Capital District Kiwanis History
Organized August 29, 1918

Capital Bulletin (1923 - 1973), Capital Builder (1974 to 2004)
E-Builder (2005 - 2011), The Capital Kiwanian (2012 -)
Capital District and KI Directories, KI Club Cards
and Volume History of the Capital District 1918 - 1955

All 400 plus District clubs organized since 1917
October 1, 2013 new Division Realignment
Group Divisions into Regions
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District Leaders through the years
Capital District Kiwanians - year joined Kiwanis, Clubs, positions
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Special Thanks
Frederick A. Terrell Jr, PG and Past District Historian
Ellis H. Stroup, Past District Secretary - Treasurer

Contact John Fox, District Historian for updates