Furnished a LTG (Albert Taylor); entertained the District Governor and International Trustee; was represented at the Mid-Winter Conference, District Convention, and Training School for Club Officers. On December 31, 3 members in the armed forces.

(Volume 6)
President R. Samuel Jett, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 59, Attendance 82%

President Nelson O. Gore, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 63, Attendance 86%

Division 06
President Lester N. Phillipy, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 66, Attendance 82%
Sponsor Dundalk and Northeast Baltimore Clubs

President Del K. Philips, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 68, Attendance 83%

President Donald Jenkins, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 69, Attendance 88%

President Donald T. Cronin, Secretary Edwin Wright
Membership Jan 1 - 76, Attendance 86%

President S. M. Eberenz, Secretary Howard E. Miller
Membership Jan 1 - 79, Attendance 81%

(Volume 7)
PresidentM. Edward Coberth, Secretary Howard E. Miller
Membership Jan 1 - 83, Attendance 82%

Division 12
President Lewis F. J. Stapf, Secretary Howard E. Miller
Membership Jan 1 - 64, Attendance 90%
Sponsor Hampden-Mount Washington Club

President Edmund Q. Wright, Secretary Howard E. Miller
Membership Jan 1 - 82, Attendance 91%

Division 12
President George M. Mullen, Secretary Howard E. Miller
Membership Jan 1 - 80, Attendance 93%

LG Lewis F. J. Stapf

President Howard A. Schnepfe, Secretary Howard E. Miller
Membership Jan 1 - 83, Attendance 88%

President ?, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President William H. McLean Jr, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Joseph H. Dowling, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Joseph J. Rochlitz, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Stanley W. DeMoss, Secretary Howard E. Miller

Division 12

President J. Valliant Harrington, Secretary Howard E. Miller
LG Joseph H. Dowling

President W. Irvin Cousins Jr, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President James F. Creelman, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Ferdinand Meyer IV, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Frank E. Lyston, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Paul J. Rach, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Joseph M. Knott, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President Paul R. Arnold, Secretary Howard E. Miller

President John A. Slade, Secretary Howard E. Miller

1969 - 1970
President James W. Lancaster, Secretary Howard E. Miller

1970 - 1971
President Howard W. Merrill, Secretary James F. Creelman

1971 - 1972
Division 12
President Paul J. Rach, Secretary James F. Creelman
LG Paul R. Arnold

1972 - 1973
President Norman C. Heller, Secretary James F. Creelman

1973 - 1974
President W. Falconer Baird Jr, Secretary James F. Creelman

1974 - 1975
President J. Howard Settle, Secretary James F. Creelman
Charter Revoked