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Organized December 14 1950 Charter February 1 1951
Key #03575 112th District Club
Sponsors Towson | Parkville
Divisions 06 12 06
Region Mason Dixon
Population (1950) 120

Division 06
(Note, this club has been updated according to their 50th Birthday
Activities span from 1950 to 1999

Norris King, President of the Parkville Club and Malcolm Niefield, Past President, along with members of the Towson Club, determined a need to form a club in the Loch Raven area

A membership drive took place at the Arnolia Church on Joppa and Oakleigh Roads, but, unfortunately, the membership drive was not successful

One year later, J Henry Frick, Lt Governor of the Baltimore City Club, and C Walter Cole, past Governor of the Towson Club, along with Noris and Malcolm called upon Ernie Trimble, an attorney, and Steve Stevens, a real estate management official, to canvass the Loch Raven community These men were able to solicit sufficient individuals to form the Kiwanis Club of Loch Raven

The Capital District Governor at that time was D Hurd Good from Martinsville VA

Most of these Charter Members were educators, a few were attorneys, as well as a sampling of individuals who owned and maintained businesses along Loch Raven Boulevard

Dec 4 1950
President Ernest C Trimble

Club received its Charter 12-4-50

Charter members: Frederick J Beste, Jr, John F Bosdie, C Marshall Covelly, James M Crosby, PF Cuttino, George S Ennis, Jr, Albert B Hargreaves, Dudley C Hoffman, John R Kirkpatrick, Harvey W Kreuzburg, Jr, Clarke Langrall, John D Lombardi, Charles MG MacVicar, Ralph R Martin, Jr, William J McDonald, Louis P McIntyre, Frank A Muzzullo, Donald J O'Rourke, Carmen F Palumbo, Harold K Plantholt, Herbert R Ricketts, Carl "Dusty" Rhoades, Maurice W Roberts, Robert J Shockley, O Ellsworth Stevens, Ernest C Trimble, William H Walker, G Thomas Weiss

(Volume 7)
President Ernest C Trimble, Secretary James M Crosby
Membership 25 Attendance 87%

On February 1, 1951, Charter Night was held at the Charles Room at the Belvedere Two hundred people were in attendance at the cost of $600 per person

The famous talent show was born (And the label "Honest Ernie" was coined)

The first fund raiser was selling Buyer's Guides within the village

Visitations were started to Prince George's Cottage at the Maryland Training School

The club's first meeting place was the Orchard Inn Later, it was moved to the Loch Raven Elementary School

During the first year, the club lost many members but still managed to survive

Division 12
President O Elsworth Stevens, Secretary Charles L Schobel Jr
Membership 20 Attendance 97%

Steve was called "the model president" because he modeled Marlboro shirts and was seen on billboards throughout Baltimore

The budget for that year: income $1,293, dues $16 per person, expenses $1,171, and social committees $450

The Vocational Guidance committee was formed

A carnival was the fund raiser under the direction of Jack Masket

The President's scrapbook had its beginning

Peerce's Plantation was engaged for the club's meeting place

As a new club, we tied with the Glen Burnie Club for first place in the divisional standings

President George Ennis, Secretary G Marshall Covelly
Membership Jan 1 - 21 Attendance 98%

The club continues growth and prospers

President Robert J Shockley, Secretary G Marshall Covelly
Membership Jan 1 - 31 Attendance 98%

Kiwives (an organization for the wives of members) begins

Hillendale Swim Club project starts The pool leased for $4,000 per year

The famous flag sales found Paul Cox selling flags to the community of Loch Raven and, we note, Paul was wearing a cast on his broken leg $2,210 was realized

Loud shirt and tie night begins

Formation of the first scholarship fund had $50 set aside

This was the year of the Kiwanis Rabbit Sweepstakes

The club along with the Optimists clubs, sponsored the Little League Parade

The Board of Directors approves no more than 10% of pool profits could be used for general club activities

President William H Holland, Secretary G Marshall Covelly
Membership Jan 1 - 32 Attendance 96%

Fund raising activities consisted of a Spring Dance, Flag Campaign, and a Halloween Dance

President Lou MacIntire

Kiwanian of the Year begins

Lou dies in office The Hillendale Pool is dedicated in his name

Division 12
President Clarke Langrall, Secretary G Marshall Covelly
LG William H Holland

Inducted 10 new members

Instituted the Kiwanisgram, a newsletter

The Board of Directors elected first vice president via a conference call

Budget for services was $1,860

Members assessed for Charter Night deficit

President B Melvin Cole, Secretary G Marshall Covelly

Hired Don Kiddy as permanent Pool Manager at the Hillendale Swim Pool

President Warren "Whitey" Morken, Secretary G Marshall Covelly

Cash on hand was $1,92957

Budget was $2,500

End of year balance amounted to $2,37000

President Robert E Shreeve, Secretary G Marshall Covelly

Board voted to form a Kiwanis Marching Band

Charter Night cost was $1400 per couple

President Spiro T Agnew, Secretary John N Harrison

Scholarship fund of $700 was established

Club dues raised from $18 to $22 per year

Loch Raven Band united with the Recreation Council Band and became known as the Kiwanis Recreation Band

Towson Kiwanis granted us the privilege of forming a Key Club at Calvert Hall College (high school)

President Carroll F Nace, Secretary Warren J Morken

Crusade began to eliminate the comma from The Pledge of Allegiance so that it would read "One nation under God" instead of "One nation, under God"

Donated $400 to Camp Greentop for Crippled Children

Service budget was $3,41000

President Frank L Thorton, Secretary Ellis H Stroup

Negotiations begin with Dave Endy Enterprises by Jack Masket for members to man booths at the Eastpoint Carnival

President Charles G Grasmick, Secretary John S Young

Service budget of $3,800

Division 12
President Burger T Thistel, Secretary John S Young
LG Carroll F Nace
Sponsor Perry Hall-Kingsville Club

Developed a printed Code of Ethics for each resident in Loch Raven VillageAdministrative budget was $4,000

On March 24, 1965, club purchased the Valley Pool for $60,000 and spent over $20,000 for repairs 1966
President Wallace Dann, Secretary C Brooks Hubbert

All activities centered on new poolselling memberships, landscaping and planting trees, refinishing bathhouses, etc

Meeting facility was relocated from Peerce's Plantation to the Hansom House Three months later, meetings were moved to Andy Wargo's house on a temporary basis

Division 12
President John S Young, Secretary C Brooks Hubbert
LG Ellis H Stroup

Meeting moved to Holiday Inn-North

Club members were privileged to be guests of the Governor on board his yacht, Maryland Lady Bill Jensen, then a member of the House of Delegates, arranged the evening

President Sammuel Kimmel, Secretary William A Bailey

Began annual crab feast at the Valley Pool

Division 12
President James Weekly, Secretary Willliam A Bailey
Co Sponsors Bel Air

Club members involved in Vice President's Ball honoring Ted Agnew, (The Vice President of the United States)

1969 - 1970
Division 12
President C Brooks Hubbert
LG Burger T Thistle

Membership grew to all time high of 74

Club actively campaigned for Ellis Stroup to be elected Governor of the Capital District (Ellis was elected but was unable to assume office due to business obligations and relocation)

1970 - 1971
President Robert L "Bob" Jennings,
Secretary William A "Bill" Gray

Multi-service award winner for district

Honored Ted Agnew with a Kiwanis International Life Membership for his leadership and personal achievements in Kiwanis

Intensive efforts to purchase the farm became a reality

1971 - 1972
President Fred W VonBehren, Secretary Stephen Denko

Will Fox began International Relations Night

Henry Klemkowski initiated the much-anticipated Charlestown Races trip

1972 - 1973
Division 12
President William A "Bill" Gray, Secretary Stephen Denko
LG Frank R Thorton

Club donated the scoreboard at Loch Raven Senior.

Tornado hits Hillendale pool causing $1,000 worth of damage.

Club went international when we inducted Ismael Blanco from Columbia, South America as a member.

Began sponsorship of science fair at Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

1973 - 1974
President Edward V "Ed" Shannon, Secretary Charles V Duke

A year of reevaluation

A campaign was designed to determine whether members truly intend to be active in Loch Raven Kiwanis, and devote their volunteer time to community service.

Several resigned and those who elected to remain became the nucleus for a stronger and more viable club.

1974 - 1975
President Charles E Harward Jr
, Secretary Charles V Duke

The memorable Williamsburg Christmas party took place under the supervision of Joe Maranto

Will Fox awarded 12th Division Kiwanian of the year

The club assumed a permanent sponsorship of the Towson Fourth of July Parade from the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce The general chairmen were Joe Maranto and Howard Bottinger

1975 - 1976
President G Paul Cox, Secretary William J Hirt

Several members traveled to Jamaica for an interclub with Jamica's four active clubs the May Pen Club, the South Clarington Club, the Kingston Club, and the Montego Bay Club

Held the Jack Kohler production of the American Revolution

1976 - 1977
President John J"Jack" Brocato, Secretary William J Hirt

Valley Farm was purchased on 9-1-77

Under the guidance of Earl Mull, gardening plots measuring 30' x 30' were available for rent at $1500 as a fund raising project

1977 - 1978
Division 12
President Joseph N"Joe" Maranto, Secretary Thomas J Hayes
LG Charles E Harward Jr
Sponsor Cross Keys Club

Planted over 300 red and golden delicious apple trees on farm

Hosted Dutch and Belgium visitors

The famous Bill and Pat Jensen egg nog was introduced

Club ranked first place nine (9) times that year within the divisional standings

A day care center was established at the Kiwanis Valley Farm

1978 - 1979
Division 12
President Will R Fox, Secretary Leonard N Urso
Co Sponsor Perry Hall

Memberships for the Valley Pool became a priority because of the loss of members to the new Jewish Community Center in Pikesville Every effort was made to stabilize existing pool members

1979 - 1980
President Charles V Duke
Secretary Paul C Bossle, Treasurer Jack Freistat
Membership Oct 1 - 53 Attendance 91%

G Paul Cox awarded 12th Division Kiwanian of the Year

Established the Long Range Planning Committee that negotiated the sale of Valley Pool

Meetings moved from Holiday Inn (North) to The Kirkwood House

Sold Valley Pool (21 acres) on 12-29-80 and the farm (54 acres) on 5-14-81

Kiwanis Loch Raven Foundation established through the efforts of Paul Cummings

The Foundation is organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Maryland Proceeds from the sale of the Valley pool and farm were deposited in a Club Foundation account These funds were invested to earn the highest possible return They are used to subsidize the club's service budget and special projects The officers and directors are completely separtate from the club's officers and directors Foundation members monitor, advise, and report to the general membership concerning the investments of our 501C foundation The reporting of the funds status is made to the club's board at least quarterly but as frequently as the board deems necessary

Anyone may contribute to the Foundation through an outright gift, a bequest, a gift of life insurance, a memorial gift, or a charitable gift

Began involvement with Towson Spring Festival selling Philadelphia soft pretzels as a fund raiser

Became main sponsor of the Towson Fourth of July Parade with Joe Maranto as the chairman of the parade and Paul Creamer as the Grand Marshall

1981 - 1982
President Frank Wilfong, Secretary Paul C Bossle

Assisted Western Maryland College in developing programs for deaf and blind students Coordinated by Ed Kilcullen.

Joe Maranto awarded 12th Division Kiwanian of the year.

1982 - 1983
Division 12
President William O Jensen, Secretary Paul C Bossle
LG Will R Fox

Several members attended the first overseas International Convention in Vienna, Austria.

Received Governor's Proclamation that January is Kiwanis International Month.

January 21, 1983 was proclaimed Kiwanis International Day.

1983 - 1984
President Tom Hayes, Secretary Will R Fox

Memorial scholarships were introduced in the names of John Burns, Pete Phillips, Donald Benson and Frank Thornton.

Hillendale Pool leasing comes to an end Loch Raven Kiwanis is out of the pool business.

1984 - 1985
Division 12
President Jack MacGregor, Secretary Will R Fox
District Chair International Relations Will R Fox
Governor Charles E Harward Jr

Every effort was devoted to maintaining existence of club.

Annual crab feast moved to Libertini's.

Involved with professional fund-raiser featuring Henny Youngman at Loch Raven Senior High School.

Charlie Harward elected governor of Capital District.

1985 - 1986
President Ron Chalmers (resigns) Joe Maranto (fulfills term)
, Secretary Will R Fox
District Chair Achievement Charles E Harward Jr
District Chair Budget and Finance Charles E Harward Jr

Ron resigns after one month in office.

Joe Maranto voted into office (second term)

Agenda: A Time of DecisionDisband, merge, or unite?
Club voted to unite and unite we did

1986 - 1987
President William O Jensen
, Secretary Will R Fox

President for second term

Increased community involvement

Hillendale Elementary mentoring project begins

Plaques placed in local hotels and motels to identify times and places of nearby church services

1987 - 1988
President Bill Hirt
, Secretary Will R Fox

Membership increases

Concentrated involvement with Key Clubs, Circle "K" Clubs, and Youth Program under the guidance of Chairman Scott Hunter

1988 - 1989
Division 12
President Ed Kilcullen, Secretary Will R Fox
LG Joseph N Maranto

Club reaches Charter Strength

Formed and sponsored Perry Hall Kiwanis breakfast club

First woman, Beth Adamitis, becomes member

Began Single Mothers Returning to College Scholarships

1989 - 1990
President Bruce Hale
, Secretary Will R Fox

Continued growth and expansion

Russian Consulate accepts invitation to address interclub

Activities centered on celebration of Kiwanis International's 75th anniversary

1990 - 1991
President Pat Blume, Secretary Will R Fox

First woman President Club is viable with a good financial base and enthusiastic, growing membership

1991 - 1992
Division 12
President John Sutton, Secretary Will R Fox
LG William O Jensen Jr

Presented prenatal unit at GBMC with a check for $15,000

1992 - 1993
President Scott Hunter, Secretary Will R Fox
Membership Oct 1 - 20

Scott elected as Capital District administrator of Key Club

Presented a check for $15,000 to St Joseph Medical Center for purchasing laproscopic surgical instruments

1993 - 1994
Division 12
President Leo Urso, Secretary Andrew M Haag
Membership Oct 1 - 24
LG Robert L Jennings

Sponsored a very successful Miracle Mile to benefit Children's Center at Johns Hopkins

1994 - 1995
President Carroll Hunter, Secretary Andrew M Haag
Membership Oct 1 - 21

Concentrated efforts to have members be more community oriented

Resumed involvement with Towson Fourth of July Parade as a divisional project

Returned to club strength

1995 - 1996
President Carroll Hunter, Secretary William O Jensen
Membership Oct 1 - 21

Second term in this office

Begin bi-weekly dinner meeting at the Towson Country Club

1996 - 1997 & 1997 - 1998
President Andrew M Haag, Secretary Sandra L Benson

Single Service Award/Coal Section for club's safety sticker program was highlighted in the Kiwanis International Magizine

Established Terrific Kids Programs at Pleasant Plains Elementary and Halstead Academy

Assisted reopening of Loch Raven mini-library by donating computers

Supplied sound system and golf cart to Camp Puh Tok

Assisted in fun activities at St Vincent's Children Center and Genesis Elder Care

1998 - 1999
President Kim Forthuber, Secretary Sandra L Benson
Membership Oct 1 - 24

Continued the tradition of excellence associated with the club

Initiated an educational program at each meeting consisting of past history and important facts regarding Kiwanis International and our club

Established a new fund raising program with the IDD SKIP-A-MEAL Program

Helped to provide a new Hillendale Tot Lot

Instrumental in assuring the success of the Globe Program at Pleasant Plains Elementary

1999 - 2000
President Paul Creamer, Secretary Sandra L Benson
Membership Oct 1 - 23

Second term in office

Membership increased by two

Club met the Kiwanis International IDD goal by awarding two Hixsons

Committed $5,000 for the purchase of playground equipment for the new Loch Raven playground

Increased yearly scholarship fund to $20,000

Formed Builders Club at Dunbarton Middle School

2000 - 2001
President Susan P Henderson, Secretary Sarah R Delaney
Treasurer Sandy L Benson
Membership Oct 1 - 23

The year 2000 - 2001 was a year of celebration and a year of accomplishments for the Kiwanis Club of Loch Raven In December the club marked its 50th year of service to the Loch Raven Community with a gala event held at teh Hillendale Country Club and attended by 150 former and current members, their spouses and guests Joseph Maranto was the Chairman of teh 50th Anniversary Celebration which included displays of the activities that the club sponsored from 1950 to the present, the awarding of a Hixson Fellowship to Ernie Trimble, the first president of the club, a video presentation of the history of the club and a formal dinner freflecting the warmth and friendship of our "Kiwanis Family"

During the year our club grew by 3 members thanks to our membership chairman, Bob Marta Two of our members were elected to posts beyond our club Andrew Haag was elected ats the Lt Governor 2001-2002 and Joseph Maranto was elected as the Capital District Fundation Trustee for Division 12

Community activities included the following:

  1. Recognized a firefighter, teacher and policeman of the year
  2. Sponsored the Starfish Program at Pleasant Plains Elementary School as part of the Terrific Kids Program
  3. Sponsored the Terrific Kids Program at Halstead Academy as well as donationg $800 in educational games, four rocking chairs and educational carpets to the primary grades
  4. Sponsored programs at St Vincent's Center, including the Maryland Science Center, magic show, soccer clinic, and reptile show
  5. Adopted 3 families at Christmas and 8 families for Back To School Program
  6. Sponsored the "Bingo" program at teh Genesis Nursing Home
  7. Sponsored the new Key Club at the Carver Center for the Arts and Technology
  8. Sponsored the on-going Key Club of Towson High School
  9. Established $26,000 in scholarships to students majoring in nursing or allied health programs at colleges in Maryland
  10. Participated in the Towsontowne Festival
  11. Sponsored the 100 Halstead Men Basketball Program
  12. Participated in the "Fishing Day" for the benefit of underpriviledged youths
  13. Sponsored a team for the Polo Classic for the benefit of the Capital District's pediatric hospitals
  14. Sponsored 4th of July fireworks
  15. Distributed 2500 American flags on the 4th of July

In addition to activities outlined above, the club made the following donations

  1. Johns Hopkins Children's Fund
  2. Lupus Foundation
  3. Boy Scouts of America
  4. Camp Puh Tok
  5. Loch Raven Baseball
  6. Towson YMCA
  7. Loch Raven Community Playground Fund
  8. Stemmers Run Science Program

Administratively, the club established a Sexual Harassment Policy, a Kiwanian of the Year Policy and a new web site

2001 - 2002
Division 12
President Richard Mc Cleary, Secretary Sarah R Delaney
Membership Oct 1 - 23 Attendance 82%
LG Andrew M Haag

Theme for 2001-2002 was PARTICIPATION
Visit of the Governor of Capital District to our first meeting of the year The event was a success with Kiwanians, Circle K and Key Club members from all parts of Division 12 Over 150 were in attendance

Fall activities included Magic show at St Vincent's Children's Home, Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for needy families

Started Bingo games at Genesis Nursing Home on a monthly basis

Began Power point presentations to attract new members As a result we added three new members

The Towson Town festival was an overwhelming fun raising success, with receipts totaling over $2000 Introduced a new food product (Pork BBQ) and it was extremely well received

Members attended over 25 interclubs

Board of Directors tackled many sensitive issues(1) The elimination of mandatory billings for Charter Night and (2) Revisions to the reimbursement schedules for conventions Both of these items required patience, tack and the ability to compromise

Year End: 1132 Projects Completed, 1173 Service Hours, $16,017 Spent, 21 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President William O Jensen Jr, Secretary Sarah R Delaney
Membership Oct 1 - 25 Attendance 90%

The Loch Raven Kiwanis Club had a banner year of service projects and fundraising events These projects and events enabled the club to produce over 2,500 man hours and give approximately $35,000 to many organizations and individuals in our community who work for the betterment of children and families
All of this was done even though the budget was cut almost in half

In addition to the community projects, the following administrative changes developed:

1) The club by-laws were updated to reflect the new changes through 6-25-2002
2) The club's Foundation assets did reasonably well during the first half of 2003, even though we experienced a slow economy
3) The club addressed a number of issues and developed policies on sexual harassment, Kiwanian of the Year, Hixson recipients, and Honorary and Senior members
4) The club used an annual assessment guide to measure projects, community needs, membership, guest speakers, etc On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) , the club scored 39

Because of unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone's control, the club lost 5 members during the year and the club had to relocate our meeting facility due to renovations of the Towson Country Club We regrouped and moved ahead by evaluating the remaining members giving them projects that best suited their talents and interests

The club received much recognition within the Capital District and the 12th Division in 2002-2003 by receiving the District's Interclub Award and resuming our very successful annual pancake breakfast

Year End: 123 Projects Completed, 1279 Service Hours, $29,515 Spent, 12 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
Division 12
President Arlene Blanche, Secretary Sarah R Delaney
Membership Oct 1 - 20 Attendance 81%
Meet 1st 3rd TH 6:30 PM Towson Golf & Country Club
LG Paul Creamer
Sponsor Upper Chesapeake

Year End: 97 Projects Completed, 1218 Service Hours, $4,175 Spent, 11 Interclubs

2004 - 2006
Division 12
President Joseph Maranto, Secretary William O Jensen Jr
Membership 2004-05 Oct 1 - 20
Membership 2005-06 Oct 1 - 22 Attendance 87%
Meet 1st 3rd TH 6:30 PM Towson Golf & Country Club
LG 2004 Richard McCleary
LG 2005 John Henderson

Administrative: Implemented a 2 year term of Officers and Board Effective November 1, 2004 Moved Board meetings to Hillendale Community Center Revised Club's Budget process on spending Hosted the first Inter-club of the year with Capital District Governor Installed 7 new members - Hugh Monaghan, Charlotte Maranto, Teresa KEller, Clayton Wright, Sue Pfeiffer, Katie Barone, and Jane Zeman Approved policies on "K" of the Year-Hixson award-Travel reimbursements-Harrassment policy Completed inventory of Storage locker Negotate a free fee on storage locker Club's Kemper Funds placed under the guidance of the Foundation Modified Club and Foundation Bylaws Changed charter night structure Finalized attendence-No call policy Arranged many social events - BMA-Races, Naval Academy Breakfast-Dinner Theater, and Special dinner gathering Placed monthly articles in Village Crier and in Towson Times Co-Sponsored Mid Winter Conference at Hunt Valley Two members elected as LG Division 12

Projects: Eleminated July 4th Fireworks to be replaced by distributing 1500 flags to homes in Loch Raven Village Hosted Russian Educators, Placed 4 new road signs on various streets in L/R-Village Pancake breakfast was a success - combined our efforts with the Upper Chesapeake Club Helped established Annie's playgroung Provided food baskets to the needy families at Christmas and Thanksgiving Conducted Monthly Bingo Games at Genesis Nursing home along with Upper Chesapeake Club Awarded Teacher, Fireman, and Policeman of the year awards Provided 10 scholarships to deserving high school students and nursing candidates Donated blood at local blood bank Provided program s at St Vencents Home Created a New Member Pamphlet for distribution

Donations: $100 to Tsunami Relief and $3,000 to the Katrina Disaster Fund

K-Family: Discontinued builders club at Dunbarton Middle and preparing to establish a Terrific Kids club at Pleasant Plains Elementary School

2004-05 Year End Statistics: 80 Projects Completed, 1251 Service Hours, $2,219 Spent, 13 Interclubs
2005-06 Year End Statistics: 77 Projects Completed, 1014 Service Hours, $13,385 Spent, 21 Interclubs

2006 - 2007
President Paul Creamer, Secretary William O Jensen Jr
Membership Oct 1 - 22 Attendance 60%
Meet 1st 3rd TH 6:30 PM Towson Golf & Country Club

Year End: 57 Projects Completed, 765 Service Hours, $12,642 Spent, 8 Interclubs

2007 - 2008
President Paul Creamer, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 22 Attendance 99%
Meet 1st 3rd TH 6:30 PM Towson Golf & Country Club

Year End: 140 Projects Completed, 1544 Service Hours, $12,576 Spent, 16 Interclubs

2008 - 2009
President Judith Jefferson-Laflame, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 19 Attendance 99%
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Orchard Landing Restaurant and Lounge

Year End: 163 Projects Completed, 1318 Service Hours, $4,621 Spent,12 Interclubs

2009 - 2010
President Judith Jefferson-Laflame, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 15 Attendance 54%
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Orchard Landing Restaurant and Lounge

Year End: 110 Projects Completed, 1282 Service Hours, $11,209 Spent, 8 Interclubs, $400 CD Foundation

2010 - 2011
President Timothy W Fosbrink, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 16
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Orchard Landing Restaurant and Lounge

Year End: 124 Projects Completed, 1703 Service Hours, $12452 Spent, 7 Interclubs, $1100 CD Foundation

2011 - 2012
President Timothy W Fosbrink, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 15
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Orchard Landing Restaurant and Lounge

2012 - 2013
President Sandra L Benson, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 18
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Pappas Restaurant

2013 - 2014
Division 06

President Sandra L Benson, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 20
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Pappas Restaurant

2014 - 2015
President Sandra L Benson, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 19
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Pappas Restaurant

2015 - 2016
President Sandra L Benson, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 19
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Pappas Restaurant

2016 - 2017
President Mary Kimberly Forthuber, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 20
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Pappas Restaurant

2017 - 2018
President Mary Kimberly Forthuber, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 17
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM Pappas Restaurant

2018 - 2019
President Mary Kimberly Forthuber, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 16
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM

2019 - 2020
President Mary Kimberly Forthuber, Secretary Charles V Duke
Membership Oct 1 - 16
Meet 1st 3rd WE 6:30 PM