Capital District Kiwanis History

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2017 - 2018 District Chairs

District Policy Committees      
Budget and Finance Dale E. Collins Elkton D 06
Bylaws & Policies Dennis Baugh Harrisonburg D 09
I-Plan John Morris Richmond D 11
Club Support Committees      
Achievement Kelly Boswell Olney D 03
Aktion Club Jennifer Hiscock Ellicott City D 04
Builders Club Alicia Gassier Washington D 01
Circle K (CKI) Derek Dupuis Greater Richmond D 11
Conventions and Meetings Jeffrey Wolff Tysons D 02
District Convention April Gassier Washington D 01
Key Club Joseph Stankus Greater Richmond D 11
Key Leader Bill Hand Crofton D 04
Kiwanis Education (Chair)
Master Instructor

Don Dudey
Judy Pantelides

Downtown Hampton

D 06
D 13

Kiwanis Kids Nicole McDermott Tysons D 02
The Formula Chair
Vice Chair

Missy Zimmerman
P. Scott Zimmerman

D 12
D 12
On-To-International Convention Caren Schumaher Williamsburg D 12
Past Governors Kelly Boswell Olney D 03
Past Lt. Governors (see Division Officers) Tulane Patterson Lynchburg D 15
Public Relations John Montgomery Roanoke D 15

Staff Positions

District Secretary - Treasurer Thomas A. Varner Ashland
Asst. Secretary - Treasurer Jeffrey Wolff Tysons
District Editor Jennifer Wolff Tysons
District Publication Designer Jennifer Wolff Tysons
Historian John W. Fox Radford
Children's Fund Representative John G. Tyner II Rockville
Parliamentarian Ronald A. McCallum Middlesex
Risk Management April Gassier Washington
Youth Protection Manager Jan Dudey Reisterstown