Capital District Kiwanis History

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1964 District Chairs
Source Mid-Winter and District Programs

Youth Services    
Boys and Girls Work Paul F. Landis Norfolk
Circle K James S. Jones Suffolk
Key Clubs Harland F. Brownfield Silver Spring
Vocational Guidance Harry E. Kelbaugh Pikesville
Citizenship Services    
Agriculture & Conservation Ray D. Riley Westminster

International Relations

Clarence A. Bader Newark
Public and Business Affairs Leo C. Eckert Severna Park

Support of Churches in Spitural Aims

C. Curtis Hatfield Saltville
Kiwanis Administration    
Achievements Chester A. Troy Sr Towson
Attendance and Membership Walter J. Snellings Oxon Hill
Convention Programs Chester A. Troy Sr Towson
District Convention Robert E. Anderson Jr Richmond
Finance Chester A. Troy Sr Towson
Education and Fellowship Norwood C. Middleton Salem
Interclub Relations Ross E. Waterman Salisbury
Laws & Regulations William S. Foster Jr Seaford
New Club Building Everett A. Demarest Arlington
On to Los Angeles CA William P. Bowling Charlottesville
Past Governors William M. Eagles Richmond
Programs & Music Howard L. Meredith Petersburg
Public Relations Harrol A. Brauer JR Hampton
Resolutions Russell S. Perkinson Petersburg
Golden Anniversary Frank T. Von Rintein Baltimore