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Organized January 23 1945 Chartered February 27 1945
Key #02577 73rd District Club
Sponsored Washington
Divisions 01 17 03
Regions Potomac | National Capital
Population (1945) 12,000

(Volume 6)
Division 01
President William P. Allen, Secretary-Treasurer Chester H. McCall
Membership Jan 1 - 25 Attendance 81%

The club sponsored and financed a Boy Scout Troop, organized a Scout softball team to play in the Recreation Centre League, and entertained the Troop at a regular meeting; took the leadershp in organizing the Montgomery County YMCA; was responsible for organizing four HI-Y clubs for boys and one for girls; organized 16 teams of Junior High School baseball and basketball made up of 109 boys; purchased, at a cost of $1,300 and installed an iron lung at the local hospital, with free use of the lung by children; gave a Christmas party for 25 children from the Baptist Orphanage with gifts costing $100 each, and entertainment by Santa Claus and a magician; encouraged Victory Gardens and gave prizes amounting to $200 for garden products at the local Harvest Show; gave a dinner at the USO in which Kiwanians and their wives purchased, pre¬pared and served the dinner and put on entertainment acts for 125 service men at a cost of $95; observed V. E. Day; aided the Clothing drive sponsoring an Old Clothing Matinee at which huge piles of clothing were piled in front of the theatre, spent 30 evenings sorting and packing the clothing and spent $42 for labels for the packages; aided in all War Loan drives and other worth-while activitie.s in the community; sent baskets to hospitalized veterans at Thanksgiving and Christmas; and gave a testimonial dinner to Col. Devereux, hero of Wake Island, a local resi¬dent.

President Wilton H. Wallace, Secretary John L. McElfresh
Membership Jan 1 - 38 Attendance 77%

The club active in supporting the organization of the New Montgomery County YMCA expending during the year $102 on this work and through its spon¬sorship has enlisted 14 local leaders in the Y program; instrumental in the organization of a Youth Council; sponsored Boy Scout Troop No. 240, securing contributions of equipment and materials to furnish the Scout Room and expended $31; sponsored Girl Scout Troop No. 254, expended $22; sponsored a summer Recreation program for elementary school children in¬cluding in the program athletics, music, dancing, arts, and transportation to the swimming pools weekly, with 121 children registered, program lasting for 6 weeks, at a cost of $250; sponsored a Track Meet and Field Day at the Bethedsa Chevy Chase High School in which 371 students were entered, furnished ribbons and certificates to the winners at a cost of $99; in cooperation with other service clubs gave Halloween party for 100 children at a cost of $35; spent $181 for parkas for the football team of Montgomery Junior College and provided sawdust for the high school football field; contributed $100 to the Children's Hospital; for European Relief held a Clothing Charity Matinee and two canned food drives; was most active in the Red Cross Drive; sponsored a Sundav dinner for service men at the USO at a cost of $75, Kiwanians and their wives assisted in serving 145 dinners; organized and presented the forum giving viewpoints of labor, management and the church on capital and labor issues for adults and other for high school students; expended $50 on a testimonial dinner given to the principal of the local high schools Upon his completion of 25 years of service; joined with the other organizations in sponsoring the annual Bethesda-Chevy Chase Harvest show; and instituted a project consisting of vocational lectures and conferences at the high schools given to the entire student body, 841 in number, on the problems of choosing a vocation followed by group conferences on various vocations in which 221 Seniors took part, costing $50.

President Leo Donovan, Secretary George W. McLain
Membership Jan 1 - 51 Attendance 81%
District Chair Business Standards Wilton H. Wallace

The club sponsored and conducted the annual Field Day and Track Meet of the high school, 381 boys and girls participating with a plaque for the winning class and prizes for individual winners at a cost of $187; expended $50 as co-sponsor of a Halloween Dance at the high school with 491 young people in attendance; accepted the sponsorship of the Cub Scout Council having 60 Cub Scouts as guests of the club at its annual Christmas party, the total cost being $135; continued to sponsor the Allied Youth Council; sponsored an art contest among the schools, contributing for this purpose $69; spent $25 for a trophy presented to the champion footbalI team in Montgomery County; spent $100 sponsoring activities in the YMCA spent $2,200 on underprivileged child work; completely equipped at a cost of $1,000 a delivery room at a Suburban Hospital; $700 was contributed for speech treatment for a needy girl; provided Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for 35 needy families which included about 150 children; conducted an "International Friendship Year" during which the club had speakers from India, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Great Britain, China, the State Department, and United Nations; and distributed through the area the code of ethics of Bethesda Chamber of Commerce.

President Emery H. Bogley, Secretary Richard L. Twombly
Membership Jan 1 - 58 Attendance 81%
District Chair Business Standards Wilton H. Wallace

The club gave two cups to outstanding basketball players and five gold basketballs to the winning high school teams; for the second year sponsored the Kiwanis team in county recreation football league outfitting the team and providing transportation and coaching; again the Halloween party at a cost of about $100; continued to sponsor Cub Scout Pack; staged "Booster Tickets" Day for Montgomery Junior College to raise funds for athletics; sent 33 underprivileged children to summer camp at a cost of $330; continued to finance the speech treatment of a girl spending $1,020; a permanent project to establish, maintain and operate a summer camp for underprivileged boys was set up and the amount of $2,470 was deposited in the bank of Bethesda earmarked for this pur¬pose; sponsored the Annual Fal1 Harvest Show; sent out a series of 8 agricultural bulletins; bought monthly 6,000 leaflets on "It's Fun To Live In America", and distributed them through the high school, in pay envelopes to laborers and hand out at movie theatres; contributed $182 to the First Aid Corps; sponsored a 4th of July celebration with fireworks at a cost of $150; and made contributions to the Red Cross, Cancer, Tuberculosis, the Community Chest, and American Legion Memorial Fund Drive.

Division 01
President Jolm D. Sadler, Secretary Richard L. Twombly
Membership Jan 1 - 65 Attendance 80%
LG Wilton H. Wallace

The club sponsored and furnished equipment for a local football team; continued sponsoring the Cub Scout Pack; held a Halloween party for children of the community; continued our assistance to the girl attending the speech school; sent 15 boys to a summer camp for two weeks; entertained 39 children from the local orphanage at a luncheon and movie on National Kids Day; set up a blood bank for the underprivileged children of the community; distributed over 500 cans of food and toys which were received from a charity movie show; donated a wheel chair to the children's palsy show in our community; sent 50,000 canceled stamps to a reformatory school in the county; furnished food to a family of four children whose father was seriously ill and raised $2,000 for our un¬derprivileged child fund by chartered steam boat for a summer cruise.

Division 01
President Alfred M. Rinaudot, Secretary Fredric G. Harting
Membership Jan 1 - 65 Attendance 81%
Sponsor Rockville Club

The club sponsored a Cub Pack and a ISO-pound football team in the County League; worked with the Fourth of July celebration and the Halloween party; cele¬brated National Kids Day by taking 29 chil¬dren from the Baptist Home to lunch, to a movie and refreshments afterwards; secured the permission of the authorities for start¬ing a Key Club in the High School, and made plans to organize it early in 1951; put on a "Get Out The Vote", Campaign; participated in all local fund drives; put up beside the Kiwanis road signs, signs "Go to the Church of your Choice on Sun¬day"; sponsored a hearing aid clinic treat¬ing 220 children; founded the Kiwanis Foundation for Bethesda, for the receipt of donations. and obtained a charter from the State of Maryland; raised $1,000 by a moon-light cruise and $250 from the an¬nual tuilip sale for carrying on this work.

Division 01
(Volume 7)
President Dallas P. Fry, Secretary Eugene C. Moyer
Membership Jan 1 - 69 Attendance 80%
Sponsor Wheaton Club

Kiwanis Administration 42 clubs visited our club representing 289 attendance and a total of 2,191 miles traveled one way. There were 13 clubs entertained representing 99 visiting Kiwanians and a total of 147 miles one way.

Agriculture and Conservation sponsored and underwrote the annual Bethesda Chevy Chase Harvest Show. Held the annual Tulip and other bulb sale to raise money for charity.

Boys and Girls Work sponsored Boy Scout troops and assisted in the formation of two Cub Packs. We distributed 1,000 copies of "Your First Job" to graduates and offered vocational advice to local junior College. On National Kids Day we took thirty children from the Baptist Home to lunch and theatre and donated to the same children toys and necessities at Christmas. Our club sponsored a 150-pound Kiwanis football team and entertained County High Football team at regular meeting.

Key Clubs organized at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in December. Two Key Club members attended our meetings.

Public and Business Affairs members assisted extensively with local TB Association in County Chest X-Ray Program. The committee sponsored a "Get Out the Vote" campaign for 1952. We participated in March of Dimes, Red Cross, Community Chest, Cancer, Suburban Hospital and Savings Bond Drive.

Support of Churches in Their Spiritual Aims - Committee transported a church group of entertainers to Forest Glen Army Hospital. We sponsored Christmas carols by teenagers. The members and their wives attended church in body.

Underprivileged Child continued to pay all doctor bills of babies born with club feet. Voluntary contributions were given for use of committee from members in amount of $1,350. We enlarged our Bethesda Kiwanis Hearing Aid project to include all of Montgomery County. Treated 300 children in the clinic. We provided a hearing aid for a child born without outer part of car. An Iron Lung, which we donated to Suburban Hospital, was used on several occasions and in connection with the first polio case of the year. The Kiwanis Foundation of Bethesda, Maryland, Incorporated, a non-profit charitable organization composed of members of the club, was organized to assist underprivileged children.

President Richard L. Twombley, Secretary

President James F. Hogan, Secretary Ricard A. Danzi
Membership Jan 1 - 75 Attendance 86%

Division 01
President Frederick G. Harting Jr, Secretary Warren E. Stiner
Membership Jan 1 - 84 Attendance 79%
Governor Wilton H. Wallace

President Eugene C. Moyer, Secretary John C. McElfresh
Membership Jan 1 - 86 Attendance 79%

President ?, Secretary ?

President Clifford R. Ricketts, Secretary J. Ralph Hickerson
District Chair Public and Business Affairs Wilton H. Wallace

President Thomas L. Coleman, Secretary J. Martin Bonesteel
District Chair Resolutions Wilton H. Wallace

Division 01
President J. Franklin Groff, Secretary Paul Easby-Smith Jr
LG Lloyd M. Dangerfield

President Scott R. Brewer Jr, Secretary Dr. William M. Hart

President Frank Y. Jaggers, MD, Secretary Robert Brewer, MD

President J.Martin Bonesteel, Secretary Carl E. Plitt Jr

Division 01
President Benjamin P. Treadwell, Secretary Carl W. Hurlebaus
Co Sponsor Capitol Hill Club

President William Hart, MD, Secretary ngelo D. Valenza

President Paul Easby-Smith Jr, Secretary Richard L. Latimer

President Carl E. Plitt Jr, Secretary Robert L. Pillote

Division 01
President Carl W. Hurlebaus, Secretary Victor A. DeLeon
LG Scott R. Brewer Jr

President Angelo D. Valenza, Secretary Wayne P. Shoemaker

President Richard L. Latimer, Secretary Paul M. Morrison

1969 - 1970
Division 01
President Robert L. Pillote, Secretary Chester J. Pflieger
Sponsor Montgomery Mall Bethesda Club

1970 - 1971
President Victor A. Deleon, Secretary Peter A. Santucci

1971 - 1972
President Wayne P. Shoemaker, Secretary Geoffrey A. Huguely

1972 - 1973
President Paul M. Morrison, Secretary C. Graham Perkins
Co Sponsor Friendship Heights Club

1973 - 1974
Division 01
President Cecil R. Yates, Secretary Donald H. Regnell
District Chair Achievement Scott R. Brewer Jr

1974 - 1975
Division 01
President C. Graham Perkins, Secretary Richard Israel
LG Wayne P. Shoemaker

1975 - 1976
President Donald E. Regnell, Secretary Ralph Osborn

1976 - 1977
Division 01 West
President Robert N. Cressy, Secretary Dr. Terry Sweeney

1977 - 1978
Division 17
President Dr. James J. Leder, Secretary Thomas D. Murphy

1978 - 1979
President William C. Pennington, Secretary Leonard H. Pollack

1979 - 1980
Division 17
President Ralph Osborn, Secretary Joseph T. Healy Jr
LG Robert N. Cressy

1980 - 1981
President Robert P. Linn, Secretary James P. Easby-Smith

1981 - 1982
President James J. Aylor, Secretary Larry B. Barrett

1982 - 1983
Division 17
President Joseph T. Healy Jr, Secretary John T. Durfee
Sponsor North Bethesda club
LG James L. Leder Jr

1983 - 1984
President James Easby-Smith, Secretary Gary E. Thompson

1984 - 1985
President Robert G. Brewer Jr, Secretary STephen J. Frank Jr

1985 - 1986
President John T. Durfee, Secretary Larry E. Barrett

1986 - 1987
President Nelson C. Kulda, Secretary Patrick M. Long Jr

1987 - 1988
President Gary E. Thompson, Secretary Micael S. Hamm

1988 - 1989
President Stephen J. Frank Jr, Secretary William J. Homoky

1989 - 1990
President Patrick M. Long Jr, Secretary Richard H. Peery

1990 - 1991
President Gary A. Boswell, Secretary Ricard H. Peery

1991 - 1992
President Robert P. Quinn, Secretary George S. Patterson

1992 - 1993
President Jeffrey H. Morrison, Secretary Richard N. Ruprecht
Membership Oct 1 - 67

1993 - 1994
President Gordon H. Arey, Secretary Kelly Boswell
Membership Oct 1 - 63

1994 - 1995
President Richard N. Ruprecht, Secretary Benjamin Schlesinger
Membership Oct 1 - 72

1995 - 1996
President Lynn B. Hounslow, Secretary John A. Bech Jr
Membership Oct 1 - 73

Celebrated 50 years of Kiwanis Service, Kelly Boswell Chair.

1996 - 1997
President Benjamin Schlesinger, Secretary Jance N. Hedelniemi
Membership Oct 1 - 56

1997 - 1998
President Janyce N. Hedetniemi, Secretary Patsy N. Jackson
Membership Oct 1 - 63

1998 - 1999
President Kenneth L. Johnson, Secretary John W. Neuenschwander
Membership Oct 1 - 62

1999 - 2000
President Andrew F. Flott, Secretary Gregory M. Miele
Membership Oct 1 - 61

2000 - 2001
Division 17
President Gregory M. Miele, Secretary Elizabeth Quinn
Membership Oct 1 - 55
LG Benjamin Schlesinger

2001 - 2002
President John A. Beck Jr, Secretary William A. Yeck
Membership Oct 1 - 62 Attendance 44%

Year End: 97 Projects Completed, 865 Service Hours, $5 Spent, 24 Interclubs

2002 - 2003
President Andrew F. Flott, Secretary Debra K. Van Horn
Co Sponsor Montgomery Village Club
Membership Oct 1 - 60 Attendance 32%

Year End: 41 Projects Completed, 2600 Service Hours, $5,500 Spent, 15 Interclubs

2003 - 2004
President Jeanne Smith, Secretary Grace Whipple
Membership Oct 1 - 61 Attendance 35%
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club

Year End: 53 Projects Completed, 564 Service Hours, $55,895 Spent, 25 Interclubs

2004 - 2005
Division 17
President Debra Vanhorn, Secretary John Ratnavale
Membership Oct 1 - 72, Attendance %
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club
Distinguished Club Award
Website Contest Award
LG Greg Miele

(From E-Builder, Dec 2004) Nov 20th Bethesda Kiwanians, Walter Johnson HS Key Clubers and Walt Whitman HS Key Clubbers met at the National Mall to walk in the 17th Annual Help the Homeless Walkathon. The 3 mile walk, which wound through the streets of Washington DC and past our countries most beautiful monuments, was a wonderful event that supports leading nonprofit organizations in the fight to end homelessness. Prior to the day of the Walk, Bethesda Kiwanians raised $600 to sponsor the walkers and support Bethesda Cares.

Year End: 55 Projects Completed, 538 Service Hours, $4,945 Spent, 30 Interclubs

2005 - 2006
Division 17
Potomac Region
President Ann W. Black, Secretary Debra Liverpool
Membership Oct 1 - 54 Attendance 35%
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club
LG Gary A. Boswell
Distinguished Club Award
District Web Page Award

Year End: 52 Projects Completed, 591 Service Hours, $94,928 Spent, 45 Interclubs

2006 - 2007
Division 17
President John R. Ratnavale, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 59 Attendance 37%
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club
Governor Robert Cressy

Year End: 70 Projects Completed, 532 Service Hours, $54,457 Spent, 39 Interclubs

2007 - 2008
President Elizabeth Quinn, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 49 Attendance 41%
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club
District Chair Acheivement Robert Cressy

Year End: 78 Projects Completed, 613 Service Hours, $750 Spent, 14 Interclubs

2008 - 2009
President Jeanne Smith, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 39 Attendance 44%
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club
District Chair Acheivement Robert Cressy

Year End: 96 Projects Completed, 515 Service Hours, $3,424 Spent, 21Interclubs $0 District Foundation

2009 - 2010
President Jeanne Smith, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 31 Attendance 28%
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club

Year End: 22 Projects, 685 Service Hours, $390 Spent, 16 Interclubs $60 District Foundation

2010 - 2011
President James J. Leder, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 29
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club

Year End: 15 Projects, 580 Service Hours, $75 Spent, 12 Interclubs $60 District Foundation

2011 - 2012
President James J. Leder, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 26
Meet TH 12:15 PM Kenwood Country Club

2012 - 2013
President John Ratnavale, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 29
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon La Panetteria

2013 - 2014
Division 03 National Capital Region
President Jeanne Smith, Secretary Patricia L. Tiede
Membership Oct 1 - 27
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon La Panetteria

2014 - 2015
President Jeanne Smith, Secretary James J. Leder
Membership Oct 1 - 24
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon La Panetteria

2015 - 2016
President Sean Ryan, Secretary James J. Leder
Membership Oct 1 - 25
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon La Panetteria

2016 - 2017
President Sean Ryan, Secretary Kim D. Ryan
Membership Oct 1 - 18
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon La Panetteria

2017 - 2018
President Phillip W. Jones, Secretary Kim D. Ryan
Membership Oct 1 - 19
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon La Panetteria

2018 - 2019
President Tracy Miller, Secretary Patsy N. Jackson
Membership Oct 1 - 20
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon National Capital Area Council BSA

2019 - 2020
President Marlayna Proctor, Secretary Patsy N. Jackson
Membership Oct 1 - 17
Meet 2nd 4th TH 12 Noon National Capital Area Council BSA